S23 SARM Dosage, Cycling, Results & Where To Buy

S-23 is yet another SARM being developed by GTx, the company behind the development of several key SARMs including Ostarine and Andarine. In this S-23 SARM review, I’m going to tell you about the latest chemical from this company, and what it can do few in terms of bodybuilding benefits.

You have to be careful with SARMs because they are barely understood research chemicals. The mechanism of action is not even fully understood in many of them, but what is known is that they can all produce effects that are beneficial to bodybuilders.

So let’s dive right in and review everything you need to know about S-23 now so that you can make a great decision on whether you should use it, by giving you the facts around how it works, dosage, cycling it, stacking it, and also where you can buy it at 100% pure.

What Is S23 & How Does It Work?

S23 is definitely a SARM -selective androgen receptor modulator -that has a good ratio of anabolic to androgenic effects in its outcome. Although its method of action isn’t fully known, because it is androgenic it does target the androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue.

The result of this is it can promote bone health and stronger muscle development than you could achieve naturally. But it’s important to understand that this is a completely untested research chemical, there have been no human trials for any purpose.

It’s currently being investigated as a potential male contraceptive chemical because in a rat study was found to deplete sperm supplies by 100%. Alongside that, it’s been investigated as an aid to increase female sexual arousal, and also use as a muscle wasting prevention chemical.

So it’s important to understand here that you are getting of completely untried chemical here that has never been through proper human trials, and the company who have made it don’t even really know what it is. But the anecdotal evidence from the bodybuilding community is that it doesn’t have many side effects and does dramatically improve muscle mass.

S23 sarm effects

Benefits Of Using S-23

Let’s say you’re going to give S-23 ago. You’re going to do a cycle of it and see what happens. What exactly are the benefits you can expect from taking S-23? Let’s take a look:

  1. You will significantly increase muscle mass. This is done through faster and stronger regeneration of microtears in the muscle after exercise.
  2. Rebuilt muscle will be harder than before because this creates a muscle density that cannot be achieved naturally.
  3. It’s also been noted that it can decrease body fat. That’s because it preserves muscle mass even in a calorie deficit, allowing you to work hard, cut calories, and still maintain your muscle while stripping fat.
  4. It may increase bone strength and density because many SARMs do, and S-23 is thought to work in the same way. This can lead to a stronger core of muscle and bone.

S23 Dosage & Half-Life

You might have already guessed, but because there haven’t been any human trials, and definitely no work done on looking at whether S23 can benefit bodybuilders, there is, unfortunately, no dosage advice available.

The half-life of S-23 does appear to be short because most bodybuilders out there who use this stuff for a long time so you need to dose twice daily. For me, that means the half-life must be a maximum of 12 hours, and it’s probably shorter. Conservatively, people take doses as low as 5 mg twice per day (total daily dose of 10 mg).

At the higher end, a daily S23 dosage that is common is 30 mg (split into 2 x 15 mg doses).

So for me, that’s your dosage range, and I wouldn’t stray above that. You also have to remember that if you are stacking SARMs that you need to lower that dose because otherwise putting all those doses together you could be really overdoing things.

S23 Dosage

S23 Cycle Advice

S23 is anabolic, meaning you will pack on lean muscle in large amounts. But it is also strongly androgenic, which means it will start to deplete your testosterone supplies. What happens is that because S-23 is mimicking the effects of testosterone, your body doesn’t need to produce as much of its own, so your free testosterone levels start to drop as it produces less.

S23 is, therefore, a SARM that will genuinely need a recovery phase, which will include using a PCT (post cycle therapy) supplement.

So put together, this is what a great first S-23 SARM cycle could look like:

  • Dose S23 at 20 mg per day (2 x 10 mg)
  • Eight-week S-23 SARMs cycle
  • An initial eight week gap between cycles (but can drop this to 6 weeks second cycle)
  • Must workout hard in the gym several times per week
  • Diet and exercise outside of the gym must be superb
  • A serious PCT supplement like Clomid will definitely be needed

I would always advocate you keep the gap between cycles as long as the cycle length, at least for the first cycle to you can see how much of testosterone levels drop. If you find they don’t drop that much and Clomid is overkill, you can then drop a couple of weeks from the gap between cycles and switch to the milder Nolvadex PCT when using S23.

S23 Results: What’s Possible?

I think the first point of making about S 23 results is that there must be some truth to the claims made about this SARM because it’s been banned by pretty much every professional sports body, including the World Athletics Association.

If this stuff didn’t work, why the hell would they ban it?

Another key point is that although it’s only been rat studies that have been completed, even when they were given a dose of estrogen at the same time as this SARM (which would counteract the effects) muscle growth was still noted.

Plus, in that same study, the rats were found to increase their endurance levels by as much as 50% in a very short space of time.

This is backed up by the claims made by bodybuilders, and it’s certainly my experience as well. Put together, the S23 effects you can expect to gain from using it are:

  1. A significant increase in lean muscle mass as long as you work hard to break down existing muscle so it has to repair itself. This means working hard at the gym and really pushing your muscles.
  2. The muscle that you gain will be bigger, and harder, it will be better muscle and you will definitely know to significantly improve tone and condition.
  3. You will cut the fat. I don’t know if that’s because this SARM tells the body to cut fat, or just because you’re pushing yourself harder, but you definitely will.
  4. Your energy levels will skyrocket. Just like those rats, you can experience up to 50% increases above baseline. You’ll work out harder, faster, for longer, and with better recovery times. It truly can be a miracle potion.

The bottom line here is that if you use S23 then the effects you can expect are gains in strength, gains in performance, gains in muscle size and tone, and potentially fat loss as well. So it’s a great all-rounder.

In fact, S23 is often used by bodybuilders because of the hardened look it can give you in a short space of time. A lot of these guys use higher doses of S-23 just at the end of a training cycle so that they can gain a much more competitive look.

S23 results

Where To Find S-23 SARM For Sale

S23 is being touted as the strongest SARM available. S 23 results from a single cycle can be incredible, right up there with any other SARMs I’ve tried.

But you need to treat this stuff with incredible respect. It’s completely untested in humans, it’s relatively new, and it shouldn’t even be available for sale. But we are taking advantage of it purely because we want to push our bodies further in terms of performance and results.

The trade-off is that the anecdotal evidence over several years is that significant side effects are not being seen in people. So the conclusion of my personal S-23 review is that it’s safe to use as long as you monitor yourself closely, and stop taking if you notice anything changing.

So let’s finish this review by telling you where you can actually find real S-23 SARM for sale.

In one study, out of 44 SARMs products tested, more than half didn’t even contain SARMs. Also, 39% contained unapproved drugs of some description, including anabolic steroids. This means you need to find places online that have S23 for sale is backed up by independent lab test reports that show is 100% pure.

In my experience, these are the guys you can rely on:

  1. Science.bio are based in the USA and sell guaranteed pure S-23. Powder costs $39.99 for 1000 mg total dose. S23 sold as a sublingual liquid is slightly more expensive because of its convenience, with 750 mg total dose costing $39.99.
  2. SARMS 4 YOU are another good SARMs seller that offers 100% purity guarantees. They only sell loose powder and capsules, not liquid. In terms of pricing, they have S-23 for sale at $54.95 for 60 capsules, each capsule dosing 10 mg. These guys are based in Europe though, so if you’re in the USA they might not be ideal for you. UPDATE: SARMs4You has been ceased operations.
  3. Swiss Chems are based in the USA. They sell all the main types of SARMs you would expect, and they offer that crucial 100% purity guarantee through independent third-party lab testing. In terms of pricing, S23 is available in capsule form for $129.95. For that price, you’ll get 100 capsules each dosing 5 mg.
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