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Sr9011 Vs Sr9009: Which Is Best? Complete Guide To Dosing, Results & Differences

 SARMs and associated research chemicals fall into two categories: androgenic and non-androgenic. SR-9011 falls into the latter category.

But what is SR-9011? And when it comes to a comparison of SR9011 Vs SR9009, are they identical, or are there differences that need to be noted and utilized?

What I’m going to do here is a full review of SR-9011. More than that, I’m going to compare it closely to Sr9009, and an associated non-anabolic SARM called Cardarine (GW-501516).

In the next five minutes, you’re learning everything you need to know. How it works, Sr9011 benefits, how to dose it, and how to cycle it. Plus, I will discuss stacking SR-9011 to underpin both SARMs bulking and cutting stacks to get the maximum out of them.

All that, and I’ll finish the conclusion and review where you can actually buy SARMs like SR9011, Sr-9009, and others right now (as supplies are tough to get unless you know where to look).

What Is SR9011?

Although for marketing purposes it’s classed as a SARM, SR-9011 is not one at all.

It has a completely different mechanism of action in the body and produces completely different effects. That’s the same with SR9009 as well. Sr9011 and Sr9009 are also similar in the results they produce to Cardarine. Cardarine isn’t a SARM either, and works differently to both actual SARMs and the SR chemical pair.

First created around 2010, SR-9009 and then the later developed SR9011 were constructed by a company called Scripps Research.

It’s a synthetic chemical compound. Made in the lab. It was constructed as a possible solution to obesity and lack of energy, tiredness, and problems with cholesterol.

I think it’s important to note here that it’s not a SARM, and also has not ever been through human trials.

All the benefits I’m going to talk about have been seen only in preclinical most trials in the past decade. Also, these results from the trials have been paired up with real-world results by tens of thousands of bodybuilders as well though (including me!).

How SR9011 Works

SR-9011 works in the same way as SR-9009. They are both agonists of the REV-ERB nuclear receptors.

They work as repressors. Repressors are DNA binding proteins that work to inhibit gene expression. Both Sr9011 and Sr9009 are agonists of the Rev-ErbA receptors. However, Sr9011 is also an agonist of the Rev-ErbAB (beta) receptors.

This means that there is a subtle difference in the balance of the results they produce. But overall, they are both classed as artificial chemicals that can act as hormone & metabolic modulators.

Studies in animals (they are research chemicals that have never been through anything other than preclinical mouse studies) have shown several different effects:

  1. Increased exercise capacity through an increase in mitochondria counts within skeletal muscle tissue.
  2. Changes in metabolism leads to a differing balance in fatty acid processing, glucose availability, and fat cell growth.
  3. Changes the circadian rhythm (body clock), resulting in better rest, better overnight recovery, and increased wakefulness. In most studies SR9011 (not SR9009) was shown to completely suppress the circadian rhythms’ natural pattern of expression when mice were kept in the dark, allowing them to operate as if it was daylight.
  4. Changes in metabolic rate led to significant weight and fat reductions in mice. This was noted even though the mice were fed exactly the same calorie-controlled diet before and during the experiment. This is really notable because it means that just by taking SR-9011 you can change the way your body burns energy and lose fat.
  5. Significant drops in cholesterol were noted, meaning long-term use could have positive cardiovascular effects.
  6. An observed ability to regenerate muscle tissue faster during overnight rest. It’s thought to achieve this through stimulating myoblast differentiation. The net result is faster bonding and growth of microtears post-exercise.

SR9011 Vs SR-9009

Now I’ve covered what SR9011 can do, and has been observed to do in the lab (and this is all been confirmed by me and others anecdotally proved bodybuilding forums as well), let’s note the differences between these two research chemicals.

As I’ve said, Sr9011 is an agonist of both alpha and beta Rev-Erb receptors, while Sr9009 only affects alpha.

Although I’ve never felt any practical difference, some people do feel the difference. Also, most studies noted minor differences as well.

Sr9009 seems to induce slightly higher levels of energy and metabolic rate, while Sr9011 does this is a slightly lower level while increasing the effect on circadian rhythm (recovery and wakefulness).

Sr9011 Benefits & Results For Bodybuilders

So this is a research chemical that’s not a SARM at all, but it does have the ability to do one hell of a lot for you.

On its own, it can produce significant results:

  • Fast burning of fatty acid
  • Greater energy output
  • Higher levels of energy for use
  • Longer endurance
  • Faster recovery
  • Faster repair of torn muscle tissue
  • Great ability to rest and recover
  • Lowering of cholesterol
  • Losing weight faster than can be achieved naturally
  • Direct increase in the supply of energy to muscle tissue

But as I’ve always said, the power of the SARMs is in the stack. Why work out hard to get the benefits from one when you can work out hard to get the benefits from two or three?

It’s the same with Sr9011. By underpinning cutting and bulking stacks with this you can dramatically increase the results of anabolic SARMs.

You can do this by working out harder and longer, putting more stress on the muscle tissue. Plus, it will repair and grow faster, and you will cut fat as well.

There is little difference between the two variants in practical terms. You can use either (whichever you can obtain). Both will produce significantly higher levels of energy output, greater endurance, and a notable faster recovery time.

Plus, this stuff keeps you alert and focused. You will sleep well, and you will feel very awake and ready for anything.

Just be careful not to dose this close to sleep. Let it burn off during the day otherwise that altering of the circadian rhythm will be so aggressive that you will be staring at the ceiling all night.

SR9011 results

Sr9011 Dosing & Cycling Advice

SR9011 is a research chemical. That means it’s never been tested in humans.

Some SARMs have been tested in humans, and have even been through several full human clinical trials, but only really Ostarine achieve that.

SR9011 and SR-9009 have never been through human trials. Therefore all evidence around effects and dosing are from lab rat/mouse studies, and anecdotal evidence from online chat by bodybuilders over the years.

In terms of dosing, a low dose is around 10 mg per day. 20 mg is a typical mid-range dose, and 30 mg are starting to be a high dose. Up to 50 mg is tolerable and sometimes used (but I wouldn’t really advise you go that high for long).

Over about 30 mg the effects seem to tail off in incremental intensity, so higher dosages don’t lead to the same increase in effects as below that dosage level

I use up to 20 mg in a stack and up to 30 mg on its own. I will dose it first thing in the morning so that it gets me through the day, and is not so prevalent in affecting my circadian rhythm at night.

In terms of cycle length, you could use it indefinitely. Because it’s not anabolic, because they don’t appear to be any side effects that are hugely notable (I will discuss them later), it’s possible.

It’s important to say that one of the side effects of the circadian rhythm changes can be problematic, and therefore I would not recommend you run it for more than 12 weeks without a significant break so your body can rebalance.

You can run it for a couple of weeks post cycle. Sometimes I run a 10 week bulking stack, and then keep taking SR-9011 for a couple of weeks after.

Doing this offsets the energy slump from the testosterone drop. Why your testosterone levels are recovering, you can still get an energy boost and keep yourself working out and burning fat.

How To Use Sr9011 To Create Potent Bulking & Cutting SARMs Stacks

SR-9009/11 are both very good for using to underpin any type of SARMs stack. The energy boost, the fat cutting, the metabolism increase, and the recovery boost all help.

Here’s a great cutting stack you can use:

  • 30 mg Ostarine per day
  • (use up to 30 mg Andarine per day as a strong alternative)
  • 20 mg SR-9011 (or SR-9009)
  • 10 week cycle
  • PCT is required if using Andarine

and here’s a potent bulking stack that uses SR-9011:

  • 10 mg RAD-140 per day
  • 5 mg LGD-4033 per day
  • 10 mg MK-677 per day (often dosed half a.m., half p.m.)
  • 10 mg SR-9011
  • 10 week cycle
  • PCT required

SR9011 vs SR9009

SR-9011/9009 Vs Cardarine

Cardarine is another non-androgenic research chemical that’s known by athletes as “energy in a bottle”. Completely banned by all professional sporting bodies, the same as SR-9011, it’s very potent for an energy boost.

The difference is that Cardarine doesn’t affect circadian rhythm, and works as a PPAR-Delta modulator rather than as a Rev-Erb agonist.

So if you’re looking purely for an energy boost then go with Cardarine. If you’re looking for the benefits I’ve outlined in this review, then the more complex effects of SR-9011 will be better.

Are There Any Side Effects To Be Aware Of?

SR-9011/09 is surprisingly well tolerated. I’ve never really seen anyone discuss problems around using of the long term. The only thing I would note is that it affects your circadian rhythm. That can mean problems with sleep.

If you are taking high doses for a long time, you are more wakeful and training your body not to sleep. Plus, your circadian rhythm has been altered to that effect as well.

People report problems with sleeping after a cycle of SR9011. So be careful about that.

Sr9011 Before & After Photos Warning

I just want to give you a warning about SR9011 before and after photos. This is the same warning I give about all SARMs and supplements. Photos don’t tell you anything. They can be doctored, or they can be unrelated. Plus, you just don’t know what that person is actually taking or doing to achieve that look.

You also don’t have the timescales they give, the doses, no information at all that can be verified.

My advice is always the same. Do your own before and after photos. Run a cycle, look at your results, see if it benefits you personally.

Where To Buy High-Quality/Purity SR9011

It’s getting tougher to buy SARMs, supplements, nootropics, basically, every grey market chemical out there right now.

There is a multitude of reasons. The pandemic, supply chain problems, Ukrainian war, Chinese ban on the manufacture and export of certain chemicals, and regulatory pressure within the USA and elsewhere.

So if you can find a SARMs seller that still selling high-quality SARMs at a reasonable price, then grab them while you can get them because the future is uncertain (for the updated list of SARMs companies, please check out this outlookindia post.

In terms of SR9011, Swiss Chems have some right now. Its capsules are perfect for dosing exactly and not dealing with powder or the taste of SARMs at all.

However, capsules used to cost a lot more. The prices dropped dramatically though, and Swiss Chems now offer them for only around $10 more than you can get liquid. With a 5% cashback they offer it’s almost the same level of pricing.

SR9011 capsules, each dosed at 5 mg, are currently available for $85.95. That’s for 60 capsules.

buy SR9011 capsules

So overall, it’s still affordable, and you’re getting the convenience capsules at a great price.

SR9011 is an incredible supplement with a myriad of potential benefits for bodybuilders, people with conditions that lower energy or increase obesity, and people in older age you want to just get out and live life more.

It’s low risk compared to many other supplements out there, so start with a moderate dose of 10 mg on its own, run it for a few weeks and see how your performance levels and recovery times improve.

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