Oral Clear Gum Review: Why You Need This Easy Protection

In this Oral Clear gum review, I’m going to tell you in five minutes why it’s so effective and easy-to-use. It’s almost literally been a lifesaver thousands of people. If you are faced with a roadside drug test, a pre-employment drug test, or an on the spot drug test work, then Oral Clear could save your job, driving license, or even your freedom.

But how can it do this in just 30 seconds, and why is it so much better than other saliva neutralizing products?

Well, buckle up, because in just five minutes you’re going to understand exactly why you need the easy protection that Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum offers.

What Is Oral Clear?

Oral Clear is saliva neutralizing gum. Actually it’s not really gummed at all, it’s a capsule of liquid that is highly concentrated enough to be contained in such a small container.

So you are getting exactly the same effects as using saliva neutralizing mouthwash but in a far more concentrated and discreet form.

You see, when you are thinking about taking action to stop yourself being caught out by a mouth swab drug test, you have two choices:

  1. Saliva neutralizing mouthwash, which is contained in a small bottle that you swill around in your mouth and then spit out.
  2. Saliva neutralizing gum, which you swill around in your mouth and swallow.

So on the surface, Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum is a better option, but why exactly is that the case?

How Saliva Neutralizing Gum Works

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about mouthwash or gum, the chemicals contained in the solution neutralize the saliva, removing drug metabolites for a short time, often up to 30 minutes, but equally as often as few as 10 minutes.

But it gives you a small window of opportunity during which you will definitely pass a mouth swab drug test. A mouth swab drug test is where they use a sample collection stick to rub along the gum line, usually inside the teeth, to get a saliva sample that is most likely to contain drug metabolites.

The saliva neutralizing gum beats this process, but only for a short space of time, and only if you have a few moments to use it.

Oral Clear Review: Instructions

Oral Clear gum instructions are pretty straightforward:

  1. Pop the capsule in your mouth and bite it with your lips sealed to stop the liquid spilling out.
  2. Swill the liquid around in your mouth for about 30 seconds, paying careful attention to the bottom of your mouth, especially the inside. You can use your tongue to rub the solution around your gum line as well.
  3. You can spit the solution out if nobody is in sight, or you can swallow the solution and the remains of capsule if necessary.

Strategies For Using Use Oral Clear

To give you an idea of how good Oral Clear is a variety of common circumstances, let me run a few scenarios by you.

You smoked a couple of joints the night before, and in the morning you’re stopped by the cops at the roadside in a country with roadside drug testing laws (which even though it’s not widely known, does include the USA). As they get out of the cop car, you pop Oral Clear in your mouth, chew it discreetly, then swallow it. By the time they administer the test, you are undetectable.

You’re a lorry driver, and you pull up at the depot after a drop to see what is obviously on the spot mouth swab drug testing taking place. You reach into your pocket and discreetly place the Oral Clear in your mouth, swill it around, and within 30 seconds you know you’re going to keep your job.

You’ve just finished an interview, and the interviewer states that they now want to take a mouth swab sample. You reach into your pocket and cup the Oral Clear in it. As soon as they turn their eyes away, you cough and then place your hand in your mouth.

You cough a couple more times as you hold your hand over your mouth to cover up the fact you have popped the capsule. Then you swill it around and swallow it. You get the job.

Oral Clear Gum Alternatives

You may be wondering if there is an Oral Clear gum alternative. The only reason I can think you would be wondering that is if you are worried about the price.

Oral Clear costs $90 for a single capsule. That’s compared to most saliva neutralizing mouthwash products which cost around $30-$40. So if money is an issue for you, then you might be wondering about Oral Clear gum alternatives.

The problem with any Oral Clear gum alternative is the lessened discretion. Even the smallest bottle is still a bottle that has to be carried. You have to unscrew the cap, swirl the liquid around in your mouth, and even if you swallow the liquid, you still have a bottle to get rid of.

So sure, if $50 is important to you, then take the increased risk of saliva neutralizing mouthwash. But if $90 is affordable, then that single capsule of Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum is worth every cent of the investment.

oral clear gum review

Where To Buy Oral Clear Gum

Some people wonder whether you can buy Oral Clear gum at Walmart, CVS, eBay, or Amazon. The bottom line is you can’t. You can’t cut corners on this, you can’t save a few dollars.

So if you’re wondering where to buy Oral Clear gum, there is only one place it’s available from. That’s from the website the company who makes it, a company called Test Negative.

The bottom line for me is that Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum is a lifesaver. No Oral Clear gum alternatives are as good, or as discreet, and the conclusion of this Oral Clear gum review has to be that if you think you could face an on the spot drug test then you need to buy this stuff.

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