RU58841 Vs Finasteride: Which Produces The Best Results?

Finasteride is a drug that hair loss. But what about the little-known alternative with the less than catchy name RU58841? How good is this topically applied grey market hair Restoration product?

In this full review/guide, I’m going to tell you all you need to know about RU58841. I’ll compare it to both Finasteride and Minoxidil, and give you some idea of which appears to work best.

We will also cover how it works, along with dosing, application, and even how to mix it up with you can only get your hands on RU58841 powder.

Plus, I will cover RU58841 results, before and after warnings, side effects (including it has androgenic side effects on testosterone production), and finish by discussing where you can find RU58841 for sale.

What Is RU58841 (PSK 3841)

RU58841 is an experimental substance that was not actually constructed to deal with hair loss problems at all.

First produced in the late 1970s by a French company, it was actually constructed to try and deal with prostate cancer. It was designed to be able to be applied topically, lowering side effects and better targeting androgen receptors in one part of the body.

However, it was shelved when it was found to have no effect on prostate cancer cells. But, it was noted during the initial trials that many people reported a change in hair loss. Some reported slowing, while others reported a complete reversal and significant hair regrowth.

Due to this, a company called ProStraken purchased the rights to it. They renamed it PSK3841, and started research into its ability to stop hair loss.

Although it went through phase 2 clinical trials on animals, and documentation shows a full phase 3 human trials were scheduled, those never happened. They even intended to release it after those phase 3 trials as a product in 2010, but it all got shelved and nothing has been heard about it since, in terms of official research and development.

How Does RU58841 Work: Effects & Studies

So the bottom line is that RU58841 is a completely untested research chemical. It has been confirmed as having the properties to at least slow, but possibly stop and even reverse hair loss. But this is anecdotal based on that original trial and online chat on sites like Reddit more recently.

Reconstructed by grey market labs, it’s available to buy online. We know little about its side effects in the long term, but I will discuss what we know later.

In terms of RU58841 effects, it works as follows.

Its mechanism of action is to slow DHT binding to the androgen receptors in hair follicles. What happens, is that as you get older, testosterone can in some men increasingly convert into DHT. This conversion happens via a “middleman” hormone called 5-alpha-reductase.

As much as 5% of free testosterone can get transformed into DHT, which can lead to male pattern baldness.

This increasing amount of DHT binds to the androgen receptors in the hair follicles, and starts a chain sequence that modifies gene function, and eventually alters the hair growth cycle.

It reduces the length of the anagen phase of this hair growth cycle. This means fresh hair growth increasingly becomes thinner, weaker, and shorter. Each cycle, it gets worse.

RU58841 is topically applied as an anti-androgenic liquid. That way it targets the DHT in the hair follicles more specifically. Although we don’t quite know how it works, it gets into the hair follicles and stops the DHT binding to the androgen receptors with such a high affinity.

This helps to kickstart recovery at the cellular level and reverses the downward spiral of the anagen cycle. Put all that together, and you get the following snapshot:

  • It’s a topically applied anti-androgenic
  • You don’t take it as a general supplement
  • It only has a local effect (primarily) on testosterone and DHT
  • Persistent long-term use can encourage follicular recovery
  • It normalizes and restores the anagen cycle (partially or fully)
  • RU58841 does not lower or block actual testosterone or DHT production

DHT hair loss

RU58841 Results & Benefits

RU58841 Results can be spectacular, but they can also be highly variable. I suspect that’s why it’s never been developed into a commercial hair treatment; the spectrum of results was just not consistent enough between success and complete failure.

However, if you’re receptive to this kind of treatment, it can work wonders. There’s some limited research about this topic, and a lot of anecdotal evidence online to support that this hair loss treatment works.

Although there are variables, typically, these are the results people tend to achieve with RU58841:

  1. RU58841 slows down hair loss in everyone. It may not stop it or reverse it, but there is strong evidence it at least significantly slows it in everyone.
  2. A large majority of people completely stop hair loss, to all practical intents and purposes.
  3. The majority of people who use RU58841 report that their hair loss not only stops but starts to regrow. Increasing in thickness, density, and length.
  4. Most people report it can take at least six months for the effects to noticeably kick in. After a year, most people also report visible improvements across their whole head.
  5. RU58841 seems to work better when applied with another hair loss treatment. That’s probably obvious, but by doubling up you are increasing your chances of success and hitting the hair follicles in different ways. Obviously, though, you will be raising the chances of androgenic side effects occurring.

RU58841 Before And After Evidence

 There’s not much official RU58841 before and after evidence out there. There are very few studies and none have been completed in humans.

However, there were limited research studies done on monkeys, specifically a type of monkey that tends to develop baldness in middle age in the same way that men do.

There was one study that appeared in the Journal of dermatology that I found.

The study looked at the effects of two antiandrogens, in relation to stimulating hair growth recovery. The study also compared before and after serum level changes of testosterone and DHT. There was a group of monkeys treated with RU58841. Another group was treated with Finasteride, and a control group was monitored for natural changes over the study period (four months).mThe monkeys who received Finasteride saw a normalizing pattern in the anagen cycle of up to 88%.

What was surprising is that the RU58841 was observed to have recovered by 103%. A statistically significant difference.

The study also confirmed that testosterone DHT levels were barely affected by the application of RU58841 for many months, in stark contrast to Finasteride.

But what about human evidence?

Well, I can tell you it worked for me. Over a year, I certainly saw an improvement. Areas that have become patchy started to look less so. Not a miracle, but definitely more of my hair follicles were sprouting stronger, thicker hair.

Looking online, you’ll see a lot of before and after evidence relating to RU58841 use. Obviously, you have to take a lot of it with a pinch of salt, but taken as a whole, there is significant evidence it stimulates regrowth in most people.

How To Apply RU58841: Dosage & Application

RU58841 comes in two formats, either a premixed liquid to apply directly, or a powder that you have to mix with a carrier liquid. If it’s a powder, then you’ll need to mix it with ethanol, kb, or PG (propylene glycol). You’ll need to mix it to get a concentration of at least 5%, that’s the magic number.

Obviously, just buying high-quality premixed liquid is the way to go if you can find it. That’s tough to do right now though.

If you’re going to mix it with something like Minoxidil, then that becomes the carrier liquid. I suspect that’s part of the reason why people do it. They get the powder, get lazy, and mix it up together with something they know will work. The problem is the androgenic side effects increase when you do this.

So anyway, around 30 minutes after you have washed your hair and dried it, before sebum (hair oil) starts to coat the hair shafts and scalp entirely, put on gloves and gently apply it directly to the scalp in the affected areas.

In terms of frequency, I’d stick with daily to start off with. You’ll want to wash your hair daily to increase the impact of this stuff.

Some people find that after six months they can switch to every other day, which makes things significantly easier. It’s personal, and experimentation is the key here.

In terms of the duration, as you probably already guessed, this is something you are going to have to do forever, or until you stop caring about losing hair. I’m committed to that, but the rewards are worth it. Five minutes a night as really helped me to gain confidence and it shows.

Just remember that six months is the minimum, and you should really try it for at least a year before giving up as it can take a long while stimulate changes in the anagen cycle and start getting observable change.

To recap on how to apply ru 58841:

  • Make sure what you are applying is at least 5% concentrated
  • RU58841 can take six months to work
  • Try for up to 12 months before giving up
  • Apply daily to begin with
  • Apply 30 minutes after washing and drying your hair

RU-58841 results

RU58841 Vs Finasteride

RU58841 Vs Finasteride is basically a battle between the mechanisms of action.

Finasteride is a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor. By stopping it, it blocks the middleman in conversion between testosterone to DHT.

RU58841 blocks all androgens in the site it’s applied to. So when applied to the scalp, it will overwhelmingly block androgen receptors locally, in the scalp and hair follicles.

So Finasteride can produce more general side effects because it affects levels of DHT. It can lead to poor libido, tiredness, and in extreme circumstances changes to male breast tissue (gyno). But mostly, at normal doses, the side effects are minor.

RU58841 is, therefore, more targeted. However, you can get androgenic side effects if you use high doses and they get into the bloodstream and circulate more generally. But this is usually not such a problem as using Finasteride.

RU58841 Side Effects: Does It Deplete Testosterone?

RU58841 is a nonsteroidal, antiangiogenic compound that is typically used to block DHT from attaching to androgen receptors in the area close to where it’s applied. As I said though, if it starts to spread in the bloodstream, if you’re using high doses frequently, then it can start to have androgenic side effects.

Because it should be only a low level of androgenic side effects, libido should be fine. You might notice a little lack of sex drive and maybe a little tiredness.

Only if you are using large daily doses, or are particularly susceptible, will you experience side effects that are beyond minor.

Conclusion & Finding RU58841 For Sale

RU58841 is affordable, safe, and well-tolerated. It doesn’t work very well for some people, but that’s because of the way it is topically applied. However, most people will get results with minimum side effects.

One of the problems right now is getting your hands on RU58841 at all. Finding RU58841 for sale can be tough.

Chemyo are the only place I know right now selling high purity RU58841 in both liquid and powder format.

Purity is really good. Independently lab tested, high-grade grey market research chemical level. Works like a dream.

In terms of RU58841 liquid, for $69.95 can get a 50 mL dropper bottle that dosed at 50 mg/mL (total dose 2.5 g).

For the powder, a huge 5 g bag costs just $89.99. So double the powder for only $20 more than the liquid. However, you do have to mix the powder into something in order to use it properly.

Chemyo do sell suspension liquid’s as well in 50 mL dropper bottle format. Costing $10 each, they do increase the cost, but they are incredibly convenient and it means you can buy everything from the same seller.

If you’re in the USA, shipping is free of $100, and over $270 it’s free from outside the USA.


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