Test Clear Powdered Urine Review

Not many people know that Test Clear does a powdered urine kit. Test Clear is a company you will have heard of if you are researching how to evade detection for pretty much any sort of drug test. So in this Test Clear powdered urine kit review, I’m going to talk about this new and well priced fake urine product, to see how it stacks up.

I’ll talk about how it compares to the best on the market, Sub Solution. I’ll also talk about how both the Test Clear powdered urine kit and Sub Solution compare to my product of choice: Quick Luck.

So we’ll talk in detail about what’s in this powdered urine kit that makes it so potentially good, how to use it, whether you can trust Test Clear reviews from people who said they have passed or failed drug tests using it, and also offer you my advice on whether Test Clear powdered urine is something you can trust.

Who Are Test Clear And Can You Trust Them?

For me, the company with the biggest reputation out there for successfully helping people to pass a drug test is Clear Choice. Clear Choice makes Sub Solution powdered urine kit, and the upgraded version called Quick Luck. They also make Oral Clear gum, and some other amazing supporting products.

But Test Clear comes a close second in this marketplace for me. They also sell some really good products. Toxin Rid, the most powerful detox pill course you can buy. Old-style Aloe Rid shampoo for helping you to pass a hair follicle drug test. Plus, they also sell Toxin Rid saliva neutralizing mouthwash.

So a great range of products, and all with great track records. I’ve personally used Toxin Rid to detox, and also and passed a hair follicle drug test two years ago using old style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo as part of the Macujo method.

It has always surprised me that Test Clear hasn’t had a synthetic urine product considering how much money there is to be made from launching a high-quality product with the brand reputation they have.

Well, it crept under the radar, but they actually have released one, quite a while back. But even I only picked up on it recently. It’s not very well named, it’s just called the “Test Clear powdered urine kit”.

If you look online, there’s not a lot of information out there about it either. So what I’m doing here in this Test Clear powdered urine review is piecing everything together for you, so you can make a better decision on whether it will work for you, based on the evidence we have.

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

What You Get In The Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit

As with most synthetic urine kits, when you open the box you could be slightly disappointed. You don’t really get a lot in them, but not a lot is needed. I sometimes think people are expecting some sort of lab kit with test tubes and stuff.

What you get when you open a box of Test Clear powdered urine is:

  • Small plastic vial of powdered urine
  • A larger mixing container
  • Pair of thin and flexible air activated heat pads
  • Adhesive temperature strip
  • Set of instructions

Now before I continue this review of Test Clear powdered urine, I just want to talk about the quality of those components that you get.

Firstly, let’s talk about the key thing: the powdered urine. Now the thing that really makes it stand out for me is that it’s real powdered urine. This isn’t a synthetic construct, it’s human urine that’s been dehydrated in some way, probably freeze-dried to create a powder.

So by re-hydrating it correctly, you are in fact producing fresh human urine that will contain everything that the urine you naturally produce has in it.

That’s really reassuring for me, and it’s unique in the synthetic urine market, because it’s not synthetic urine, it’s real. I haven’t found another product like that. So that’s a big selling point for me, because you don’t have to worry about the complexity of the formula, all the chemicals that you need in a sample are going to be there: urea, uric acid, creatinine, plus all the others.

As long as it’s mixed correctly, then it should also have the correct specific gravity, and be within the correct pH range for human urine.

Secondly, I just want to mention the quality of the heatpad and temperature strip. Both are probably the highest quality I’ve ever seen.

What I really like about the heatpad is that it’s self adhesive. Because it’s also thin and flexible, you can literally stick it to the container of urine and wrap it tightly around it. This means it will emit a steady heat into the urine properly, rather than having to use an elastic band, or deal with a more rigid heatpad.

Test Clear Powdered Urine Instructions

So let’s quickly look now at the Test Clear powdered urine kit instructions:

  1. Pour the small vial of powdered urine into a large mixing container.
  2. Gently pour lukewarm water into the container until it almost reaches the top.
  3. Screw the lid on and very gently agitate the liquid until the urine powder has dissolved. You should see liquid that then looks exactly like human urine.
  4. Pull the heatpad out of its packaging to air activate it. Then remove the self adhesive strip and attach it to the container of urine. As long as the water is lukewarm, the heatpad on its own should raise the temperature to register on the temperature strip within about 30 minutes.
  5. The temperature strip is self adhesive, so stick that on to the container as well, making sure attached to the container, and not on to (or right next to) the heatpad, so it registers the heat from the urine inside, and not the heat being emitted from the pad.

After you’ve done all that you have about five hours to submit your sample before the heat from the heatpad starts to diminish.

With high-quality components, you shouldn’t have a problem. You could microwave the sample slightly, or use warm water, to leave the heatpad less to do. Just make sure you don’t overheat it, otherwise, the temperature strip will register (if the temperature is above 100°F), which means you could then heat it even more.

I’d actually suggest you do a test run using water. Attach the self adhesive temperature strip first. Put in warm water, and then experiment with different water temperatures to see how warm the water has to be to register on the temperature strip. As you get two heatpads, use the first one to then test how long it keeps the temperature stable.

Then on the day of your drug test, you will have practiced and will be far more confident about passing by submitting a sample Test Clear powdered urine.

testclear powdered urine kit

Can You Trust Test Clear Reviews?

Because it’s new, there isn’t a lot of evidence out there from people saying that it worked for them. Test Clear reviews are pretty sparse around the powdered urine kit.

When I first came aware of it, it was on Reddit. There was a subReddit discussing it. However, that has vanished.

I’ve searched around and found some positive reviews. If you discount the few reviews online saying it doesn’t work, because looking at the history of those posters it appears that they probably just messed up getting the temperature right, then the evidence so far is that this is a really good quality synthetic urine.

One other point, don’t bother searching for a working Test Clear coupon. I’m not aware of one existing. And if you see Test Clear reviews stating that they used a coupon code, it’s probably just trying to get you to click on the links that they supply. There is no working Test Clear coupon code.

My Advice On Using Test Clear Powdered Urine

So look, the Test Clear powdered urine kit is actually a very good product as far as I can tell. I haven’t used it myself because I’m really happy with using Sub Solution.

In fact, I’m upgrading from Sub Solution to Quick Luck for my next scheduled urine drug test. In my job they happen, I know they’re coming, so I always prepare. I want the best, and Sub Solution (for me now Quick Luck) are definitely my products of choice.

You can buy Sub Solution from Testnegative.com. If you want to read a review of Sub Solution you can click here. The same for Quick Luck, it’s available from Test Negative, and if you’d like to read a detailed review of just why think it’s brilliant, you can click here. But the main reason is that they don’t use a heatpad at all, they use heat activator powder which is far more reliable.

synthetic urine

But the conclusion of my Test Clear powdered urine review is that for 50 bucks it’s a great product. You can purchase is straight from the manufacturer. It fits into that middle ground between the budget products out there and the premium ones.

So if you don’t think you will trust the cheap products like Quick Fix, and you don’t want to spend $100 (perhaps the drug test you might face is for a job that is not that important to you), then the Test Clear powdered urine kit could be a brilliant middle-ground option.

It’s real powdered/dehydrated/freeze-dried human urine, rather than a constructed synthetic urine. So that means it’s going to contain all the ingredients a lab might check for.

The only problem comes round submitting the sample at the correct temperature, but with a high-quality heatpad supplied, and a bit of practice, that problem should also be minimal.

But other than that small problem to deal with, for $50, if you haven’t settled on a type of fake sample you want to submit, then the Test Clear powdered urine kit is definitely one to seriously consider if you are on a budget.

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