Quick Fix Pus Synthetic Urine Reviews: Are They Legit?

This Quick Fix review is going to tell you the truth about one of the best-known brands of synthetic urine on the market.

It’s going to cover exactly how good Quick Fix Plus 6.2 is. We’re going to tell you how Quick Fix works, how it compares to other synthetic urine brands, talk about when Quick Fix failed people, and give you tips on how to use it successfully.

Quick Fix used to be one of the best brands of synthetic urine out there, but in recent times there has been quite a lot of Quick Fix failed reviews out there. So I’m going to tell you exactly why this could be the case, and whether it’s a brand to avoid, or whether it’s a great value way to pass a drug test.

I’m going to talk from experience here, as I’ve used it several times, my friends have, and I know a lot of people online who have as well. At the end of this review, you’ll get to the bottom of whether Quick Fix is a trusted brand now or not.

My review of Quick Fix urine will also tell you where to buy Quick Fix, where not to buy it, and tell you about some Quick Fix alternatives that I have used myself to successfully passed drug tests.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

 If you are facing a urine sample drug test, and you know your urine sample is riddled with drug toxins, you don’t have many choices. You can do a natural detox, but that can take weeks. Or, you could use a detox drink. These are very effective, but not as effective as the third option.

Your third option is to use synthetic urine. As long as it is complex enough in the formula, and looks and smells like the real thing, then it will pass validity testing at the lab, and you’ll get a pass.

But that’s the thing. It has to be complex, it has to look genuine. The truth is there are not many brands of synthetic urine out there that achieve all that. Spectrum Labs Quick Fix is one of the few brands that do. But how successfully?

Quick Fix Plus

About Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Plus

 To pass as a valid sample, synthetic urine has to be a complex formula. That means it has to have at least these basics:

  • It must be within the correct pH range for human urine
  • It must fall within the correct specific gravity range
  • Has to look like human urine
  • It has to smell like human urine
  • Sample must froth like human urine
  • The synthetic urine must contain urea
  • it must contain uric acid
  • Sample must contain creatine
  • Several other common biological markers should be included

Now that sounds like pretty basic stuff you would think. But the truth is that only a handful of synthetic urine brands on the market will actually achieve all that. This honest Quick Fix review aims to tell you whether Quick Fix is one of the brands that does achieve all that, or whether it falls short.

I’ve used Quick Fix urine on numerous occasions, so I’m going to tell you the exact steps I’ve used to successfully pass a drug test with it.

Quick Fix Review: Instructions

 Quick Fix instructions for use are pretty straightforward. All you have to do is follow the simple directions when preparing a sample of Quick Fix for your visit to the testing facility:

  1. First of all, activate the heatpad. This will get it warm so that it can keep the sample at the right temperature once you have got that warm as well. If you only activate it once you got the sample to the right temperature, the sample could cool.
  2. Put the Quick Fix liquid vial into the microwave and heat it up for about 10 seconds. Shake it and then check the temperature on the temperature strip. If it needs to be warm more, put it in the microwave for a few more seconds. My strategy was to do it several times for a few seconds, rather than just blasting with heat the 20 seconds or something like that.
  3. Attach the vial of Quick Fix urine to the warm heatpad with the elastic band. If you want to make it even more secure, I would recommend taper.
  4. Put on two pairs of underwear. Push the sample of Quick Fix between the two pairs, push it in nice and snug, so that it’s not going to move around or fall out.

How to use quick fix

Using Quick Fix For Drug Test

So you get to the lab, but how are you going to make sure that you can use Quick Fix for drug test success? When I first submitted fake urine, and it was Quick Fix the first time, I was panicky. So you have to keep calm.

Well, the first thing is to check the temperature before you go in. If it’s too warm, remove it from the heatpad for a few minutes. If it’s too cold, you’ll need to find somewhere that has hot running water, a radiator, some heat source where you can warm it up for a few minutes.

But hopefully the heatpad won’t have failed, and the temperature will still be within the temperature range that is required. For human urine, the temperature range has to be close to 100°F, but legally allow for a bit of cooling, a lab has to accept any sample between 90°F and 100°F.

Another small tip when using Quick Fix for drug test success, because of the heat pad bulk, is to always wear jogging bottoms. That way they will hang loose, and not only hide the fact you have the heatpad and sample there, but also to make it easier to access when you need to.

When you submit your sample of Quick Fix, you won’t be observed. Obviously you would never use synthetic urine for an observed test, but unless you are going through the legal system, you are very unlikely to. So you can simply check the temperature again, pour it into the container, hide everything away, and then hand the sample overconfidently.

For me, it was a breeze. The temperature range was still correct when I got there. I was sent to a different room, which was brilliant. I just double-checked the temperature, poured in just over 2 fluid ounces, put the Quick Fix back in my underwear, and handed the sample over. They barely looked at it.

Quick Fix Failed Rumors

 But look, you may have read Quick Fix failed articles online, so is there any truth in that claim?

Well, the first time I used Quick Fix urine these rumors weren’t a problem, because it was a few years ago. Back then, drug testing wasn’t as advanced. So Quick Fix was a proportionately more complex formula at the time.

But drug testing has moved on, while Quick Fix’s formula hasn’t moved on as quickly. It’s still updated regularly, the current Quick Fix Plus formula is 6.2, but it’s just not as complex as the leading brand of synthetic urine.

So for me, it was fine at the time. If I was going for a basic pre-employment drug test, and I didn’t want to spend loads of money, say was a part-time job, something like that, then Quick Fix will be plenty good enough. The company will have only paid for the most basic level of testing scrutiny, and Quick Fix will be fine.

But there are two reasons why people might have found that Quick Fix failed:

  1. They were going for a more advanced drug test. Let’s say you’re going for a management position. It’s more likely that the company has paid for a higher quality of drug test. That means there will be more validity checks done, and the more basic formula of Quick Fix could get caught out.
  2. They could simply have messed up and got the temperature wrong. The heatpads can fail, and people can read the temperature strip wrong. One big problem some people encounter, which I was very careful to avoid, is an overheat the sample. That way it doesn’t register on the temperature strip, so they heat it up, even more, giving a really warm sample that will never pass as human.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Alternatives


Quick fix alternatives

I want this to be an honest Quick Fix review, which is why am going to mention Quick Fix alternatives.

A couple of years ago there wouldn’t really be any Quick Fix alternatives, Quick Fix would have been plenty good enough for almost any type of standard drug test. But times have changed, and so I would advise caution using Quick Fix if you think you are facing a more complex test.

When I did my last test with Quick Fix, I was aware that it could be dodgy, not as reliable as it used to be. It’s only $40, so you get what you pay for.

That’s why from my last drug test I switched to Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit. It’s twice the price, but it’s far more complex in the formula. For me, it looks and smells even more like the real thing. It’s more expensive, one bottle costs $80, but it’s well worth the extra money.

Quick Fix sometimes has a slightly green tinge to it. Sub Solution doesn’t. It looks exactly like human urine color. Put them alongside each other, and they do look slightly different. Not really enough to be noticeable under normal circumstances I don’t think, but under close scrutiny, it’s something to be aware of.

But for me, the thing that turned me to using Sub Solution instead of Quick Fix was the fact that it uses heat activator powder rather than a heatpad.

When I see people saying Quick Fix failed, for me, I think it’s usually about the heatpad. With Sub Solution’s heat activator powder, you take that worry away. You can add more powder right up to the moment you walk into the lab, so you have complete control of the temperature.

Do Not Buy Quick Fix Urine From These Places

As part of the conclusion of this Quick Fix synthetic urine review, I want to tell you where not to buy Quick Fix. Don’t buy it from a general retailer like Amazon or eBay online. You could be getting old stock, an old formula, or even a fake.

Offline, don’t buy it anywhere. I’d never recommended you buy fake urine, in fact almost any drug test avoidance product, offline. Always stick to dedicated online retailers.

Where To Buy Quick Fix 6.2

So look, my story with Quick Fix has been good. I’ve passed drug tests using Quick Fix. I’ve also got a couple of friends who have passed drug tests using Quick Fix. In fact, someone I know in real life passed a pre-employment drug test with Quick Fix just six months ago. It was for Home Depot, and they passed absolutely fine. So Quick Fix does still work.

But there are Quick Fix alternatives out there, and Sub Solution is definitely a better formula.

But to conclude, if you want to know where to buy Quick Fix, then for me, the best place is quickfixsynthetic.com

You’ll get Quick Fix plus, the larger 3 fluid ounce size of Quick Fix, for just $39.95. That’s a great price, and for a basic pre-employment drug test, $40 is a great price to basically stand a 95% chance of passing.

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