White Maeng Da Kratom Effects: Happines And Energy

In this quick White Maeng Da kratom review, you going to learn exactly what it is, and why it’s so different from every other type of kratom.

I’ll explain in detail the range of White Maeng Da kratom effects that you will experience, which are dose-dependent, and how those effects compare to other types of kratom.

You’ll also learn the most important thing about kratom: you have to buy high-quality kratom that is rich in alkaloids, which is tough to do. So I’ll also mention a couple of online stores in the USA that sells really great quality kratom, and genuine White Maeng Da.

What Is Maeng Da Kratom?

White Maeng Da isn’t actually a strain of kratom at all. Let me explain what I mean. Kratom comes from leaves on the kratom tree. Either through the natural vein color or the color it turns during the drying out process, it’s classified as either green, red, white, which has its own traits because of varying alkaloid balances.

The dried-up leaves are ground into a powder which is then transported to the USA and sold to you.

However, Maeng Da isn’t a specific type of kratom. It’s just strong kratom, with “Maeng Da” translating as “pimp grade”.

So when you buy a bag labeled as “White Maeng Da”, it’s just strong kratom. It could be White Borneo that’s been found to be richer in alkaloids than usual, so the company who imported it bag it up and label it as White Maeng Da instead.

Sometimes, Maeng Da is a blended kratom. So they find that some White kratom is really strong, and they mix it with some strong red kratom as well, so you’re not getting such an out-of-control and aggressive experience.

The bottom line here is that each batch of White Maeng Da will be different because there are no rules about it. The company you buy it from, and every individual batch, could have different effects.

White Maeng Da Effects Explained

Now you know what White Maeng Da kratom really is, let’s look at the typical spectrum of White Maeng Da kratom effects that you will experience. Kratom effects are dose-dependent. The effects that you get at a low dose are different from the ones you get a high dose, they are not just more intense variations of the same effects.

So, White Maeng Da kratom effects are as follows:

  1. At a low dose, you’ll get stimulation. This stimulation will be quite strong, not overwhelming. You’ll have more physical energy, you’ll feel more positive, and your cognitive skills will be sharpened.
  2. As the dose increases the full range of effects will kick in quite strongly. The mental and physical stimulation will be very strong, and you’ll feel very happy and positive. It’s important to note that white kratom generally does not bring much calmness and pain relief, so it’s not good for anxiety, especially as the dose increases.
  3. At a high dose, White Maeng Da kratom effects should be very strong to the point of being overwhelming. This will obviously depend on whether it’s just a strong white kratom, or whether it’s been blend with green or red kratom. But generally, you should feel highly energized, but you’ll probably be unfocused. You’ll feel incredibly happy, unbeatable, and sharp. But that cognitive sharpness won’t necessarily be productive.
  4. When you get to an overwhelming dose, you’ll get an incredible euphoric rush. A genuine kratom high. For some people, a white kratom high can be unnerving because it’s such a physical and mental rush. But this will gradually tip over into tiredness, growing sedation which is common to all kratom strains at high doses.

White Maeng Da Effects

White Maeng Da Kratom Dosage

As you can see, we are really talking about four levels of effects with White Maeng Da, and kratom generally.

At a low dose, it’s most stimulating, and with white kratom that stimulation will increase to the point, it becomes an uncontrollable euphoric rush.

The White Maeng Da kratom dosage range you talking about for these four levels effects are as follows:

  • A low dose is up to 4 g
  • The moderate full-spectrum dose is up to 6 g
  • The strong full-spectrum dose is up to 8 g
  • The overwhelming full-spectrum dose will be above 8 g, and for most people definitely at 10 g

Note that because White Maeng Da should be stronger than normal kratom, you’ll need a gram or so less to get the same effects as standard white kratom.

For me, 5 g is usually the “sweet spot” where the full spectrum of effects kick-in at a nice level. With White Maeng Da dosage, you are looking at about 1 g less, so you should start to be feeling things around 4 g. If you’re not, then you probably haven’t got genuinely stronger kratom.

White Maeng Da Kratom

White Vein Maeng Da Vs White Thai

White Maeng Da Vs White Thai is a comparison I see online quite a lot. But really, they are incomparable.

As you now know, it’s impossible to know what the composition of the White Maeng Da you’ve bought is, or if it’s even stronger until you try it. Also, that strength could be a blend of red and white kratom, so you’re getting a far stronger but very different experience to standard white kratom.

White Thai kratom is a classic white strain. All the effects we have just outlined will apply to White Thai. They will be pure white kratom effects because it’s never going to be blend with another type of kratom (unless you do that yourself).

Where To Buy White Maeng Da

I hope this quick White Maeng Da kratom review has been helpful to you, and I want to finish it by telling you where to buy genuinely stronger kratom sold as Maeng Da.

  1. Coastline Kratom is probably the best known and trusted kratom retail in the USA. They sell all the main types of kratom with a very high alkaloid content, it’s really powerful stuff. They sell White Maeng Da kratom in capsules and as a loose powder. Capsules are more expensive but incredibly convenient to use. You will pay more for genuine White Maeng Da than for standard white kratom powders.
  1. The Evergreen Tree is a new kratom seller to me. I’ve used them twice now and the range and quality are great, enough for me to thoroughly recommend them now. They actually sell the widest range of Maeng Da kratom that I’ve ever seen. Five different types in capsules, five different types of loose powder, and two Maeng Da kratom extract products (extract kratom is standard kratom powder infused with extracted alkaloids making it rocket fuel).
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