Stinger Detox Review: Does Stinger Detox Whole Body Cleanser Actually Work?

In this full review of Stinger detox, we’re going to talk about using it to pass a drug test, and answer the key question: does Stinger detox work?

Stinger detox is actually a range of different drinks, so I will talk about the differences between them so you know what you could be buying.

I’ll also compare Stinger detox to detox drinks I’ve used in the past, potent ones I know work to pass a drug test. Does Stinger detox whole body cleanser stand up with the best?

So this is full instructions for using Stinger detox “The Buzz”, an explanation of how a detox drink should work in the body to help you pass a drug test, and advice on buying Stinger detox compared to other detox drinks.

Is Stinger Detox A Whole Body Cleanser?

A good review of any detox drink has to start by explaining what one is. For me, there are too many lies out there. Stinger detox perpetuates this lie in its description as a “whole body cleanser”. The implication is that it’s a permanent detoxification product. The truth is no detox drink is.

A detox drink is a masking agent. I will tell you how good quality one works in the body in a moment.

But do not be under any illusions. This isn’t going to allow all the drug toxins in your body to magically flood out of it in 90 minutes leaving you clean forever. All it does is create a gap in the flow of toxins into the bladder for a few hours so you can submit a urine sample that doesn’t contain them.

This Is How A Good Quality Detox Drink Works In Your Body

If it’s more than flavored water, then this is what a detox drink does in your body:

  1. Floods the body with liquid that contains diuretics and ingredients to draw out more toxins. This volume of liquid alongside those key ingredients pushes toxins through the kidneys and out down the urinary tract at an increased rate to create a gap in the toxin flow from the body.
  2. At the same time, the body is flooded with things found in urine. These are passed through as waste into the fresh urine that appears. Because they are introduced into the body in balance, they pass into your urine in balance so that it appears natural even though it’s been completely altered.
  3. Finally, the detox drink will stay in your urine color so that it looks natural, using vitamins and other ingredients to hide adulteration and dilution.

So the million-dollar question is does the Stinger detox range achieve these things?

Stinger Detox drink

The Stinger Detox Drink Product Range

The Stinger detox product range consists of the following six products:

  • Stinger detox “The Buzz” 5X deep system cleanser
  • Stinger detox 1hr whole body cleanser
  • Stinger detox instant cleanser
  • Stinger detox 5X 7 days permanent cleanse
  • Stinger 5X elite 2-in-1 combo pack
  • Stinger detox 5X instant cleanser

Let’s talk about “The Buzz” first. On the packaging, it claims to be “5X strength”. Five times the strength of what though? Looking at the company’s website, they will tell you plenty about the fact they are based in Phoenix Arizona, but there’s not one mention of what 5X strength actually means in terms of composition.

Overall, looking at the ingredients, they are scarily similar. I will talk about that later, but in terms of the positive Stinger detox review, it’s not looking positive, and in terms of five times the strength, I would hate to think what their single strength product contained.

Stinger Detox Instructions & Results (I Tested “The Buzz”)

These are the Stinger detox instructions you need to follow to use The Buzz:

  1. Drink the contents of the bottle rapidly 90 minutes before your test.
  2. Refill the bottle four times and drink each of them. Yes, you read that right, four times. That’s a total of 32 fluid ounces of additional water.
  3. Urinate at least four times after drinking all of that liquid.
  4. Oh, and this is the best bit, the instructions insist that you must do a 48 hour detox before the day of your test and avoid all dairy products as well.

So overall, they will not back up the claims they make unless you do a 48 hour detox before the day of your test. A lot of us just don’t have that notice, and you certainly don’t need that long to detox for other drinks.

I tried The Buzz myself. I did a 48-hour detox as instructed. Then I followed the instructions for taking it. As a quite large and regular cannabis smoker, I know I need a good quality drink to create the gap in toxin flow.

I urinated for times over the next hour. I then did a home drug test kit and tested positive for cannabis.

I waited 30 minutes and did another test. That was strongly positive for cannabis as well.

Stinger detox instructions

Is Stinger Detox Legit: Does It Work?

Look, the basic Stinger detox one-hour whole body cleanser contains very few ingredients. In fact, the proprietary blend only contains four, and none of them are particularly potent for cleansing the body.

On top of that, literally, the only difference between the one-hour basic body cleanser and “The Buzz” is that The Buzz has double the sugar content, 100% of your recommended daily allowance in fact.

So the only thing that gives you a buzz is the fact that you are going to be flying on sugar buzzing through your body.

The worst of the bunch is the seven day cleanser. Its proprietary blend is only 50 mg in total, alongside 4 g of sugar. The rest is just flavorings. It’s literally just flavored water.

Even more hilariously, for the seven-day cleanser, they recommend you take a tablespoon per day. Like this is some sort of medicine. You might as well take a tablespoon of orange juice every morning, it would be almost exactly the same.

It’s the same four ingredients (L-Taurine, Methylsulfonylmethane, L-Lysine, Niacin) in every single product. The only thing that changes is the volume, with the lowest being 50 mg in the highest being 800 mg.

Niacin is just vitamin B3, nothing fancy. It’s just listed is that so it sounds more impressive.

Guys, this is not a legit detox drink for me. Do Stinger detox work?  No, it’s basically a scam. None of these ingredients are going to get you clean. It’s flavored water and it won’t work to pass a drug test.

Here’s What Stinger Detox Reviews Online Say

Reviews are really mixed. I’ve known people who have passed a drug test before using detox drinks. This is both online and real-life friends.

One used Stinger detox and passed a drug test. But he was smoking a joint twice per week, he was a really light user. Pretty much anyone who does a 48 hour detox, and then drinks a load of liquid is going to flush out the toxins for a little while. The trick is in not having a diluted sample, and I suspect he just about got away with it

Someone I know who works in a local smoke shop here said they stopped selling it last year. It got a ton of negative feedback from people, and they got sick of people bringing the empty bottles back demanding a refund, and showing positive drug test results.

Online, Stinger reviews are pretty mixed as well. These three are all from Amazon.

“Stinger didn’t work at all. Follow the instructions and I failed the test. Really bad decision and wish I had listened to all of this feedback here.”

“I’m 5’7” tall and only 140 lbs, athletic and fit. Nobody is fat here to keep hold of the THC toxins. I work out and sweat five days a week. I.e. all the right things and have a 9% body fat ratio. Overall, I’m not out of shape. I smoke a joint a day so quite a high usage. I did four days of cleansing rather than recommended to, including drinking plenty of water and working out hard. Fail a drug test for a job completely. Thankfully, it was an advisory test and not a condition of employment, so I still got the job. But do not rely on Stinger detox because it doesn’t work, especially if you are anything more than a very moderate user”

“This work like a charm for me. I called the advisory number and follow the instructions (I don’t know why they need to do this as the instructions are on the bottle). I drank additional water and even took a B12 to try and get the color of my urine back up. Gave my sample and the guy at LabCorp and they said they might have to test me again because it looked diluted. However, he said it might be because it’s July and everyone is drinking water. The test came back neg-diluted. Two it covered the toxins but was borderline because of urine diluted. My job probably didn’t want to pay for a retake so I passed. Dilute is better than failed!”

Just a word here about the last review. It’s a crock of crap. If the sample is diluted then it’s failed the validity checks and would be pushed straight onto a full analysis. That would find out far more about your urine sample and would detect anything in it, and confirm a diluted analysis, failing it.

Look, even on Amazon, there are 2500 reviews. Half of those are five-star. But reading through them, you can see that most of them are paid positive reviews. The stories don’t make sense, and the way some people claim they passed the drug test is completely impossible.

Where To Buy Stinger Detox

I’ll be honest guys; I don’t really care where you buy Stinger detox. Stinger detox near me? Sure, grab it from a smoke shop if you can.

But why would you? I’ve literally just put the evidence in front of you to tell you that this is flavored water. The reviews are dubious, the 5X strength claim is completely empty and meaningless, and thousands of people are saying they failed to use it.

The conclusion of my Stinger detox whole-body “cleanser” review is to not believe the Stinger detox reviews you read and to use your common sense here by looking at the ingredients.

It’s sugared water. That’s it, and anyone who’s passing a drug test is either lying to you or they just got extremely lucky because they were a light user/smoker.

The only one I could potentially say would work is the drink and pill combo pack. That contains far more ingredients, but in the four pills, the total dose of these ingredients is only about 1500 mg, so 1.5 g of different things can help to draw out more toxins. It’s a long shot, but it would be your best bet.

These Are Better Alternative Detox Drinks To Stinger Detox

There are too far better detox drinks that you can use. These both have a fantastic track record, and I’ve used them myself.

I’ve tested both, and I’ve used them to pass a pre-employment drug test over the years. I know other people who have as well.

Just looking at the ingredients tells its own story as well. Both of these have far more complex ingredients that have the ability to draw out more toxins, maintain balance, and keep your urine looking natural.

  1. Rescue Cleanse

This is a premium detox drink. It costs $60, so twice the price of Stinger detox. You’re actually getting a detox drink rather than sugared water. It contains 16 active ingredients that can help to achieve what a detox drink should.

No additional water is needed either. You just drink the contents of the potent smart liquid bottle, urinate three or four times, and you’ll get several hours clean, which is a decent gap in the toxin flow out of your body.

Rescue Cleanse is only available from Test Negative. These are the guys who also make Sub Solution and Quick Luck, two fantastic brands of fake urine brands.

If it’s an unsupervised test, I would advise you to forget the detox drink and buy Sub Solution or Quick Luck to use instead because your chances of failing are far lower.

They are really easy to prepare, and because it’s unsupervised, you will not be physically searched. They are complex in formula, and you stand a great chance of passing compared to any detox drink.

Stinger detox alternative

  1. Mega Clean

This is my second choice. On its own it’s a good drink, but not as potent as Rescue Cleanse.

However, there is a way to get even more potency from it. Buy it from Test Clear and you’ll get a 24-hour course of pre-rid pills bundled in free. As long as you’ve got 24 hours before your test, then you’ll push out far more toxins, allowing the detox drink to create a bigger gap in the toxin flow.

So both of these are better options than Stinger detox products. If you can do a 24 or 48 hour detox before the day of your test then that makes them even stronger and will allow them to create a gap of several hours (usually never more than 3-4 hours though for a chronic smoker) in the toxin flow.

Stinger Detox FAQs

Let’s finish up here with some FAQs about Stinger detox. You already know my conclusions in this review, but let’s just answer some key questions again here.

Stinger Detox How Long Does It Last?

Stinger detox should last several hours. In reality, the ingredients aren’t potent enough to cleanse the body at all. You will not get a clean zone, you will not get a gap in the toxin flow using Stinger detox unless you get incredibly lucky due to low levels of drug metabolites in the body.

How Long The Stinger Detox Stay In Your System?

Stinger detox doesn’t stay in your system. It doesn’t add anything that is trackable. It’s just sugar and water mainly and will do nothing to pass a drug test.

How To Take Stinger Detox?

Drink it, urinate several times, then go and fail your drug test. I’m sorry, but that’s the reality of this detox drink there are no redeeming features in its composition. It’s just a ton of water and some sugar.

How Much Is Stinger Detox?

Stinger detox prices vary depending on the product. The cheapest is around $20, while the pill and drink 5X Elite product costs $70. For me, you’d be far better spending your $70 on a bottle of Mega Clean with six toxin rid pills bundled in free instead.

Where Can I Buy Stinger Detox Near Me Or Online?

Buying Stinger detox near me/you is usually not an option unless you have a smoke shop and even a big city. It is sold via Walmart, Walgreens, and GNC. Probably the best place to buy online is Amazon, especially if you’ve got prime membership because you’ll get next-day shipping.

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