Ultimate Gold Detox Drink Review: Does Gold Detox Work?

Ultimate Gold detox is one of the myriads of detox drinks out there you can use to try and mask drug toxins to pass a test.

But how good is it? In this full Ultimate Gold detox drink review, I’m going to use all of my experience and knowledge to answer that simple question. I’ll tell you how a detox drink works, and if the ingredients in Gold detox are good enough to achieve what is needed.

I will give you the full Ultimate Gold detox instructions for use, and compare them to other detox drinks.  Plus, I will tell you about my own “at home” experiment with Ultimate Gold and a home drug test kit.

Put all that together, and this is a complete review that will finish with a couple of other detox drink recommendations.

What Exactly Is Ultimate Gold Detox?

Made by ‘Glow Industries’, Ultimate Gold detox is a drink available in two different sizes. The 16-fluid-ounce drink is meant for light toxin exposure levels and the 20-fluid-ounce drink for higher levels (over 180 lbs. in body weight).

It was cheap. It costs just $20 for the larger size and slightly less for the 16 oz version.

The same company also makes fake urine, confusingly also called Ultimate Gold.

This was an issue on several websites I visited when I was looking into this stuff. Some people were getting confused between the detox drink and fake urine.

So bad was this confusion, that in one “professional” review, they even told you about heating the product in the microwave. Yet the pictures, the ingredients list, and the text review, were mostly about the detox drink Take my advice, don’t drink fake urine!

You shouldn’t really be able to mistake the gold detox drink. It’s a bottle and its bright orange liquid. The fake urine is in a black box.

This Is How A Detox Drink Should Work: Does Ultimate Gold Do This?

A good quality detox drink works in the following way in the body:

  1. The bottle of liquid will flood your body (along with any additional water you asked to drink). This will make you urinate a lot, and push toxins through your kidneys and urinary tract.
  2. Along with the volume of liquid, diuretics will increase the rate at which you urinate above natural levels. This significantly increased urination rate will mean that your bladder empties faster than it can be filled with the increased urination, and it creates a gap in the toxin flow through the kidneys because it’s increased the processing rate. This gives you a clean zone of a few hours.
  3. At the same time, it creates this clear zone where toxins have been processed faster than naturally creating a gap, it also floods the body with things found in urine. Some of these are passed through as waste, appearing in your urine in balance. So even though your bladder has been flushed out, it will appear natural because your urine will contain things it should.
  4. As well as masking your diluted urine, vitamins and other ingredients that color your urine are also flood into the body. This keeps your natural urine color, so again, it hides the adulteration.

To do all that, ultimate gold detox has to contain diuretics, and vitamins to stain your urine the right color, alongside ingredients to speed up the removal of weed toxins, and also flood you with things found in urine.

It does contain all of those things. But does it have enough of them to do it fully? That’s the key question.

Ultimate gold detox drink

Ultimate Gold Detox Drink Instructions For Use

Let’s now quickly tell you how to use the Ultimate Gold detox drink before you go to submit a urine sample.

The steps you need to take are pretty straightforward:

  1. 90 minutes before your test shake the bottle and drink the contents smoothly for about 10 minutes.
  2. Refill the bottle and drink that excess water for another 10 minutes.
  3. From the time you finish the detox drink try and urinate at least three times, with the last time pretty close to the end of an hour after. Doing so during that 60 minutes flushes out the old urine and toxins, and allows fresh, toxin-free, urine to flood the bladder.
  4. You’ll then want to get to the test center as quickly as possible and submit your sample. Try and submit your sample within 60 minutes of the one-hour process (a maximum of two hours after starting the detox drink).
  5. This is a recommended step for me. Always use a home drug test kit 60 minutes after you have consumed the drink. That will tell you if you are actually clean, or if you need a plan B. Plan B can either be a second detox drink, or you will have to try and submit a fake urine sample instead.

Does Gold Detox Drink Work To Pass A Drug Test?

Gold Detox drink could allow you to pass a drug test. But there’s a massive caveat in my review conclusion.

Even the larger 20 fluid ounces bottle isn’t a lot of liquid. If you’re of a larger body type or a heavy user/smoker, then there’s just simply not enough liquid to flush you out fully. Plus, looking at the ingredients list, I’m not even convinced there would be enough power in it if it was a full 32 oz bottle, even if you had lighter levels of toxins in your body.

I tested this stuff. I even did a 24-hour detox before the test. I’m a regular daily weed smoker, and I know for a fact that the stronger detox drinks will mask my toxins.

I followed the process, and 60 minutes after drinking Ultimate Gold I did a home drug test. It showed as positive for cannabis use.

So for me, it didn’t work. It confirmed my suspicions that it’s just not potent enough. On the surface, it does have the right sort of ingredients. But not enough of them, and they are incomparable to the better detox drinks.

You could get lucky with this stuff if you don’t have high levels of toxin exposure, but for any sort of semi-regular user, for anything like meth, cocaine, or even weed, this is going to let you down.

Where To Buy Ultimate Gold Detox

If you’re still convinced that the Ultimate Gold detox drink is the one you want to use, then the best price can be found Amazon.

The smaller size costs just $18, and the larger 20 oz size is just a couple of dollars more. Dirt cheap, but I hope after this review, you can see why that’s the case.

My conclusion here is that there are simply better detox drinks available for your money. You might get lucky, but this is no better than grabbing a bottle of QCarbo16. Inadequate ingredients, not enough volume, and a real risk to use.

These Are The Detox Drinks I Recommend

These are the two detox drinks I recommend you use instead. I’ve used both of these to pass a pre-employment drug tests and I’ve tested both more recently to make sure they still work with home drug test kits.

Plus, online, you’ll see a strong track record of passing with these as well. You’ll have to pay attention to the detail on my first recommendation though.

Mega Clean is a good detox drink. On its own, significantly better than Ultimate Gold. However, it’s not as potent as my top recommendation, Rescue Cleanse, if you use it on its own.

You need to buy Mega Clean from Test Clear. That way, you’ll get six free pre-rid pills bundled in (toxin rid).

Make sure you do a 24-hour detox on the day before your test (48 hours is better). During that last 24 hours, take the pre-rid pills and drink plenty of water. Alongside that, make sure you exercise and drink small, lean meals.

That will kick out a ton of toxins. It will leave fewer toxins in your body on the day of your test, and leave less work for Mega Clean. Less to kick out, and creating a longer gap before toxins are processed by the kidneys. Doing this makes it as potent as Rescue Cleanse.

You can buy Mega Clean from places like CVS, Walmart, and Amazon. Don’t do that though. Then you don’t get the free pre-rid pills, which gives it a significant potency kick.

On its own, Rescue Cleanse is the most potent detox drink you can buy. It costs $60, so three times the price of Ultimate Gold. That alone should tell you something.

You don’t even need additional water when you use Rescue Cleanse. Just drink the contents of the bottle, urinate three times over the next hour, and then submit your sample within two or three hours.

It’s not cheap, but it’s the best you can buy. Get it from test negative for the best price, and you can also get your hands on some sub solution fake urine as well.

Do this just in case you’ve got such high levels of toxins in your body that even Rescue Cleanse doesn’t work when you use the home drug test kit before you leave (and yes, they sell home drug test kits as well).

Ultimate gold detox drink alternative

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