Proven Peptides Review: Are They Legit?

If you’re looking at using SARMs to take your bodybuilding up to the next level, then Proven Peptides are one of the names you’re going to come across pretty quickly. This Proven Peptides review is my personal opinion on how good the SARMs from these guys are.

After three years of getting nowhere, I’m now fully signed up gym rat stacking SARMs and other supplements to supercharge the progress I’m making. That doesn’t mean I’m an expert, but I do know my SARMs.

So, what we’re going to do here is answer the key question really: is Proven Peptides legit?

But alongside that, I’ll explain why. What they sell, what the purity is like, if the trust is there, and also how it’s possible to use a little-known combo to save 17.5% off every single order you make with Proven Peptides.

Where Did Proven Peptides Come From?

Proven Peptides are run by the same guy who runs Coastline Kratom. He’s huge in that industry and has a really strong reputation for quality.

Proven Peptides are the same. They only sell 100% pure SARMs, sourced in the USA.

So you’re not even getting Chinese crap SARMs here. The thing is, most SARMs sellers in the USA import their SARMs from China. The best sellers then purity test each batch so that you know it’s what you think it is. Proven peptides are one of the few companies that do that.

But with Proven Peptides, you’re getting a higher quality standard because the SARMs are made in American labs, who have to have those better standards. That’s what reassured me to put them at the top of my list, alongside the fact that they do publish purity reports. 

The Proven Peptides SARMs Range

 Let me just tell you what I mean by “purity reports”.

When a company gets a batch of SARMs in, they send a small sample off to an independent professional lab. Those guys test the sample to see what the percentage content is of the SARM that’s listed.

If that purity is 100%, that batch is rejected. So if you are buying from websites that do purity reports, and then publish them on the website, then you know you are getting 100% what you think you are buying.

Proven Peptides range contains the eight most popular SARMs out there:

just to note here that they don’t sell S-23. It’s the only SARM they don’t list, and they never have. Also, you probably know, but just to make sure, Cardarine, YK-11, and Stenabolic aren’t SARMs at all, but they always get lumped in together with SARMs because it’s easier to sell them because they are very similar compounds.

Now what I will say is that Proven Peptides don’t have the widest choice, just the core range of most popular SARMs.

On top of that, because you are buying high-quality American made SARMs, you will pay a little more.

The third point to make about the Proven Peptides range is that they only sell dropper bottle liquid. That’s sublingual SARMs liquid that you put under your tongue and then swallow. They don’t sell SARMs capsules, injectables, or loose powder.

But for me, that doesn’t really matter because SARMs liquid is by far and away from the most convenient way of dosing SARMs wherever you are, and accurately without messing around with microscales.

Is proven peptides legit

My Experience With Proven Peptides

 I’ve ordered from Proven Peptides about six times over the past couple of years. I do order from another place, but when it comes to SARMs liquid, Proven Peptides are my first choice.

I often stack them to get the maximum out at the purity of the SARMs I’ve bought. Usually, it’s just maintenance now, so it’s Cardrine, LGD-4033, and RAD-140 that I use in a stack. Ordering is easy, you can pay with all major credit cards, and delivery anywhere in the USA is completely free on orders over $75.

I’ve never had an order held up, never had a payment problem, and the SARMs really do produce the results. They are definitely 100% pure, and you will feel it.

So Is Proven Peptides Legit?

The million-dollar question I have to answer here is: is Proven Peptides legit?

A year ago, I would have told you that Proven Peptides were a highly legitimate and fantastic place to buy SARMs from. However, they closed their website literally overnight. You can still see it sitting there with the announcement on it, more than a year later.

They didn’t even send me all of the last lots of SARMs I ordered. I had part of my order awaiting a re-stock for three weeks, and then they just closed.

So Proven Peptides are no longer legitimate and no longer trading. So what options do you have high-purity SARMs now?

These Are The High-Quality Alternative Sarms Suppliers To Check Out

So having had my fingers burned, I went on a hunt to find some good replacements.

Swiss Chems are a company I had been using anyway, but their product range moved away from powder and liquid into purely selling capsule SARMs. As I preferred liquid, that put me off for a while.

However, they dropped the prices recently, making them far more affordable. They sell a large range of all the types of SARMs you could want in powder and capsule format.

Capsules are easy to consume, and you can dose them on the move, making them perfect for busy people, and beginners.





I’ve ordered from these guys more than three years now without a problem, and they are definitely one of the few remaining places based in the USA you can genuinely get SARMs from. An alternative is Rats Army. I’ve only discovered these guys in the past six months, but two orders have convinced me they are legit.

Not only do they sell nine types of SARMs in liquid format (high density and high purity), they also sell peptides and even modern prohormones. More than that, they sell nootropics for mental focus, and even three types of PCT supplements in a generic format (Nolvadex, Clomid, and Raloxifene).

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