Is Clear Choice Quick Luck The Ultimate Synthetic Urine Kit?

You may have read about Quick Luck. If not, then this “all you need to know” Quick Luck synthetic urine review will get you up to speed in a few minutes. Quick Luck is marketed as the most advanced synthetic urine ever made. But is that true? Well, in this review we’ll compare Quick Luck with Sub Solution, to answer that question.

Plus, I’ll tell you how to use Quick Luck, and also how you can buy it with a practice kit that allows you to do test runs in advance, increasing your chances further of passing that important urine sample drug test.

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution

Sub Solution has been the number one brand on the market for several years. Its strength is in a very complex set of positive characteristics:

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Creatine
  • 11 other chemicals found in human urine
  • Has the correct specific gravity range
  • Is in the correct pH range
  • Looks, smells, and even froths in the same way as human urine

So Sub Solution is a fantastic way to pass a urine sample drug test. But how does Quick Luck compare in a battle between Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution?

Well, Quick Luck has an even more complex formula. Clear Choice urine doesn’t say what that extra complexity is, but they do say that it’s more advanced than Sub Solution.

In addition, Quick Luck is premixed. Sub Solution is a powder that you add water to. So you’ve got the added bonus of not having to be near a water source to use Quick Luck. So it makes it ultimately convenient.

As well as that, Quick Luck not only includes the heat activator powder you get with Sub Solution, but it also contains a pair of heatpads. So you have even more control over the temperature of the sample.

Sub Solution is plenty good enough to pass any sort of drug test. But with more convenience in the ability to prep it anywhere, Quick Luck is an improvement.

Clear Choice Urine

How To Use Quick Luck

So the instructions for Quick Luck are really straightforward.

Because it’s a premixed vial of urine, you don’t need to be near water to use it. Because the Quick Luck premixed urine kit also contains heat activator powder and a pair of heatpads, you don’t need a heat source either.

This means you could actually prepare the sample with your hands inside your locker at work or sitting in your car. Or on the bus, or in a toilet cubicle. It’s literally that flexible and instant.

  1. Just pour some heat activator powder, usually about one-third of the powder, into the premixed urine flask and gently agitate it until it disappears. Check the temperature strip, and add more heat activator powder if necessary.
  2. If you have a journey to make, you can either just add more heat activator powder when you arrive, or you can strap the heatpad to it to keep it warm on the way.

That’s it, there’s no mixing step like there is using Sub Solution. It really is a two-step process to submit the most complex synthetic urine formula on the market, and to know that it’s at the exact temperature it needs to be (between 90°F 100°F).

Quick Luck + The Practice Kit

One important part of this Quick Luck synthetic urine review is that I wanted to mention something called “the practice kit”.

Clear Choice urine now makes a practice kit you can buy as a combination deal with Quick Luck, or with Sub Solution if you don’t want to spend the extra $20 on Quick Luck.

The practice kit contains everything in the Quick Luck kit, but the fake urine flask is empty. So you will need to use water, but it means you can do practice runs before the day of your test.

You can do everything from preparing the formula, and transporting it, seeing how the temperature responds, and practicing submitting it discreetly.Quick Luck urine

Where To Buy Quick Luck

So look, the conclusion of my review is that Quick Luck synthetic urine is the most powerful and flexible product on the market today.

It will cost you $100 from TestNegative, even more, if you buy the practice kit as well which I would recommend. But you are getting the ultimate in complexity, flexibility, and safety.

Sub Solution is a great bargain at $80, and capable of passing the same drug tests as Quick Luck. But you don’t get the heatpads, and most importantly, it’s not premixed.

For me, if you think you could be tested on-the-job or asked to take a drug test at short notice, then Quick Luck is the way to go.

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