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Using Raloxifene For Bodybuilding: A PCT Supplement As Good As Nolvadex?

PCT supplements are essential if you are using androgenic SARMs. One of a number of SERMs (estrogen modulators) is Raloxifene but what exactly are the Raloxifene bodybuilding benefits, in terms of helping you to bounce your T levels back after SARMs cycle?

In this quick guide/review we’re going to talk about everything you need to know around using Raloxifene as a PCT supplement post cycle.

I’ll talk you through how well it recovers your testosterone levels in comparison to other supplements like Nolvadex and Clomid, along with crucial details on dosage and cycle length you will need to achieve this bounce back.

Also, we will cover side effects and warnings, some tips on PCT supplement use generally, and tell you where you can actually find Raloxifene for sale that high-quality enough to use as a PCT supplement.

What Exactly Is Raloxifene?

Raloxifene is one of the group of chemicals known as SERMs. Short for “Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator”, they actually do the opposite of SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators).

Raloxifene helps to regulate the production of estrogen in the body. It also helps to stop the conversion of existing testosterone into estrogen.

It’s used by females for several medical reasons, in common with other SERMs like Nolvadex and Clomid.

Some of the primary medical reasons include postmenopausal osteoporosis, where the growth of fresh bone tissue occurs at a slower rate than natural decline, and to help with recovery from breast cancer where elevated levels of estrogen can cause a proliferation of cancer cells.

But what we are talking about here is using Raloxifene for bodybuilding benefits, and those benefits are derived by men. So what exactly are these benefits, and how does it work?

The Benefits Of Raloxifene For Bodybuilding

Before we get into the detail, let’s quickly run through the bodybuilding benefits of using Raloxifene as a PCT supplement.

The key point to understand is how effective it is at bouncing testosterone levels back. That will take little bit of explanation around what happens when you take SARMs (or steroids) that are anabolic.

The SARMs/steroids work by mimicking testosterone in the body. They basically fool the body into thinking they’re elevated levels of testosterone, promoting stronger levels of muscle growth, endurance, and faster recovery.

The downside is that as your body is fooled into thinking it has higher levels of testosterone than it needs, it starts to lower its own production. So your body is working as it has tons of testosterone, but your actual supply is drying up.

In some guys, over an average 10 week SARMs cycle, testosterone levels can deplete by up to 60%, and sometimes more. If you let that happen you will start to feel lots of the symptoms of low testosterone, and put yourself at risk of developing male breast tissue and other female traits, as estrogen becomes the dominant hormone.

That’s why PCT supplements are used. There aren’t actually any primarily designed for that purpose though, which is why SERMs such as Raloxifene, Clomid, and Nolvadex, all of which help to minimize estrogen levels and thus allow maximization of natural testosterone production, are used instead.

So Raloxifene Is Comparable To Nolvadex And Clomid?

In order to talk you through how good Raloxifene is a PCT supplement, we really have to talk about real-world evidence (including my own), and comparing it to Nolvadex and Clomid, the two most widely used SERMs for PCT.

Raloxifene is cheaper than both Nolvadex and Clomid. However, it’s simply not as potent.

To put that into figures for you, let’s talk you through a study that was done on healthy males to see what effect a range of SERMs had on testosterone production, luteinizing hormone levels, and sperm production.

Nolvadex came out top. After six weeks, raising testosterone levels on average by 72%. The total results were as follows:

  • +72% Nolvadex
  • +68% Clomid
  • +61% Toremifene
  • +13% Raloxifene

As you can see, that figure for Raloxifene is nothing to shout about. However, it is still higher than natural testosterone boosters (10% or less), and it’s cheaper than Nolvadex or Clomid.

So it’s not comparable to Nolvadex or Clomid in terms of its ability to dramatically bounce back testosterone levels. However, as a gentle PCT supplement, where you’ve only got minor depletion and don’t need your testosterone skyrocketed until it may be becomes a problem because it’s so elevated, then Raloxifene could be a great solution.

Is Good To Use Raloxifene For Gyno?

One of the key things people ask is can you use Raloxifene for gyno symptoms specifically.

Gyno is where elevated estrogen levels stimulate the production of higher levels of breast tissue in males. Leaving you with “man boobs” which can only be removed through surgery. You really don’t want to be getting into that situation.

It can creep up on you, and develop over time. You may not feel depleted, and you may not feel you need Nolvadex or Clomid. But over several cycles, you start to notice a thickening of the tissue, and you start to realize that under the surface your depletion has been enough to allow elevated estrogen to take hold.

Raloxifene is mild, and not really suitable for full on testosterone bounce back, but because of that mildness, Ostarine which is very mild be androgenic, just for a few weeks, to make sure that your testosterone production is elevated and helped to be kept within your previous normal levels.

Raloxifene Dosage Range

Because Raloxifene has never been licensed as a PCT supplement (no chemical ever has), then the exact Raloxifene dosage range is unknown.

Of course, we can look at the dosage range used by women for other conditions, but these aren’t really relevant to men trying to bounce that testosterone levels back. However, they do allow us to see the safe levels that can be consumed, as defined by studies in humans for the purposes they have been licensed for.

Raloxifene tends to be dosed at between 20 mg and 120 mg per day. 120 mg is the most I’ve ever seen discussed for prescription purposes, and the most I’ve seen used in a trial.

20 mg is probably a very low dose, and you will not get much of a return, but it could be a good starting point. If you don’t think you’re making any progress, you could easily double it with no problems at all.

The sweet spot in terms of dosage is probably around 60-80 milligrams per day.

Usually you can bounce your testosterone levels back in about four weeks, six weeks if they are heavily depleted. That’s using Nolvadex or Clomid though.

For Raloxifene as a PCT supplement, as you are only using it for a low testosterone bounce back, then the same timeframe still applies.

Raloxifene Side Effects & Warnings

Raloxifene has the same side effects and warnings as SERMs uses PCT supplements.

Hot flashes, nausea, and tingling a common at high doses, the same as with Nolvadex and Clomid.

Also, bizarrely as you are elevated testosterone levels, side effects of Nolvadex in men (and by default, and as well) is often cited as a lack of sexual interest. I can’t work this one out as elevated testosterone levels usually produce the opposite result. But that will be the case with high doses of Raloxifene as well.

Raloxifene Vs Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)

Raloxifene is really not comparable to Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) or Clomid (clomiphene).

They are powerful SERMs that are used for strong medical interventions for serious conditions. Likewise in terms of bodybuilding, they can cause significant bounce backs in testosterone levels, even elevating them well above your previous natural levels.

Raloxifene is different. It’s very mild, not suitable for significant testosterone depletion, which is why it’s not really comparable to Nolvadex or Clomid.

However, for very mild, potentially imperceptible testosterone drop, it can be used wisely as a safeguard to make sure that your testosterone production does elevate slightly, and to guard against estrogen becoming dominant and causing gyno symptoms.

Where You Can Find Raloxifene For Sale

The hardest part of finding all PCT supplements, SARMs, and peptides, to experiment with is finding them for sale in the first place.

It’s a grey market, completely unlicensed, and not FDA regulated. However, if you go to the right companies, you will find independent lab testing in place, with purity reports published so that you can see that what you are buying is exactly what you think it is.

Raloxifene is no different, and I would only recommend that you get it from the same place I get my SARMs from: a company called Swiss Chems.

You’ll find Raloxifene for sale at Swiss Chems with 100% purity.

In terms of price, 60 capsules, each dosing 20 mg, will cost you $85.95. So you’re getting powder in capsule form for your money.

20 mg is a good dose, because you can double it, triple it, or quadruple it just by increasing number of pills, without worrying about exact dosing or weighing powder.

If you think your testosterone levels are depleted, and you don’t want to elevate them ridiculously high, you could use Nolvadex or Clomid for the first week or two, and if you feel recovery, then use the much milder Raloxifene for a couple more weeks just to ensure that you are not in danger of developing gyno or other elevated estrogen effects.

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