Red Malay Kratom Review: Effects, Dosage & Pain Relief Benefits

Red Malay kratom is a classic strain of kratom that has many beneficial effects. In this quick Red Malay kratom review, you’re going to learn everything you need to know in just five minutes. We will cover the exact Red Malay kratom effects you can expect to experience, and how those effects change with increasing dosage.

You’ll also learn exactly how to use Red Malay kratom for pain. It’s something I’ve done for a couple of years, and it can be really beneficial as long as you know what you’re doing. Plus, we will also cover the exact Red Malay kratom dosage brackets you should work in, and explain why it’s important to only use pure Red Malay from sellers who guarantee that purity.

Red Malay Kratom Effects

Red Malay kratom effects are those of the classic red kratom. So there’s nothing unusual about Red Malay, it’s just a pure, rich red kratom experience that has the following effects:

  1. At lower doses, you get significant energy alongside fantastic calm and focus.
  2. As the dose increases the calmness will also increase. You’ll also get pain relief. You’ll still feel happy, focused, and still with bundles of energy.
  3. At higher doses, the energy and focus is increasingly replaced by a deep calm and detachment, with total pain relief and happiness.
  4. With very high doses you’ll get a euphoric rush, and an opiate-like high that drifts down into almost complete sedation and pain relief.

I think it’s important to say that kratom effects aren’t the same all the time, they don’t just get more intense with a higher dose. At lower doses, all kratom is stimulating. Red Malay will be just a stimulating as a white kratom until you get to a dose where the full spectrum of effects kicks in.

When you reach that point, you’ll start to feel overwhelming calm and happiness, backed up by pain relief, but still with focus and enthusiasm.

So the higher the dose, the more the red traits kick-in. Basically, an increasing sense of calm, detachment, pain relief, leading to an overwhelming sedation.

red malay kratom effects

Using Red Malay Kratom For Pain

One of the best Red Malay kratom effects is pain relief. So if you’re thinking of using kratom to relieve physical symptoms, then using Red Malay kratom for pain relief is definitely something to consider.

Using Red Malay for pain relief means using a slightly higher dose. You don’t want energy and a cognitive boost; you want pain relief and calm. You simply want to feel pain free, but still able to function.

So you’re not looking at a low dose, and you are not looking at a high dose because that becomes overwhelming, you’re looking for that middle ground dose of Red Malay to deal with pain, but still allow you to function.

Red Malay Kratom Dosage

Because the effects of kratom change with the dose, it’s important to understand how they change to get the most out of using it, especially if you want to use Red Malay kratom for pain relief.

Let’s look at the four levels of effects you’ll get from Red Malay:

  1. A low dose of 4 g or less will only produce physical and emotional energy. You may feel calm, but generally it will be a minor, potentially underwhelming experience.
  2. Red Malay effects really kicks in around five or 6 g. At that level you’ll feel deep calm, but you’ll still feel lucid and full of energy. You’ll feel happy, and you’ll feel less stress and anxiety. Physical pain will also start to diminish significantly. This is the sweet spot dose if you’re looking to use it while you still function.
  3. A higher Red Malay kratom dosage of between 7 g and up to 10 g is where effects start to become overwhelmingly sedative and analgesic. You’ll feel very deep calm, you’ll still be able to function, but you would be noticeably under the influence of something. But your pain relief will be total, and you’ll feel very happy.
  4. A Red Malay dosage of 10 g or more is usually euphoric. It’s like an opiate high. A bit like opium but without the addictive problems. It will be a rich rush that goes on for a couple of hours, followed by a drift down into almost total sedation with complete pain relief. But you won’t be able to function much, and for some people it can be very uncomfortable being in that state.

red malay kratom

Red Malay Vs Green Malay

Some people wonder what the difference is between Red Malay and Green Malay. Obviously White Malay is different because it’s bursting with energy, that’s what white kratom is about.

But Green Malay is often spoken about as being closer to a red than white. You’ll get some energy, but there’s a stronger analgesic and sedative side to it than a lot of other green kratom strains.

At very high doses Green Malay delivers an incredible high experience, a rush, warmth, the feeling of total bliss with pain relief as well.

So it is close to Red Malay in some respects. However, Green Malay will definitely supply more energy and less pain relief, so if it’s pain relief and calm you’re looking for then Red Malay is definitely what you should be looking at using.

red malay kratom vs green malay

Where To Buy Pure Red Malay Kratom

I know that’s been a brief Red Malay kratom review, but hopefully you now have a better idea about Red Malay kratom in terms of its effects, dosage, and how reliable it is for managing pain.

But none of this will happen unless you get your hands on pure Red Malay in the first place

So what I’m going to do here is recommend two places you that I by kratom from myself. Both have purity reports from independent labs to guarantee that the kratom is high and alkaloids, and they both offer moneyback guarantees.

If you just want the finest Red Malay kratom powder then BuyKratom is an excellent place to start. It’s really good quality, and fantastic for pain relief. If you’re not sure which red kratom to use, and Red Malay is only one of the options, then they even do a comprehensive red kratom trial pack that contains seven different types of red kratom for you to experiment with.

If you’re using red kratom for pain though I’d recommend The Evergreen Tree because they sell red Malay that is really fantastic quality in both powder and capsule form.

Using Red Malay kratom for pain will usually mean dosing through the day to keep it under control. You don’t want to be messing around with loose kratom powder during the day if you are moving around. Capsules are more expensive, but you get an exact dose, you don’t have to weigh anything, you don’t have to deal with a powder, and you can take them in front of someone and they wouldn’t think anything unusual was happening.

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