YK 11 Dosage, Results And Where To Buy Pure YK 11 SARM Online

This is a fast YK-11 review that will tell you everything you need to know to use this SARM safely in just five minutes, including what sort of YK-11 SARM results are realistic from your first cycle.

We will talk you through what YK-11 really is, how it works, and what the benefits are. You will learn what sort of realistic YK-11 before and after results are achievable, along with side effects and problems to watch out for.

Plus, the conclusion of this review of YK-11 will tell you where you can find 100% pure and safe YK-11 for sale, which is getting harder to find now due to supply problems and global SARMs supply transition.

Is YK-11 A SARM?

Is YK-11 a SARM? The truth is that nobody knows. That may sound nuts but it’s a simple fact.

YK-11 is a research chemical (they have to be called research chemicals to allow them to be sold) that has never even been through proper animal testing since it was constructed in 2011 by a scientist in Japan. It’s actually only been through initial cellular studies. So it’s completely untried on humans and animals, other than being used on the grey market for bodybuilding.

A SARM, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, works by binding to androgen receptors in muscle and tissue only, producing improvements in growth and strength above what could be achieved naturally.

Although YK-11 is a partial agonist of the androgen receptors, its interactions do not amount to full transactivation of the androgen receptors. That means it doesn’t interact in the way the other SARMs like RAD-140 do, basically it’s not a full androgenic SARM.

Some people say it’s a myostatin inhibitor (inhibitors help to develop muscle more rapidly), while other investigations conclude that because its chemical structure is similar to DHT that it’s this which gives it its androgen effects.

For me, YK-11 is problematic. It’s not a true SARM, and actually, in its effects and structure, it’s closer to an anabolic steroid. You can suffer hair loss with prolonged use, aggression, and other traits that steroids produce, but far lower in down the scale of seriousness. But it does on the positive side target muscle and bone specifically so you don’t get the dangerous side effects that you do with steroids.

Yk 11 sarm

YK-11 Uses & Benefits

So as you can see guys it’s really not clear how YK-11 actually works. But it does appear to be a partial androgen receptor agonist, and it definitely has effects in line with androgenic SARMs and steroids.

Let’s take a look at the benefits you can get from using YK-11 sensibly for bodybuilding:

  1. Although it’s not a complete androgen receptor modulator, it does stimulate muscle growth because it’s a partial agonist of androgen receptors in muscle. So you are going to pack on lean muscle faster than you can naturally, and that lean muscle is going to be harder than before.
  2. YK-11 increases levels of something called follistatin. This has a direct impact on the ability of your body to increase muscle cell production.
  3. YK-11 increases levels of sex hormones which means you will feel hornier and more aggressive. Some guys using YK-11 who have high testosterone levels have talked about aggression problems. But as long as you are aware of this and manage it (drop your dose if necessary) then it shouldn’t be a problem, and can be really helpful for driving through your gym routine.
  4. YK-11 helps to increase the density and strength of your bones. It does this through activating PKB (Protein Kinase B) which is present throughout the body and which helps to develop bone.

YK 11 Dosage Guide

Because it’s only a research chemical and has never been tested on humans (it’s an important point and something you need to consider if you’re going to use it), there’s no such thing as a human YK-11 dosage recommendation.

This means your only option is to look anecdotally at doses people have used in the bodybuilding community since it became widely available on the grey market around five years ago.

An important point is that doses should be kept low. The original SARM Ostarine requires doses of 20-40 mg per day to be effective, and some people go higher than that. But with YK-11 you need to be far more conservative.

Even doses low as 5 mg per day have been shown to have dramatic effects on muscle development. So we are talking about a low YK-11 dose range of 5 mg, mid-range of 10 mg, and a high range dose is 15 mg.

YK 11 Dosage

YK-11 Results: What’s Realistic?

I think we’re getting to the stage of this YK-11 review where we can start drawing conclusions. It’s androgenic in nature but it’s not a true SARM. It targets muscle and bone but not in the same way as other SARMs.

In truth it’s a halfway house between SARMs and steroids. There are more androgenic side effects in long-term use, including hair loss (although no evidence of prostate problems, and little evidence of liver damage). It will also drop your testosterone levels so you will need PCT.

Aggression can be a problem though, just as it is with steroids. But as long as you manage it then you are going to get anabolic effects with far less risk.

So let’s say you’re going to start with your first YK-11 cycle, you’ve never used SARMs before and you are working out naturally a couple of times a week. You’ve plateaued and you are maintaining what you’ve got.

These are the sort of YK-11 SARM results you can expect:

  • Significant increase in lean muscle mass that is visible and firm
  • Your new muscle developments will be harder and more defined
  • Muscle recovery times will be dramatically improved
  • After a few weeks of use your bone density will increase, improving core strength

So YK-11 is a pure powerhouse. It’s not a true anabolic steroid or a true SARM, but as long as you can manage the aggression problems, and use it in sensible doses with good breaks between cycles, then you really can increase your lean muscle mass dramatically.

There’s no water retention with this, you don’t get the anabolic steroid side effects all over your body, and it’s not dangerous long-term use, based on the evidence of bodybuilders who have been using it for years.

Treated with respect, YK-11 can dramatically improve your muscle gains and tone within a couple of cycles.

YK-11 Before & After Photos

Let’s talk about those YK-11 before and after photos now, because I’m sick of seeing them online. They are pretty much all crap. There are very few people out there who are writing about their own results and showing off their own body results purely based on a single SARM.

So when you see sites with before and after photos claiming that it’s all been done by YK-11, then they are telling you crap. The best way to get a handle on how good it can be is to do your own YK-11 before and after photos.

Start a cycle of YK-11 as follows and take a before photo at the start:

  • Eight-week cycle of YK-11
  • Dose 5 mg per day for four weeks
  • Dose 10 mg per day for four weeks
  • Have an eight week gap after your first cycle
  • Drop this to a six week gap for subsequent cycles
  • You will need a PCT supplement

Do all that, while hitting the gym three times per week and using your newfound aggression and strength to push on through previous barriers, and I’m telling you that you’re “after” photo at the end of that eight weeks will show a dramatic difference in your physique.

YK-11 Reviews Online – What Are People Saying?

YK-11 reviews online basically say what I’m telling you here. Use this stuff with respect because it’s under-researched and has aggression effects alongside androgenic effects.

But please ignore those reviews which tell you it’s a miracle potion. It will do virtually nothing unless you work hard at the gym and back it up with cardio and great diet. You’ll just feel angrier and achieve nothing if you don’t do the hard work.

If you can manage those aggression increases then it’s a very safe way of dramatically increasing your muscle tone very quickly. Stack YK-11 with something like Ostarine and you can also recomp and preserve muscle gains.

YK-11 Vs RAD-140

RAD-140 is an anabolic SARM. It’s very aggressive but targeted. You will put on large amounts of lean muscle and it helps with bone density. RAD-140 is a very strong SARM, and you will suffer significant testosterone drops with it. For some people, these can be dramatic and long-lasting. It’s one to be treated with respect.

YK-11 can produce similar results, but not as pronounced. But you won’t suffer such dramatic drops in testosterone, which could make it a good option instead.

YK-11 Vs RAD-140

Where To Buy High Quality YK 11 SARM

So now you understand the realistic YK-11 SARM results you can expect from a single cycle, let’s look at where you can actually find real YK-11 for sale.

That’s harder said than done because China has banned the production of SARMs. That means a black market will emerge, and local production will have to happen, and has already started to happen in the USA.

Which means quality could be a problem. You’re looking for SARMs retailers that publish third-party independent batch purity reports on the product pages, as these will demonstrate that the SARMs are safe to use.

For me, that has meant buying SARMs from three webstores recently:

  1. Science.bio has sold high-quality SARMs for many years now. They rebranded about a year ago which caused some confusion, but they are still selling the same pure SARMs alongside other supplements now. They offer a full moneyback guarantee and free shipping on larger order values. Plus, they have those all-important purity reports from a verified third-party lab published on every single product page. Let’s speak directly about YK-11 pricing here. 1000 mg of powder will cost you $79.99, but I would really recommend you use loose powder because it’s difficult to dose correctly and not very pleasant to take. It’s far easier to use the sublingual liquid. YK-11 in liquid form cost $49.99 for 300 mg, dosed at 10 mg/ml, a perfect mid-range daily dose.Yk 11 sarm review
  1. Proven Peptides are the second place in the USA that I by my SARMs from. They don’t sell powder, only liquid SARMs. They have a moneyback guarantee and they do also publish those reassuring lab purity reports on their website. Interestingly they sell SARMs that are made in the USA, so you don’t have to worry about black-market Chinese SARMs any more, because this stuff is made locally for that extra peace of mind. YK-11 from Proven Peptides costs $74.99 for 30 ml dropper bottle. The density is also 10 mg/ml, so it is more expensive than Science.bio.
  2. Sarms 4 You are based in Europe, so they may not be good for you guys in the USA or elsewhere, but if you are in the European Union then they are perfect because you won’t have to worry about your shipment getting caught by customs so much. They have a moneyback guarantee, free shipping (including free global shipping over $120), and they publish the lab purity reports. You can only buy loose powder, and the same powder in capsules from this company though. That makes it more expensive because you are getting the ultimate in exact dosing and convenience. YK-11 capsules cost $54.95 for 60 capsules. Each capsule doses 5 mg, so a low-end dose. But if you are just starting out with SARMs and you don’t want to overdose will have problems, then these are absolutely brilliant for beginners.
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