Red Vein Thai Kratom Effects: Review & Dosage Guide

Red Vein Thai kratom effects are classic red kratom ones. I’ll explain what I mean in this quick guide.

You’ll learn the effects you will get at typical dosages, as well as how much Red Thai kratom you will have to take to get total pain relief or euphoric experience.

I also compare Red Thai Vs Green Thai kratom, because people sometimes get confused as to which one they should use, and when. Plus, you’ll also learn about a couple of places that sell really great quality kratom at reasonable prices, the places that I always buy my kratom from now.

Is Red Vein Thai Kratom Potent?

Red Thai kratom is not overly potent. It’s all about the dose, and if you’ve got kratom that is rich in alkaloids really.

Some people say it’s not a strong as Red Bali, but I’ve never found that myself. For me, they are both classic red kratom strains.

But what’s really important in terms of potency is the purity of the kratom, I cannot emphasize that enough. You need to be buying your kratom from a retailer who guarantees the purity. You don’t want kratom that is cut with rubbish, and it has to have a high alkaloid content.

Red Vein Thai Kratom Effects Explained

So let’s quickly talk you through the Red Vein Thai kratom effects that you can expect to benefit from.

I think it’s important to say here that the effects will depend on the quality of the kratom primarily. But also, it will depend on who you are. Your health, and even whether you have eaten recently. I’d always suggest you leave it a few hours after eating before taking kratom (it’s best taken on an empty stomach).

But if you get the real deal, then the Red Vein Thai kratom effects that you will experience are as follows, but note they are dose-dependent:

  1. At a low dose, you’ll get mostly energy. This surprises people with red kratom because they read it’s all about pain relief and calmness. But at a low dose, the alkaloid in kratom that predominates are the ones that mimic caffeine, as kratom is a member of the coffee family. So at a low dose, you’ll actually feel mentally and physically energized, and you won’t get the full-spectrum effects of pain relief and calmness.
  2. As you get into a moderate dose, you’ll start to feel the full effects of Red Vein Thai kratom. You’ll feel a deepening calm, you’ll feel happy, confident. You’ll have significant pain relief. You’ll still retain your physical energy levels and even gain cognitive sharpness.
  3. At an increasingly high dose, as you’ve probably worked out, the sedation and analgesia become the predominant things you will feel. You’ll feel overwhelmingly calm, happy, even a rush that reaches a gentle euphoria. You’ll have total pain relief. But you will lose cognitive and physical effectiveness.
  4. At a very high dose, you are looking at a euphoric high. Red kratom generally produces this. Red Thai kratom effects are exactly the same. It’s an opiate-like experience, where you will feel a blissful rush of happiness and joy, a loss of all physical and mental problems, and then a gentle drift down into almost complete detachment and sedation. Too much for some, but wonderful for others.

red vein thai kratom

Red Thai Kratom Dosage Range To Follow

Let’s take a look at the dosage you will need to take to hit those fantastic different ranges of effects.

The red Thai kratom dosage you take will depend on the things we talked about: your age, the quality of the kratom, and whether you have an empty stomach. But generally, Red Thai kratom dosage brackets are:

  • A low dose of Red Thai kratom is up to 5 g
  • A moderate dose of Red Thai kratom is between 5 g and 7 g
  • High dose of Red Thai kratom is between 8 g and 10 g
  • An overwhelming/euphoric Red Vein Thai kratom dosage is anything above 10 g

Red Thai Vs Green Thai Kratom

I want to clear up some confusion around Red Thai Vs Green Thai kratom.

People wonder which one is best. Although it’s often known that green kratom is more energizing, it’s a halfway house between red and white kratom, I’m often asked how close to Red Thai kratom the green stuff is.

For me, Green Thai does offer some pain relief. At higher doses, 7 g or more, it’s quite significant, but not as good as Red Thai kratom effects for pain relief.

But you are getting more energy. I like to explain it like this.

Green Thai kratom is perfect for during the day. You’ll get more physical and mental energy, so it will allow you to work. It’s also great for going out at night because you’ll be energized, and it’s great for calming anxiety. For work or play, you’ll still get some pain relief, but you won’t get the downturn in physical or cognitive abilities. But the pain relief and calmness and not significant in comparison to red.

Red Thai kratom is perfect for the night time, or when you really need to chill out or have total pain relief. But it’s not what I would use if you are working, especially at doses higher than 5 g, because your cognitive skills start to tail off.

Best Places To Buy Pure Red Thai Kratom

I really hope this brief Red Thai kratom review has been helpful to you. Unfortunately, kratom is a very personal thing, and you have to really just experiment with it yourself.

My advice is to work your way up the Red Thai kratom dosage brackets. Start at around 4 g, and work up a gram at a time until you reach the point that feels best for you.

But you won’t get to those fantastic Red Vein Thai kratom effects unless you buy pure kratom. I’m talking about stuff that’s not been cut with anything else, and that’s been stored well so that its alkaloid content is maintained.

The two places I would recommend to you are The Evergreen Tree and BuyKratom.

The Evergreen tree is slightly cheaper for red Thai kratom, and kratom generally. Alkaloid content is good, and you even get to choose between two different volumes of alkaloid content.

They sell red Thai kratom in both capsules and loose powder form. Capsules are brilliant, but they are far more expensive. If you don’t want to mess around weighing kratom, you want to dose during the day, and you don’t want to deal with the taste of it, then capsules are the way to go.

BuyKratom only sells kratom powder. They are also slightly more expensive. However, if you’re looking for exceptional quality kratom, the absolute best you can buy, then they are definitely my recommendation.

You’ll get the full Red Vein Thai kratom effects from either of these sellers, but you get what you pay for to some extent. Capsules are superb for convenience, and especially for beginners. But if you’re just buying loose powder, then get the richest, purest powder you can because you will need less of it, and you’ll get a better experience.

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