Wrecked Pre-Workout: How Good Is This Bodybuilding Supplement?

Over the past year, I’ve become a real fan of the company called Huge Supplements. In this review, I’m going to talk about “Wrecked” – a potent pre-workout supplement.

I’ve fallen in love with this and I’m going to explain why. Not some fanboy review that just tells you it’s wonderful; instead, I’m going to do a detailed (but easy) analysis of the ingredients and the effects.

That way, you can see exactly what the Wrecked pre-workout ingredients are, and how each one contributes to the overall potency of this completely natural supplement. I’ll explain how it can help you power up your workouts, and exactly what my experiences using it have been.

But I’ll also cover any negatives and side effects, and discuss the best place to buy Wrecked.

Who Are Huge Supplements?

The bodybuilding supplements marketplace is pretty damn crowded. Mostly though, it’s crowded with crap. Huge Supplements have only been around a couple of years, but they are already not only getting a lot of customers, but they are making a lot of money and headlines as well.

Huge Supplements ship out of the USA, although they are owned by a Dutch company.

They make a wide range of supplements for bodybuilders. Everything from PCT and testosterone boosting supplements, to legal steroids, recovery formulas, and pre-workout formulas.

Wrecked, Rebirth, and Annihilate other three best products for me.

Annihilate is a natural sapogenin steroid supplement, while Rebirth is fantastic testosterone boosting and estrogen-blocking PCT supplement, while Wrecked gives you a physical and cognitive boost during your workout.

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Wrecked Pre-Workout Ingredients Analyzed

In order to see if Wrecked pre-workout is potent, you have to look at the ingredients. Now, I’m not going to go into this in massive scientific detail, but I want to give you guys an overview of the quality and proportions of the ingredients in this supplement so that you can see if it could work, and what it achieves.

Wrecked comes in three flavors: rainbow burst, peach rings, and raspberry mojito. It’s only a minor thing, but it does give you a little choice. Wrecked is a powder. You use a 21 g scoop serving, which you mix with water to create the drink.

So let’s take a look at the key ingredients and proportions, and tell you what they do.

1. L-Citrulline Malate (4.5 g)

This boosts endurance. It does this by upregulating nitric oxide in muscle tissue. Nitric oxide is well known to widen your blood vessels, allowing increased oxygen. So by getting oxygen to the muscles, you can increase your endurance and length of time before exhaustion.

There are three other ingredients I won’t mention separately but also help to increase nitric oxide levels. Overall, wrecked is pretty damn good at helping to increase your endurance through its interaction with nitric oxide.

2. Betaine Anhydrous (2 g)

Although the science is inconsistent, overall it points to this being able to reduce levels of fatigue during periods of high endurance output.

3. Hericum Erinaceous (600 mg)

Better known as “Lion’s mane mushroom”, it’s a mild natural nootropic. It boosts feelings of calmness, happiness, and enhances cognition. So this will help you to be calm, controlled and focused during your workout.

4. Caffeine (350 mg)

We all know what caffeine is, but it’s the dose and type which is important. Wrecked contains caffeine Anhydrous and Malate. The total dose for these combined is 350 mg. That’s like three shots of espresso. In its third form it’s also milder and a slower release agent, prolonging the effects and smoothing them out.

5. Beta-Alanine (3.2 g)

Beta-Alanine gives me a fantastic tingling sensation about 25 minutes after I consume it. It’s been used for years in supplements, and by professional sportspeople to stave off neuromuscular fatigue.

6. Hordenine HCL (100 mg)

This is a recently popular nootropic substance that is appearing in more and more bodybuilding supplements. It’s a mild stimulant and focusing agent, so you’ll feel sharper and more into your workout.

7. S7 Blend (100 mg)

Patented by the company, this is a blend of seven plant-based extracts. Together, they work to help boost nitric oxide production. With the other ingredients relating to nitric oxide, this makes it more available and gets it where it’s needed.

8. N-Methyltyramine (75 mg)

It’s important you understand what this is and what the problem is. It’s a focus-enhancing stimulant substance. It builds mental and physical energy, and larger doses has been used for energy-producing weight loss.

But here’s the thing, because it’s definitely a strong stimulant, it’s banned by the world anti-doping agency. So sure, it’s a guarantee this stuff is potent. But if you are competing professionally, then you shouldn’t be using Wrecked.

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Wrecked Pre-Workout Supplement Effects & Benefits

I’ve been through the main ingredients in Wrecked. However, there are many more that I haven’t covered here.

Put together, they work to boost nitric oxide levels and get it distributed in your muscle tissue. The ingredients help you to be calm and focused, get stimulated both physically and mentally. There are fat burners in it, as well as a couple of things which can decrease your blood pressure.

So putting all that together, what can you expect from taking a 21 g dose of this stuff about 30 minutes before you work out (or 60 minutes if you take it on a full stomach)?

I’ll talk about my own personal experiences in a moment, but the claimed benefits and the actual benefits from people I know who’ve used it (online and in the real world) basically delivers this list:

  • Sharpen significant uplift in cognitive sharpness and calmness
  • Improved focus on the task at hand
  • Strong ability to push yourself longer and harder
  • A feeling of higher levels of energy output
  • Improvement in mood and satisfaction
  • Doesn’t give you an overwhelming anxious buzz
  • Strong enough to do the job without being overwhelming

As you can see, that’s quite an impressive list of benefits. Not overwhelming, but certainly great for beginners and experienced people.

My Experiences Using Wrecked Pre-Workout

I don’t want to go on about my own experiences using wrecked into much detail as part of this review, because obviously everything is subjective. I think it might be an idea to give you a brief outline.

  1. Cognitively (mentally) I definitely felt sharper and more focused. Not overwhelmingly, and not tunnel-visioned. But definitely more positive, focused, more energized, and determined.
  2. Physically I was also sharper. I felt “on it”. Plus, my endurance was increased by what I estimate was around 15%: I didn’t feel so exhausted during or after a workout.
  3. I felt stronger as well. More stimulated, more powerful, I was just able to pump harder and faster than I can naturally.

So overall, my experiences with the wrecked pre-workout supplement were positive. Now let’s see how it compares.

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So Is Wrecked A Legit And Potent Option?

Wrecked pre-workout supplement is definitely legitimate and will work for you. It’s not the most potent option out there. In fact, there’s another version of Wrecked now Wrecked Extreme.Wrecked Extreme contains the potent stimulant DMHA (although DMAA is slightly stronger). So if you’re looking for an even more stimulating pre-workout then go for the Extreme version.

But it’s definitely a great entry point to the world of pre-workout supplements. Whether you are male or female, it will give you that extra 10-15% you just can’t get naturally.

Wrecked Pre-Workout Review Conclusion

So the conclusion of my Huge Supplements Wrecked pre-workout review is this is definitely a supplement that you should be using if you want a good “all-rounder” pre-workout supplement. It’s good for stimulating, focusing, and driving an increase in mental and physical energy.

You will feel stronger, be able to go longer and harder, be more focused, and recover more quickly between sets.

It’s not the most potent workout supplement out there, and if you want an aggressive stimulant, then the Extreme version is the thing to look for, or you’ll need to go up another level.

If you want something that is stronger than just caffeine, if you want to get into your first proper pre-workout supplement and don’t want to go too hard and heavy, then Wrecked is absolutely perfect in terms of its accessibility and results.

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Where To Buy Wrecked At The Best Price

Be careful when you buy Wrecked. Don’t go for the Wrecked pre-workout Amazon option. You’ll usually pay more, you won’t get multi-buy deals, and I’ve seen obvious fake products for sale.

For me, I would just buy it directly from Huge Supplements if you are in the USA. If you’re not in the USA, if you can afford to wait a few weeks, then choose the cheap international shipping methods.

Buying it directly from Huge Supplements means you get the freshest stock, and you’re guaranteed that it’s the real deal and not some cheap rip-off.

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