Raloxifene Bodybuilding Benefits: Good PCT Supplement Or Not?

Raloxifene is one of several SERMs that are used by bodybuilders to recover depleted testosterone levels after SARMs or steroid cycle. But what sort of Raloxifene bodybuilding benefits do you really get?

In this quick review, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about using Raloxifene as a PCT supplement after a SARMs or steroid cycle.

We will cover how effective it is at recovering HPTA testosterone levels, and over how long. We will talk about side effects, dosage, and cycle length.

I also talk to you about how Raloxifene compares to tamoxifen (Nolvadex) and Clomid as a PCT supplement.

Then, I’ll tell you exactly where you can find Raloxifene for sale at high purity and safe to experiment with.

What Is Raloxifene

Raloxifene is a SERM, a selective estrogen receptor modulator. So the opposite of a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator.

SERMs regulate the production of Oestrogen, and minimize the conversion of testosterone into Oestrogen, helping with many problems in females, and the male bodybuilders, allowing the body to recover its natural testosterone production.

Raloxifene is a second-generation SERM. First-generation SERMs include Nolvadex (tamoxifen) and Clomid (clomiphene).

It’s second-generation because it has an Oestrogen antagonistic effect in both breast tissue and the uterus, where Tamoxifen is Oestrogen agnostic in the uterus.

It’s mainly used for postmenopausal osteoporosis, where declining bone tissue occurs faster than you tissue formation, leading to thinning and weakening of bone in the female body.

So as you can see, it’s brilliant for women for a variety of reasons, but it has never been tested in men thoroughly, nor has it been used officially for the recovery of testosterone levels, which is actually in contrast to both Nolvadex and Clomid which have been prescribed off-label for that purpose.

Raloxifene Bodybuilding Benefits

So when we are talking about Raloxifene bodybuilding benefits, we are talking about how effective it is as a PCT (post cycle therapy) supplement.

When you do a cycle of anabolic SARMs or steroids, you are telling the body you have higher levels of testosterone you do in reality. This makes the body panic and start to lower its own natural testosterone production.

The net result of the end of that is a potentially damaging level of HPTA suppression. On top of that, testosterone suppression also leads to lower levels of LH and FSH, both key male hormones that are produced in the testes and further increase production of testosterone.

In most cases, the body will naturally recover. But studies have shown that badly suppressed levels of testosterone production can take up to 6 months to recover. In that time, all sorts of damage can be done, mostly by the elevated levels of Oestrogen which can weaken bone tissue, and create additional female breast tissue in males (gyno).

So evidently, the benefit of using Raloxifene for bodybuilding is simple. If you use it, it will help your body to produce higher levels of testosterone again, and more quickly. But how well does it do that?

How Good Is Raloxifene For Gyno?

In order to define how good Raloxifene for gyno (and other signals of testosterone depletion) is, we have to look how much it can recover HPTA in a reasonable time.

Of course there will be many variables that come into play here. Who you are and how your body responds, the length of the cycle and the strength of the steroids or SARMs you take, plus other chemical factors.

But generally, we can compare Raloxifene to other SERMS (aromatase inhibitors) to see how it compares in strength and speed of recovering testosterone levels to within the range before the SARMs cycle began.

Nolvadex and Clomid at normal doses have definitely been shown to raise the levels of testosterone in healthy males, which is why the FDA actually does recommend them for treatment of male hypogonadism.

To give you a direct comparison in one study that tells the whole story pretty well, these are the percentages by which the main SERMs use for PCT bounced testosterone levels back up:

  • Nolvadex +72%
  • Clomid +68%
  • Toremifene +61%
  • Raloxifene +13%

The facts therefore speak for themselves guys. Raloxifene is not a particularly effective PCT supplement compared to the main three people use as alternatives.

However, that’s not the whole story. It’s still far more effective than natural testosterone boosting supplements, which usually top out somewhere around 10%.

So if you’re looking for a mild PCT supplement to rebound your testosterone levels after a minor-league repressive SARMs cycle, then it could be good enough.

It might be better to use that to gently recover your testosterone levels slightly more quickly than normal, then aggressively doing it through Nolvadex or Clomid. But that depends on how much your testosterone levels have depleted.

However, there is a slightly separate topic to look at, which is using Raloxifene for gyno specifically.

Although generally unfavorable for rebounding levels of testosterone production, luteinizing hormone, and increasing sperm production, it is a viable option when it comes to gyno treatment.

For that, you don’t need such a dramatic increase in testosterone. What you’re looking to do is offset and counter Oestrogen production so that it doesn’t start to produce excess breast tissue, and for this purpose, the milder Raloxifene is perfectly capable.

Raloxifene Dosage & Cycle Length

Raloxifene dosage range is a PCT supplement is a tough one to talk about, purely because it’s never been through proper range of testing for that purpose, not even compared to Nolvadex and Clomid which are used off label to bounce low testosterone levels back up.

Raloxifene dosage range anecdotally amongst bodybuilders is anything between 20 mg and 120 mg per day.

The recommended dose for women with osteoporosis is 60 mg per day, so I’d recommend you don’t ever go higher than that.

In terms of Raloxifene cycle length, it all depends how quickly your testosterone levels bounce back, and whether you want to take it for a longer time to ensure that there is no formation of additional breast tissue.

Generally, people tend to report (this is the case for me as well) testosterone level starting to bounce back within a couple of weeks, and significantly within one month.

For a cycle of very low dose or strength anabolic SARMs, one month could be enough, but I’d probably advocate six weeks or even longer.

Eight weeks is a good minimum for moderate to strong doses of anabolic SARMs, and 12 weeks may be needed for some people.

Raloxifene Vs Tamoxifen

Raloxifene is definitely far milder and Tamoxifen or Nolvadex, which overall based on scientific studies and bodybuilding community evidence, is the most effective PCT supplement every day recovery.

Clomid is actually stronger, and can produce a stronger recovery in the short term, but the studies do show that over the medium term, Nolvadex bounces sperm production and testosterone production up higher.

So if you’ve got significant testosterone level drop, you could use Clomid, higher doses of Nolvadex, or combine them to get your levels back.

If you’ve only got minor testosterone drop, then you perhaps don’t need to ratchet up your testosterone level production as much, and in order to offset the chances of gyno occurring, Raloxifene could be suitable.

Should You Use Raloxifene For PCT?

So the million dollar question here at the end of this Raloxifene review as a bodybuilding supplement is whether you should use it for PCT?

For me, I’d say it should be a second line supplement.

If you got significant testosterone drop, it yourself with Clomid. Even if you switch to Nolvadex, it’s the most potent.

Most of the time, Nolvadex will be fine. Start with a decent dose, and then taper down over around eight weeks, and most people recover their testosterone levels (or even increasing) in that time.

However, for a very mild anabolic SARMs cycle, we don’t want that much SERM potency, and you only need to slightly recover your levels and ensure that gyno doesn’t start to take hold, then Raloxifene could be enough to your needs.

Where To Find Raloxifene For Sale

Let’s finish here by telling you exactly where you can find Raloxifene for sale in the first place. As with other PCT supplements, especially in some countries where they are banned for unlicensed/unprescribed use, it can be tough to get your hands on things like Raloxifene, Clomid, or Nolvadex, even in the generic formats.

Swiss Chems are a USA-based company who definitely sell 100% pure Raloxifene (as well as Clomiphene and Tamoxifen).

Everything they sell is independently third-party lab tested. See you get batch test reports on the website to show the purity and composition of the SARMs, supplements, and peptides, they sell.

60 capsules of Raloxifene company cost $85.95. Each capsule contains Raloxifene powder, dosed at 20 mg per capsule.

I’d advise you go for 40 mg and see how you go, but you could start at 60 mg for the first week if you feel you are slightly more suppressed.

You could also start with Nolvadex or Clomid, and if you feel levels bouncing up, you could replace them with be more moderate Raloxifene for a couple of weeks at 40/60 mg per day to continue protecting against gyno and aiding your natural recovering.

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