Red Maeng Da Kratom Review: Strongest Kratom?

Especially if you’re new to kratom, then this Red Maeng Da kratom review could provide a big surprise for you. Red Maeng Da kratom effects can be really variable, and it’s for a very strange reason.

So in this review, we’re going to talk about the effects, dosage range, and benefits of using Red Maeng Da.

Plus, we will look at the pros and cons of using Red Maeng Da kratom powder Vs capsules, and tell you about a couple of places that you can buy 100% pure Red Maeng Da kratom for a refreshingly realistic price.

What Actually Is Red Maeng Da Kratom?

I’ll unveil the big surprise about Red Maeng Da kratom at the start of this review.

“Maeng Da” is not a type of kratom. It’s not Borneo, Bali, it’s not even necessarily red, green, or white.

The term simply means “pimp grade” in Thai. So it’s a marketing term to define stronger kratom. So the truth is that you buy something that is labeled up as Red Maeng Da kratom, it could be any of the following:

  1. A single strain of red kratom. It could be Bali, Borneo, Thai, anything, that on batch testing is found to be stronger than usual.
  2. A blend of red kratom strains to produce a stronger, deeper red kratom experience.
  3. A blend of red and white kratom to create a powder that is incredibly stimulating, but also deeply relaxing and pain relieving as well.

So when you buy Red Maeng Da, what you’re actually buying into is a marketing term that’s telling you it’s stronger than standard red kratom.

However, a word of warning, from poor sellers it’s just standard red kratom labeled up and sold for a higher price. You need to buy it from a reputable seller to experience the true strength that this unique kratom can deliver.

Ultra enhanced maeng da kratom

Red Maeng Da Kratom Effects Explained

So now you understand how Red Maeng Da is not actually a strain of kratom at all, but the strength of kratom that could be derived from any red kratom, or a blend of kratom strains, you can see how defining the exact Red Maeng Da kratom effects you could experience is tough.

But from my experience and those of other people who have tried this type of kratom regularly from a variety of buyers, if you get the real thing, it’s definitively stronger red kratom and you will get classic red kratom effects but enhanced:

  • Significant analgesia (pain relief)
  • Strong calmness (moving into sedation)
  • Remaining energized unless you take a very high dose
  • Being calm and focused mentally and emotionally
  • Anxiety and unease wash away

I’ll also add to the above list that you could be very energized. All kratom at low doses is a stimulant, and it’s only at higher doses that the main alkaloid for red kratom, 7-hydroxymitragynine, starts to become the predominant player.

But because some Red Maeng Da is actually often mixed with a strong white kratom (usually only a small amount), it can be more stimulating than a red usually is.

So you have to watch out with Red Maeng Da kratom effects because it could be more potent and stimulating, more uplifting, more energizing than you were hoping for. But again, it will depend on how it’s defined as Red Maeng Da, and you could find it’s an incredibly strong and rich traditional red, delivering very strong calmness and pain relief.

red maeng da kratom effects

What Red Maeng Da Kratom Dosage Should I Take?

Dosage is always subjective with kratom because one person can experience completely different effects on the same dose as another person.

So when it comes to defining a Red Maeng Da kratom dosage for you to start experimenting with, it’s actually tough to work out for you. When you add in the fact that this pimp grade kratom can vary between batch and seller, then I hope you can see how tough it is to help you here.

Generally, though, I would personally bracket your doses to experiment with as follows, especially if you are a beginner:

  • Low dose of up to 3 g
  • Moderate dose of up to 5 g
  • Strong dose of up to 8 g
  • Very strong dose up to 10 g
  • Overwhelming dose above 10 g

The Benefits Of Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules Vs Powder

Red Maeng Da kratom capsules are more expensive than loose powder, often twice the price. But what you are getting is incredible convenience.

On top of that, you are getting the ability to dose your kratom throughout the day if you need to, which is especially prominent if you are using red kratom for pain relief or to keep the symptoms of opiate addiction at bay.

You’re also getting discretion. It’s very difficult to take loose powder during the day, but it’s very easy to pop three or four Red Maeng Da kratom capsules without anyone giving you a second look.

So yes, Red Maeng Da kratom capsules are more expensive, and not ideal for large doses, but for “topping up” a dose through the day, to take the edge off things, they are perfect.

They also brilliant for beginners, and if you are starting with kratom I would actually recommend them over powder. Sure, you pay more money, but you don’t have to worry about the dose you are taking, because each 500 mg capsule is exactly measured, plus, you don’t have to worry about the very bitter taste of loose kratom powder.

Maeng da kratom capsules

Where To Buy Red Maeng Da

So let’s conclude this Red Maeng Da kratom review by telling you about a couple of places you can buy fantastic quality kratom from.

I’ve purchased Red Maeng Da on numerous occasions and both of these sellers, and I can tell you that it’s a very potent red kratom, far more powerful than the standard strains of red sold.

  1. If you’re looking for kratom capsules then Tropic Health Club is a very stimulating, yet relaxing and pain relieving Maeng Da blend in capsule form. 60 capsules will cost you $32.99. You don’t have to worry about any of the problems with different strains of kratom using these guys, you just get 60 capsules delivered of really good quality Red Maeng Da kratom.
  2. Coastline Kratom sells what I would call the best loose powder kratom that you can get your hands on in the USA. And of course, they sell fantastic quality blended Red Maeng Da.

They sell really strong Red Maeng Da kratom powder, as well as capsules. The powder is half the price of the capsules, costing $20.99 per 25 g though, so if prices real issue for you, then the powder will be better than capsules.

They also sell Ultra Enhanced Red Maeng Da as well. This is an incredibly potent strain of kratom made from ultra enhanced kratom, where more kratom leaves are boiled down to create the same amount of powder. This is very expensive but produces an incredible Red Maeng Da experience.

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