Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox Review: Does Toxin Rid Work?

I think it’s pretty important when doing a Toxin Rid 5 day detox review, to explain exactly what a proper detox is. Plus, there’s a lot of confusion between detox pills, and detox drinks. In this review of Toxin Rid, I’m going to tell you whether Toxin Rid reviews are actually true. Is it as good as you will read it is, or is it over-hyped?

I’ll tell you what detox is, how to achieve it, and how Toxin Rid accelerates it. I’ll tell you how to use it, give you the instructions to use it successfully, plus give you my own personal experiences with using the Toxin Rid 5 day detox.

Drug Detox explained

When you take drugs, the active ingredient that gets you high is converted into metabolites. These metabolites work their way out of your body after passing around your bloodstream. They work their way out mainly through sweat, urine, and stools. For most drugs, it’s urine which is the predominant way drug metabolites escape the body.

The length of time it takes for these drug metabolites to exit the body varies depending on the drug, the type of person you are, the volume of toxins in your body, and your lifestyle.

So a natural detox is where you stop taking in drugs and give your body the best chance of passing out all the metabolites currently in it. The things you need to do to achieve a natural detox include:

  • Sleep well every night
  • Gently exercise every day
  • Eat well, meaning vegetables, fiber, lean meats
  • Look after your mind and remain peaceful
  • sweat as much as possible
  • Taking diuretics, things like certain tea, that makes you urinate more frequently
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid all toxins, things like alcohol and tobacco
  • Eat lots of fiber to increase the rate of toxin elimination through your bowels

If you do a natural detox as a light drug user, you could be clean of drug metabolites in less a week, sometimes as little as 3-5 days.

But if you are a chronic drug user, several times a week, the volume of metabolites in your body could mean it takes a couple of weeks to clean your body out. Chronic weed smokers, daily, or at least several joints, several days a week, are in even more trouble. A chronic weed smoker could take up to a month of natural detoxification to eradicate all toxins.

Which is why Toxin Rid could be so important.

how to detox for a drug test

What Is Toxin Rid?

 Toxin Rid is a powerful detox pill. The purpose of Toxin Rid is to give your body additional nutrients and supplements that can help to draw more toxins out of your body, and faster, naturally.

It contains only natural ingredients, but all of the ingredients are linked with being able to draw toxins out of the body at a faster rate than normal. And because it’s such a powerful course of pills, it really can work well alongside a natural detox.

In my experience with it over the years, I reckon it’s speeding up the elimination of toxins by around 50%. That’s a significant amount of time saved. But it will depend on the length of the course.

I’m talking mainly here about the Toxin Rid 5 day detox, but they also do a single day detox, all the way through to a 10-day detox.

The only difference is the number of pills you have to take each day. The longer course has more pills, the one day course has a lot of pills to take across a single day.

Now I would never recommend the shorter courses, certainly not the one day, or three-day courses. They are too risky, and for an absolute emergency only. But the five-day course and above, I would certainly recommend, because as you now know, it can take up to a week to naturally detox.

If you do the five-day course during that week, that means you could be clean in as little as 2-3 days, if you are a moderate weed smoker.

For a chronic weed smoker, or someone with a large body mass, who can retain cannabis metabolites for longer, I would only ever really recommend the 10-day course, or the seven-day course at a push. But the 10-day course, could still half the time it would take naturally, reducing 2-3 weeks of elimination, down to as little as one week.

How Toxin Rid  5 Day Detox Works

So look, to understand exactly how Toxin Rid works, you have to look at what you get when you buy it:

  1. A course of detox pills containing all-natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to help aid the body, and eradicate toxins.
  2. A hit of powerful dietary fiber, which you take on the day of a drug test, to draw any remaining toxins out.
  3. A liquid detox supplement, that you take after you end the course of pills, that helps to draw out more toxins in a powerful final hit after you take the tablets.

So it’s a powerful combination of a drip-feed through the pills, a strong hit using a detox supplement, and then dietary fiber on the day of your test, which helps to draw off toxins, alongside drinking water.

Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox Instructions

Instructions for taking Toxin Rid are pretty straightforward, you just have to remember to do it every day, for the duration of the course.

For every day of the detox course length you purchase, you take three pills per hour, for five hours per day, drinking an 8-ounce glass of water each time. I was doing the morning, which gives you plenty of time in the afternoon and evening to urinate, move around, and eliminate toxins.

So for the Toxin Rid five day detox course, you would take 15 pills per day, for five days, a total of 75 detox pills.

On the final day, two hours after the last lot of detox pills, you drink the supplement to draw out more toxins. On the day of your test, which is obviously best planned to fall a couple of days after you finished Toxin Rid, you take the dietary fiber supplement, which is an insurance policy for any lingering toxins. So it is an investment in time and effort, especially alongside a natural detox. However, it really does work, and it’s definitely the most powerful detox pill I’ve ever tried.

So Are Toxin Rid Reviews Accurate?

Toxin Rid 5 day detox reviewI think the best way to answer the question around whether Toxin Rid reviews are accurate, and whether it’s definitely the best option to accelerate natural detox, is me to talk about the personal experiences of a friend of mine about six months ago.

His situation was that he was going for a job that he was concerned about a pre-employment drug test, and a company that was renowned for on-the-job testing, so he decided it was time to basically quit smoking weed, and clean out naturally. That was cool, but we were concerned about him getting through the pre-employment drug test, which was a week away.

The shipping was going to take nearly 2 days, so I recommended he did the Toxin Rid five day detox program.

While he was waiting, he started a natural detox on a Monday morning. The pills arrived on Tuesday, and then he completed the five-day course of Toxin Rid over the rest of the week. The interview was on a Wednesday, and on Friday he was told he had the position and needed to go and submit a sample on the following Monday.

To be safe, we also got him a detox drink and a home drug test kit. He tested at home before he left, and he was clean. That was a real surprise to me, after only five days of Toxin Rid, and this was a guy who is smoking two or three joints a day, every day of the week. Not the strongest weed, but he definitely would be classed as someone with a lot of toxins in their body.

So that was more evidence for me, that this stuff really works. I’ve used it in the past, done home drug test kits, and then submitted live samples, and passed as well.

For me, there is no other detox pill I would ever actually consider using. It’s kind of unique, but it is also very expensive. If possible, I would always go for the Toxin Rid 10 day detox, but you don’t often get that much time, which makes the Toxin Rid 5 day detox probably the minimum I would recommend.

Where To Buy Toxin Rid

So for me, Toxin Rid reviews that you might read online are pretty accurate. The Toxin Rid 5 day detox is one of several you can take, that truly can eliminate toxins at a far faster rate than your body can do naturally, through an intelligent combination of ingredients that hit you from all angles.

In terms of where to buy Toxin Rid, I always get mine from The price is good, the five-day course is $110, and you can also order detox drinks and home test kits at the same time, as an insurance policy on the day of your test.

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