Rescue Detox Ice Review: Does This Detox Drink Work?

So I got hold of a bottle of Rescue detox and wow, writing a Rescue detox review is not going to be as simple as you would think.

It’s a detox drink right? Well, explaining Rescue detox is actually a little more confusing than you would think at first sight. I’m sitting here having just tested my bottle of Rescue detox ICE, but I’m aware that people are actually reading this review for three different reasons.

But let’s get to it. Let’s tell you about Rescue detox in this review, what it actually is, tell you the Rescue detox ICE instructions, and also if there are better alternatives out there.

What Is Rescue Detox ICE?

The first thing I want to say about Rescue detox is that it’s not Rescue Cleanse. Take a look at the bottles side-by-side, they both have a big Red Cross first-aid symbol on the bottle and are very similar.

But Rescue Cleanse is made by Clear Choice. Rescue detox appears to be the brand name because there are no other details on the product itself about who makes it.

Clear Choice is a reputable avoidance product company, and Rescue Cleanse is a brilliant detox drink.

But Rescue detox is not the same company or drink. Rescue detox ICE (and the ICE part just stands for Instant Cleansing Energy, which means nothing) can also be two things.

You can get Rescue detox ICE which is a detox drink. It’s a 32 fluid ounce bottle of detox liquid that is designed for heavy toxin exposure and specifically states on the bottle it will work for people over 200 lbs in body size.

But some people also search for Rescue detox ice caps. This is not Rescue detox drink, it’s a set of 12 detox capsules. But that’s not the product we are talking about. The bottle I bought was Rescue detox ICE drink, mangosteen (whatever the hell that is) and cranberry flavor.

Clear Choice rescue cleanse

Rescue Detox ICE Instructions

So right at the start of this Rescue detox review, I hope I’ve cleared up the big confusion around the fact that it’s one of three products that get confused very easily.

Talking about the drink itself, Rescue detox ice instructions are:

  1. Do not eat or drink anything for five hours before you use Rescue detox. This is to ensure that the contents are processed quickly and in one hit by your body. This is pretty standard amongst all detox drinks because an empty stomach means that it will be processed and in your bladder within about 30-60 minutes. The flood of nutrients that will keep your urine balanced will also work their way through in a balanced and fast manner.
  2. Drink the contents of the bottle over 15 minutes. Half fill the bottle with water and then drink that over another 15 minutes.
  3. You must then urinate frequently. Instructions don’t say how often that is or over what time period, but usually with detox drinks it’s at least three times in the hour after you’ve finished consuming the drink.

Rescue detox review

Does Rescue Detox Work?

So does Rescue detox work? Well, I followed the Rescue detox ICE instructions as outlined above using the bottle I purchased for this Rescue detox review.

I did a home drug test kit one hour after finishing the drink. I’d urinated four times in the hour well. I failed a home drug test. I waited another 30 minutes and did a second home panel drug test kit, and that tested positive as well.

So for me, Rescue detox ice doesn’t work. I also know two guys who have used it in drug tests as well, although they didn’t say how long ago. They both failed the test as well, and that’s how it came to my attention that this drink even existed.

The bottom line for me, the basic conclusion of this review of Rescue detox is that it’s like tossing a coin. The ingredients do have some basis in the formula for promoting urination and balancing water in the bladder, but it just isn’t strong enough formula. For me, after my home test, I simply cannot recommend it.

Alternatives To Rescue Detox That Work

Having conclusively tested and found that Rescue detox failed me, and suspecting it will fail pretty much everyone, I want to tell you about some alternatives.

The first alternative is Rescue Cleanse. Similar bottle and I suspect that that’s what Rescue detox copied to make you think it’s from Clear Choice. But don’t be confused, Clear choice Rescue Cleanse is superb quality, and well worth buying. One bottle costs $55 only, and you can buy it from Test Negative.

Mega Clean is my second recommendation. Don’t buy it from Walmart though, make sure you buy it from Test Clear where it’s bundled in with six Toxin Rid pills. That gives you a powerful 24-hour detox before the day of your test, leaving you less work for Mega Clean to do.

Best Strategy For Using A Detox Drink

So look guys, please steer clear of Rescue detox ICE. It’s a very poor-quality detox drink, and any one of the three that are just mentioned are better choices.

Your best strategy for passing a drug test using a detox drink is to do a 48-hour detox before the day. That gives your body a chance to eliminate enough toxins to make the work of the detox drink easier.

In fact, with low toxin levels to start off with, a 48-hour detox might just be enough to give Rescue detox a chance of working, but I wouldn’t rely on it.

But for me, I’d go with one of the three recommended detox drinks above. I’d also do a 48-hour detox, and I’d buy a course of Toxin Rid detox pills to push out a lot more toxins during those 48 hours. That will give the detox drink far less work to do.

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