Pass A Drug Test Using Bulletproof X2 Synthetic Urine: Full Review & Instructions

When it comes to passing a drug test, submitting a fake sample is the best way of passing.

However, people get put off because of horror stories about getting caught. The truth is that unless you are done, and will have really bad quality fake urine, then it is far easier than using detox drinks or risking actually being clean with a detoxification program.

So I’m going to do here is do a full Bulletproof X2 synthetic urine review. I’ll tell you its ingredients, how to use it, and whether it’s a good product or not. I’ll also talk you through a few alternatives so that you can see how it stacks up against the competition.

What Is Bulletproof X2 Synthetic Urine?

Bulletproof fake urine actually has the full name Bulletproof X2. Because it’s not quick to type, people tend to not bother, simply calling it “Bulletproof”.

It also gets confused with a product called agent X fake urine. I don’t think they are made by the same company, although they seem very similar in terms of the product box.

So I think agent X can get confused with Bulletproof simply because of the “X”.

Bulletproof has been around for a long time. Marketed as a fetish product, mostly just to get around it is illegal to market it for passing drug tests, many people have used it to try and do that.

The Traits Of Fake Urine That Will Pass A Drug Test Every Time

In order to pass a drug test using fake urine, you have to get your hands on a product that is capable of doing that.

When you go for a drug test it goes through some initial validity checks. Temperature, looking at it, and potentially using dipsticks to see if they react to the presence of things like urea and uric acid, if it’s within the correct pH range, stuff like that.

If it gets flagged at that point, it will go for a second-level analysis. Fails that, and it could even go to full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis.

Let me tell you, there’s only one brand of fake urine that can handle all three levels of analysis, and Bulletproof is not one of them.

Bulletproof X2 Ingredients

In order to pass a drug test at any level of scrutiny, fake urine has to have the following characteristics:

  • Balanced for pH & specific gravity
  • Contains the right proportion of urea
  • Contains the right amount of uric acid
  • Looks and smells like urine
  • Contains other common chemicals found in human urine
  • Doesn’t contain preservatives called biocides

Although Bulletproof does contain urea and uric acid, it doesn’t shout about any of those other traits needed to pass a drug test.

Surely, if it had those traits, then they would market them to you?

So for me, the evidence is clear, it’s not a high-quality fake urine product that contains all of the things, and has all of the traits, that are needed to pass modern drug testing scrutiny.

How To Use Bulletproof To Pass A Drug Test

Let’s say you bought Bulletproof to pass a drug test, how do you do it?

These are the instructions:

  1. Heat the sample in the microwave for about 10 seconds. You’ll need to get a reading on the temperature strip on the side of the bottle between 90°F and 100°F.
  2. Attach the activated heat pad to the side of the sample to keep it within the correct temperature range.
  3. Hide the sample on your person. The best way to do this is to wear two pairs of underwear and to tuck it between the two pairs. Then hide the fact with baggy jogging bottoms. Don’t worry, you will not be physically searched during normal drug testing, only if it’s something to do with probation or law enforcement.

4. Check the sample temperature before you go into the drug testing facility. If it’s dipped below 90°F, you’ll need to warm it up again. Bulletproof has no way of doing this, you’ll need to take some hot water to pour over the bottle.

Is Bulletproof Synthetic Urine Reliable And Trustworthy?

For me, Bulletproof X2 simply isn’t up to the standard needed to pass a modern drug test. I also know it definitely contains biocide preservatives, because it didn’t, they would tell you.

Biocides have been highlighted frequently in the past few years because they are used to preserve most fake urine products. The big drug testing labs realized this, and now test for the presence of those artificial preservatives. It makes sense because simply by finding them, you spot fake samples really easily.

So Bulletproof doesn’t stand much chance of passing a modern drug test simply because it contains artificial preservatives that will probably be detected. That’s before you even look into the basic construction of its formula.

Alternative Fake Urine That Will Pass A Drug Test

Another basic brand of fake urine that will pass a drug test is Quick Fix. It’s basically the same as Bulletproof X2, but doesn’t contain biocide preservatives. As long as it doesn’t get scrutinized beyond initial validity checks, then it will pass a pre-employment drug test.

Far better options, but at a far higher price, are Sub Solution and its upgraded version called Quick Luck. Sub Solution is a powder that needs to be mixed with filtered water, whereas Quick Luck is premixed.

bulletproof x2 synthetic urine alternatives

Both are highly complex, balanced for pH and specific gravity, contain many common things found in fake urine and don’t use biocide preservatives.

Also, Sub Solution and Quick Luck both use heat activator powder rather than a heatpad to maintain the temperature.

In fact, you don’t have to heat the sample before you get to the lab at all.

When you arrive, simply tap in about one third of the included heat activator powder and shake gently. Check the temperature strip after one minute, and add a little more if it’s not showing a reading.

So if you’re on a budget use Quick Fix. Don’t use Bulletproof unless you’re absolutely desperate. If you’ve got the money, go for Sub Solution or Quick Luck. You don’t have to worry about the temperature cooling, and you know that it’s going to pass all three levels of drug testing scrutiny

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