Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Review: Is It Better Than Mega Clean?

This Rescue Cleanse review aims to tell you why it’s one of the most powerful and well-trusted cleansing drinks you can buy. It’s got a long track record of positive user reviews and passed drug tests, but why is that?

In this review, we will talk about Clear Choice detox products quality, and explain exactly how Rescue Cleanse works. On top of that, we will talk about how it stacks up against its main competitors, and whether it’s the best choice to pass a drug test.

The conclusion of this Rescue Cleanse review will also give you a couple of strategies to make it more powerful in use, and tell you where to buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse at the best price.

What Is Clear Choice Detox?

Clear Choice detox is actually called Rescue Cleanse. Clear Choice is the company who make it. They also make the best two synthetic urine brands on the market as well, Sub Solution and Quick Luck.

Rescue Cleanse is a large 32 fluid ounce detox drink. It’s not cheap, costing around $55. However, because it’s made by Clear Choice, it’s trusted.

But what is it about Clear Choice detox products which make them so good:

  • Competitively priced
  • Long track record of positive results
  • Updated formulas
  • Good customer service
  • Tons of positive Clear Choice reviews
  • Three of the best detox products you can buy

So Clear Choice detox products definitely have the pedigree, but does Rescue Cleanse detox drink stand up to the scrutiny of a live test, and will it work for everyone?

Clear Choice Detox

Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Instructions

For the best results, I’ve found preparation is the key to the Rescue Cleanse instructions you need to follow.

  1. Do a detox for as long as possible. Clear Choice recommends 48 hours, and I would take that as the minimum if possible. Obviously, that’s not always possible, but the longer you can detox beforehand (stop taking in the drug toxins), the better your chances as the toxins will naturally have longer to work their way out.
  2. Don’t eat anything for four hours before drinking Rescue Cleanse, as this will allow the detox drink to flush through your body more quickly and efficiently.
  3. Chill the drink, shake the bottle, drink the contents steadily over about 15 minutes.
  4. Over the next hour urinate as frequently as possible. I recommend at least twice, possibly three times if you can manage it. This flushes out the toxins.
  5. You are allowed to drink additional water, but don’t eat anything, and don’t drink any heavier liquids. A little extra water certainly helps with the urination, but don’t overdo it otherwise you will dilute your sample by flushing out the balance that Rescue Cleanse is maintaining.

You should then have a “clear zone” of up to 5 hours. For me, especially if you have have not had long to detox, or you are a chronic weed smoker with lots of toxins in your body, that’s pushing it. You’ve probably got three hours safely.

Does Rescue Cleanse Work?

Does Rescue Cleanse workSo the key question I guess is does Rescue Cleanse detox drink work? Well, just like other Clear Choice detox products it’s incredibly high-quality, and in my experience it does work.

I’ve tested this product using home drug test kits, and within an hour of drinking it I was testing negative. I detoxed for 24-hours beforehand (not 48 hours recommended), and I am a regular weed smoker, so I’m surprised it worked.

But it’s not just me. I’ve got a friend who passed a pre-employment drug test six months ago using Rescue Cleanse on my recommendation. I had a bottle to hand, and I gave it to him because he didn’t really know where to start.

Just take a look around the Internet as well, there are tons of positive user reviews, obviously genuine ones, which agree that Rescue Cleanse does work.

But you have to look after yourself here. Detox for as long as possible before the day of your test, by not taking in toxins, exercising and drinking lots of water.

Alternatives To Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

If you’re in trouble, you can pick Mega Clean up in Walmart. It’s a strong formula, but not as good as Rescue Cleanse.

However, if you can buy Mega Clean online then you can buy it in a bundle with six Toxin Rid pre-rid pills, which are taking during the 24 hours before your test. This makes that detox period even more effective, and overall makes Mega Clean stronger than Rescue Cleanse, but only if you get it with the pre-rid pills.

Another alternative is Ultra Eliminex. It’s more powerful than Rescue Cleanse, but you are paying $25 more for it. For me, Rescue Cleanse is plenty good enough as long as you can do a detox for at least 24 hours beforehand, and preferably the 48 hours recommended. If you can get your hands on a pre-rid supplement like toxin rid, even better.

Rescue cleanse review

Where To Buy Clear Choice Rescue

So look guys, the conclusion of my Rescue Cleanse review is that it has pedigree because it works. Clear Choice detox products are superb, and Rescue Cleanse continues that trend.

Just make sure you do a 24-hour detox at least, 48 hours ideally, or longer possible. If you can get hold of one, get a pre-rid supplement, something powerful like Toxin Rid to speed up that natural detoxification process.

Plus, always make sure you have a few home drug test kits to hand, so you don’t get caught out before you go to the lab. Check yourself, and have a backup ready, which could either be another detox drink, or synthetic urine.

I’d advise you buy Rescue Cleanse detox drink from TestNegative. It’s the authorized company website, you’ll get a good price, and they sometimes do combo deals on other products there as well.

Plus they also make Sub Solution and Quick Luck, the two best brands of synthetic urine. My advice would always be to buy one of those at the same time as Rescue Cleanse, just in case a home drug test kit show as negative and you don’t have time to do anything about it.

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