Privacy Policy

Who Runs This Website And Why

THBlack is a personal website run by one person who is passionate about a range of topics that are close to their heart. This website talks in detail about the topics of bodybuilding, and enhancing it using SARMs and natural bodybuilding supplements.

This website is also constructed to help with everyday problems around passing drug tests using detox pills, synthetic urine, detox pills, cannabis use, kratom use, and even the use of nootropics to enhance cognitive capacity.

It is not run by any company, it is run by an individual on a private server and has no links to any other companies other than through advertising and affiliate revenue.

The Types Of Personal Data That Are Collected When You Visit This Website

You’ll be glad to know that the types of personal data that are collected by the website are absolutely minimal.

All servers automatically log visits. This site only uses the bare minimum of logging. The IP address, the type of browser, and country.

The visit to the website will also be logged. It will show which pages have been visited and for how long. It will show entry and exit pages.

This data is collected for three reasons:

1. To help minimise spam and threats to my server. It helps with IP address banning, and it helps to prevent server hacking.

2. It helps to understand who visits this website, the path they follow through it, and what they find popular. It helps us to write better content and provide visitors with a better experience.

3. We make money from my website through 1/3 party affiliate links. When you click on a link, you go to the website of the product, if you make a purchase, then we get a percentage cut. So by understanding how people interact with the website and those links, it helps us to be more effective at making money for the site.

How We Process The Data Collected

The data collected via the website is processed in a couple of ways.

Firstly, server logs are used to collect the information just outlined, and that forms the basis of server-based analysis and threat minimisation.

Secondly, that passes through the website is used by analytical software to understand how people use the website, interact with it, and where they leave it. However, it’s important to point out here that as part of this privacy policy, other than the IP address, no personally identifiable data is ever taken, unless you submit it through one or more forms available on the website.

Thirdly, we use the data to analyse how people use the website to help us provide better content, and to more effectively make money from affiliate payments.

How We Store Collected Data

Data that is collected when you visit this website is stored on the server on which the website resides. This is for the purpose of forming server logs, which help to manage visitors for a multitude of purposes.

Firstly, the data is stored on the server to help with monitoring how people use the site, and to provide on server analytics.

In addition, data is stored on the server to help with security. It is used by the server itself, and by other applications to block and minimise the intrusion of certain visitors, and also to stop people from hacking and spamming.

The data is also used by analytical software that stored online in the cloud. So the IP address and passage through the site can be used off-site for the purpose of analytics. However, it’s important to note that none of these details are personally identifiable, and are fully anonymized for the off-site analytical programs.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files that help to manage a multitude of things related to visiting and using websites.

We use cookies to run essential web functions. However, no cookies are deposited on your computer in relation to visiting the website.

Cookies are also used for tracking affiliate payments. When you click on a link that is an affiliate link, it will deposit a tracking cookie on your computer to show that I am the affiliate whose link you clicked on. These cookies can last for a variable amount of time, as low as 30 days, and could be longer.

Publicly Submitted Comments

Some of my articles have open comments. When you submit a comment using the form, you will submit an IP address automatically, and any details you submit via the form, including an email address, will also be stored on the server.

These details will be stored alongside the comment in the database until the comments are deleted. Therefore, any comments left will have permanent details submitted alongside them.

How We Deal With Information Submitted Through The Contact Form

If you contact us via the contact form page on this website then you will also submit your IP address automatically.

We also need an email address and name so that we can get back to you. But these are not stored for any length of time.

Entry through the contact form are forwarded on to us via email, but are not then continued to be stored on the server.

Once your question has been dealt with the email is deleted, which will be automatically deleted by the server email account and our forwarded on to email account 30 days later.

Analytical Use Of Data

As previously mentioned, we use analytics to better improve use of the website and target articles that can really help people around the topics of bodybuilding, kratom, and drug testing.

Server logs and basic server analytics store IP address, pass through the site, and browse information.

The same basic IP-based details can also be used off-site in third-party online analytical software which helps me to closely track and monitor how people are using the website.

Links To Third-Party Sites & Data Collected Through Affiliate Links

Finally, after boring you to tears through this privacy policy, we want to finish by talking to you about affiliate links.

Some of the links on this website are affiliate links, meaning that if you click them, a small cookie is stored on your computer. If you purchase something from the website that you land on within a certain amount of time (usually 30 days) then we receive a percentage of the payment.

It helps to keep the site running, so please don’t be afraid of affiliate links, it doesn’t cost you anything to use them.

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