Upass Synthetic Urine Review: Does It Still Work?

This five-minute Upass synthetic urine review is going to tell you everything you need to know about the quality of this product, and whether it can help you pass a drug test.

I’m going to answer several key questions around using Upass synthetic urine in this review:

  • How to use Upass synthetic urine
  • Does Upass synthetic urine have uric acid in it
  • Does Upass work

I’ll also explain how it compares to the other top brands of synthetic urine you can buy, and give you the names of some alternatives, should you decide that Upass urine is not the brand for you.

About Upass Synthetic Urine

Upass synthetic urine used to be a popular brand, and it still lives on that reputation to some degree. So that’s part of the reason why you will still read about it with good reviews, because a lot of them are old, and its reputation is based on those old reviews.

The reason it used to be so popular was that it did contain enough ingredients to pass the basic drug tests. But that was several years ago, and drug testing has moved on considerably since then.

In fact, there are some questions around whether Upass contains some of the most common chemicals found in human urine, and I will address those questions in a minute.

I’ll be honest, I’m writing this Upass synthetic urine review without having ever used it in a drug test. However, I have used two other brands in live drug tests, and my research has been widespread across the industry over several years.

Upass instructions

Does Upass Synthetic Urine Have Uric Acid In It?

The first problem with Upass we have to answer is does Upass synthetic urine have uric acid in it?

In fact more than that, does it contain urea and creatine as well? These are the three basic ingredients that every type of synthetic urine will need if it’s going to pass a drug test.

Well, except that’s not actually true. It’s been confirmed from scientific studies I’ve read, that uric acid is not often part of standard drug test sample validity checks.

That’s because it’s a variable that is so easy to mimic that they don’t even bother.

So whether Upass contains uric acid or not is irrelevant. It does contain urea and creatine. However, it’s not within the correct pH range, and I’m doubtful it’s even within the correct specific gravity range. On top of that, it doesn’t really froth like real urine, and it certainly doesn’t smell like it. A scrupulous lab technician could pick up on those flaws.

How To Use Upass Synthetic Urine

Instructions for how to use Upass synthetic urine are pretty straightforward, as it’s a standard synthetic urine kit.

  1. The urine is premixed so you don’t need to mix the powder with water. You simply put the plastic container in a microwave and heat up the sample bit by bit.
  2. Take it out of the microwave and check the temperature strip. If it’s within the correct temperature range, strap the already activated heatpad to it, which will keep it warm for a few hours.
  3. Take the warm sample along to the lab, check the temperature before you go in, and then submit it. A little tip here is to always take a flask of hot water with you, and if the temperature has dropped, pour some hot water over the sample to raise it before you go into the drug testing facility.

Does Upass Urine Work?

So look, the million-dollar question is does Upass work. For me, the answer is no, or maybe at a push.

The formula is simply not complex enough for modern drug testing. It’s just not safe, it’s primitive in design, and hasn’t been updated in several years. It’s just in comparison to the big brands like Quick Fix and Sub Solution which are updated every year, to keep up with the latest evidence from drug testing studies.

Another clue to its lack of chances of success is the fact that it’s not sold in many places now. You won’t find it in any decent online stores, and if you do it’s at a ridiculously low price, usually $20-$30. That should tell you all you need to know.

So look, the conclusion of this quick Upass synthetic urine review has to be not to use it unless you are stuck. If you’ve got nothing else available if you see it in a smoke shop and you don’t have any other choice, or you haven’t got much money, then it’s better than nothing, but I wouldn’t rely on it for a serious lab test at all.

Does Upass synthetic urine work

Upass Review: There Are Better Alternatives

When the next best brand of synthetic urine costs just $10 more than Upass, the other conclusion of this review has to be to go for the other big brands that are available before you even consider Upass.

There are four better brands of synthetic urine, for the following reasons:

  1. Quick Luck is the number one choice. It costs $100, but you are getting the most complex formula available today. You are also getting heat activator powder, and heatpads, giving you granular control over the temperature of the sample, which is the biggest reason people fail urine sample drug tests with fake urine.
  2. Sub Solution is the second-best choice to pass a drug test. It’s the sister product of the more recent Quick Luck and the second most complex solution on the market. It also uses heat activator powder rather than heatpads, and you don’t have any chance of a failing heatpad letting you down. The heat activator powder will allow you to raise the temperature in literally one minute, simply by tapping some into the sample and agitating the liquid. It costs $80, you can purchase it from the manufacturer.
  3. Quick Fix is your best budget option. It only costs $40, and that’s for the large 3 fluid ounce size called Quick Fix Plus. It uses heatpads, but they aren’t as reliable as the ones you get with Quick Luck, but this is a budget brand. It’s not the most reliable, but it will pass a basic level pre-employment drug test.
  4. Monkey Whizz is the fourth choice. It’s around the same level as Quick Fix, and in fact, some people suggest that it looks more realistic than it. However, in terms of track record, the online evidence is that Quick Fix is better, but that could just be because it has been around for longer. For the money, and with the reliable heat pad you get, it’s certainly worth considering. You can purchase it here.
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