Turkesterone Supplement: All You Need To Know For Muscle Growth Use

Everyone is looking for shortcuts to a better body nowadays. If you don’t want to use anabolic steroids or even SARMs, then some of the natural bodybuilding supplements out there can be very attractive.

Turkesterone is a steroidal supplement that is completely natural, that is attracting a lot of attention. I want to talk you through everything you need to know right now, including my experiences using it.

Turkesterone is a steroid hormone, but that’s not the whole story. Don’t see the words “steroid” and “hormone” and think that this is some natural variant of an anabolic steroid that will have all the same bad side effects. It may be marketed as that sometimes, that’s not the truth.

So sit back and hold tight, because in the next five minutes you’re going to learn everything you need to know about Turkesterone, including side effects, dosage range, and where to buy it.

So What On Earth Is Turkesterone Supplement?

Thanks to the Internet, everyone wants to be ripped as quickly as possible. Zero fat, huge muscles, incredible strength; it’s seen as normal now.

The problem is that it takes an incredible amount of time and effort to get there. This is why people look for shortcuts. Anabolic steroids are the biggest example of the gamble people are willing to take with their health in order to look good.

But there’s another side to this, which is there is an increasing number of completely natural supplements that have the potential to build muscle and cut fat. Turkesterone is one of those naturally occurring supplements that people are using more frequently.

It’s actually classed as an ECDY (Ecdysteroid), which is a group of steroid-like hormones that occur in plants and many insects.

To confuse things slightly, there is a subclass of these hormones. Steroid hormones from plants are known as phytoecdysteroids. So the two names are interchangeable, and basically mean the same range of hormones, but based upon whether they are insect hormones or plant hormones.

Turkesterone Effects & Benefits For Bodybuilders

Ecdysteroids like Turkesterone are either extracted from plants and insects, or more usually are constructed artificially based upon them.

Turkesterone is actually a synthetic analog of a plant derived steroid hormone called 20-hydroxyecdysone. So don’t worry, it’s not derived from insects, it’s a synthetic analogue derived from a plant (Ajuga turkestanica), meaning it’s constructed from the hormone that is found in some types of insect.

Turkesterone works (in theory) in a similar way to testosterone in the body, activating two anabolic pathways.

It doesn’t bind to androgen receptors though, so don’t think it’s a true androgenic hormone. It’s not like SARMs or steroids in that respect, and you won’t get steroidal side effects.

Turkesterone has the following potential bodybuilding benefits:

  • Improved muscle protein synthesis
  • Larger muscle growth
  • Faster muscle growth
  • Harder muscle growth
  • Improved strength and endurance
  • Faster recovery times
  • Balances nitrogen
  • Converts stem cells into muscle cells
  • Modulates hormonal secretion from three key glands

In plants and insects, these hormones help to develop stronger skeletons, structures, muscle tissue, hard shells, and other physical growth and development traits. That’s exactly what you are getting in this fantastic natural supplement.

Ajuga turkestanica

How Turkesterone Muscle Growth Effects Work

The key question is does Turkesterone really work? How does it actually work in the body to produce the claimed effects? I’ve tried this supplement, as well as several other of these plant’s steroids, and I can tell you that the supplement I’ve tried definitely showed results above and natural baseline.

These are the key ways it works:

  1. Works in a similar way to testosterone, but does not bind to androgen receptors. So you get effects in muscle and skeletal tissue along the lines of increased growth and strength.
  2. Muscle tissue gets a range of benefits from taking the supplement. Primarily, Turkesterone improves the translation of mRNA, which is a key step in increasing protein synthesis in muscles.
  3. It also helps to improve the uptake of some key amino acids by muscle tissue cells. Specifically, Leucine is crucial for muscle protein synthesis.
  4. Turkesterone prevents muscle breakdown (which means it reduces catabolism) in muscle tissue. It does this by balancing nitrogen, improving the availability of creatine phosphate, and ATP molecules which are crucial for sustained muscle contraction. ATP needs to be generated at the same rate as demand in order to stop exhaustion.
  5. Turkesterone has been shown to regulate activity in three key glands: hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal. All three of these are key to the secretion of hormones in the body, so by upregulating and modulating their activity, Turkesterone allows more of these hormones to be available at key times.

Turkesterone Dosage & Stacking Advice

Because Turkesterone has never been fully tested, or even studied fully, for use on humans then it’s difficult to talk about specific dosage ranges at all.

This gets even more difficult when we are talking about trying to induce anabolic effects in the body from the dose of Turkesterone that is taken.

Based on my own research and experiences, around 1000 mg per day is a good dose to take. Certainly, that’s the ballpark figure I saw many people speak about when I was researching how to take this supplement.

Personally, I would split that dose. That’s easy because you can buy this in 500 mg capsules. Take one in the morning, and one around 5 PM, so they can work through the evening and into the night.

It’s also perfectly possible to stack Turkesterone with other bodybuilding supplements. Because it doesn’t have androgenic side effects, then you don’t get the problem of stacking it with androgenic substances.

If you’re taking a natural bodybuilding supplement, then this naturally occurring plant steroid extract is perfect to stack on top of it for extra strength, muscle building, and cardiovascular benefits.

Turkesterone is best stacked with 20-hydroxyecdysone itself.  This is because it’s an analog, which can create a synergy that enhances the anabolic effects you can benefit from.

Turkesterone supplements

Turkesterone Review: My Experience

I want to talk to you a bit now about my own experiences using Turkesterone as part of a bodybuilding supplement stack.

Now, this is only my experience, and obviously, to anyone else it is anecdotal, but it’s all I can convey to you. All reviews are subjective, and you have to weigh up the evidence and then make your own decision on whether the supplement under discussion is worth your time experimenting with.

I tried Turkesterone in a stack with 20-hydroxyecdysone, creatine, caffeine, and your standard post-workout protein shake.

Put together, that was going to deliver me energy and focus, faster muscle recovery times, faster muscle growth, plus the potential synergy of Turkesterone and 20-hydroxyecdysone delivering anabolic-like effects in my muscle tissue.

I experimented with this stack for 12 weeks. That was after 12 weeks of completely natural bodybuilding. Prior to that, I had done a SARMs cycle. So it had been quite some time since I had used supplements and was well in tune with my body and what was going on naturally in terms of development and recovery.

So I was in a great position to see the different effects feel how my body responded, and monitor my energy levels and performance.

This is what I found the differences to be of using Turkesterone as part of a stack in comparison to going completely natural:

  • My energy levels were definitely higher
  • Muscle development was definitely stronger and faster than natural
  • I felt stronger during my workouts
  • Recovery was definitely enhanced
  • I shredded fat (it helps with glucose metabolism)
  • Muscle development was definitely denser than natural development

You can’t expect miracles with these natural supplements, not in comparison to actual steroid hormones. However, even though Turkesterone doesn’t follow anabolic pathways, it does work in an anabolic way in the body, but in a milder way.

Turkesterone Before & After Warnings

Now you’ve heard how good Turkesterone can be for building muscle enhancing your recovery times, let’s talk about problems.

Thankfully, Turkesterone’s side effects are pretty minimal, and for most people non-existent.

Especially when you begin taking the supplement you may get slight headaches. You may even get some nausea, but this usually goes away after a couple of weeks.

The reason for the nausea is usually because you have taken it on an empty stomach. Only take your capsules of Turkesterone when you’ve had something to eat. This is in common with many supplements which can cause feelings of sickness if taken on an empty stomach.

Turkesterone Vs Ecdysterone

Turkesterone is androgenic in nature but does not directly bind to the androgen receptors in the way that anabolic steroids do.

This is the same with all plant steroids, including Ecdysterone. So you don’t have to worry about any of these plants’ supplements causing androgenic side effects.

When it comes to a direct comparison between these two most popular natural steroid hormones, there’s really not a lot to choose between them.

All I would say, and this is pretty anecdotal because I didn’t notice much difference, is that I found over 12 weeks that I build more muscle and recovered faster using Turkesterone than I had using Ecdysterone around a year previously.

So a lot of this comes down to personal choice, and hell, you could even stack them together if you want to make sure that you don’t lose out on any potential benefits.

Just make sure that you don’t expect miracles, so be very wary of any ridiculous Turkesterone before and after claims you see. Just as with SARMs, natural bodybuilding supplements only work if you really put in the hard work and have a good diet backing up.

With anabolic steroids and other potent banned substances, this isn’t so much the case, but you won’t get any benefits if you don’t do the work.

So when you start your cycle of Turkesterone, and I’d advise you stack it to get the maximum benefits, make sure that you have set up a progressive 12-week gym routine to make sure that you are not just maintaining yourself.

On top of that, you have to have nutrition and a mindset to push yourself further. Visiting the gym more frequently and for longer, doing the cardio between sessions, and generally making sure you are on top of your game.

Turkesterone Supplement

Where To Buy Good Quality Turkesterone Supplements

The conclusion of my review is that I felt stronger and I recovered faster than I could naturally. This is an effective natural supplement that has steroidal advantages without the usual downside.

Just don’t expect huge muscles and incredible endurance because you won’t get them. But it will elevate things by around 15% above what you could achieve naturally. If you’re not ready to take the step up from natural to peptides, or SARMs, then natural bodybuilding supplements like Turkesterone are a brilliant stepping stone to see how far you want to go.

One of the big problems with buying any bodybuilding supplements is getting your hands on the real deal it’s affordable and isn’t cut with rubbish.

I buy a lot of my supplements from Swiss Chems. They’ve been around for several years, and whether it’s SARMs or peptides, I’ve never had a problem.

For just $60 you will get 60 capsules of high-quality Turkesterone. Dosed at 500 mg per capsule, per day will be enough to get you started, and you can increase this to 1500 mg, or even 2000 mg (2 g) should you not get the benefits you are expecting after 2-3 weeks.

Just make sure you are patient, and make sure that you have baseline awareness so that you can see if you are making progress on the thousand milligrams dose before you increase it. This is an affordable supplement, but you don’t want to be wasting money unnecessarily.

I want to mention a new source of high-quality Turkestone to you at the end here.

Rats Army also now sells Turkesterone, alongside SARMs and peptides of equally high purity.

60 capsules, each dosing 750 mg, costs just $60. So comparable, and definitely reputable source to consider as an alternative.

Turkesterone supplements

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