Nugenix Total-T: The Best Testosterone Booster On The Market?

Some guys are just naturally blessed with high testosterone levels, but many aren’t. This is especially true as men get older. Nugenix Total-T reviews claim it’s the answer to all your declining testosterone problems, but what’s the truth?

In this detailed, but simple to understand, review/guide, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about using Nugenix Total-T (and by extension most other high-quality testosterone boosting supplements).

We will cover ingredients and if they are capable of inducing higher levels of testosterone production. We will look at Nugenix Total-T dosing, effects based on my own experiences, and on the flipside, side effects and problems you could face.

I’ll also present to you the evidence around Nugenix Total-T being successful based on online user reviews and social proof, then conclude by giving you guys an idea of price and where it’s best to buy Nugenix from.

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Why You Might Need A Testosterone Booster

Some guys are born with lower testosterone levels. Usually that’s picked up because there will be certain warning signs throughout life. Others are born with high levels, it’s just your genes and luck.

But for most people, it’s a growing problem with increasing age. Testosterone levels actually peak in your 20s and then steadily decline at around 1% per year.

By the time you are 60 your testosterone production levels will be around half of what they were when you were 30. That’s obviously a considerable drop, and will dramatically impact on your ability to be powerful and induce strong muscle growth with exercise.

Lower levels of testosterone will become noticeable when you start to see some of the following problems:

  • Lack of physical and mental energy
  • Feeling less confident
  • Sometimes feeling exhausted
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Poor sexual performance
  • Lower sperm count
  • Reduced muscle mass

If you are hitting the gym then lower levels of testosterone will mean you can’t work out as hard, you can’t build as much lean muscle, and you can’t recover as fast. You may have noticed your performance is dropping over the years, rather than improving.

Basically, when your testosterone levels start to drop, then as a male you are on the decline. The only way to stop that is either through highly expensive and invasive testosterone replacement therapy, or supplements that use natural ingredients to elevate testosterone levels; which is exactly what Nugenix Total-T does.

So, if you’re finding you are flagging more quickly in the gym, in bed, or you just don’t have the energy levels generally, and you’re over 30, then it could be that you are suffering from naturally declining levels of testosterone.

For me, if you’re over 40 and you just not making progress in the gym the way you want, if your body is not responding the way it used to, or you’re just not as happy as you used to be, then it could strongly point to a problem with testosterone that could really be easily fixed with an affordable supplement.

But don’t just think it only works for over 40s. Many younger men, even in their 20s can suffer performance issues thanks to lower testosterone levels, and even if you have a normal testosterone level, it’s possible to elevate it’s likely to increase those overall performance levels.

How Nugenix Total-T Works

Nugenix Total-T uses natural ingredients to boost testosterone production. These ingredients are blended together in an appropriate balance to create the best opportunity for you to gently kickstart high levels of production.

Quite simply, you’ll know if it’s working because you’ll have improved muscle gains, a feeling of well-being, confidence, high levels of physical and mental energy, and an improved sex drive.

Manufactured by company called Adaptive Health LLC, Nugenix Total-T has a good track record in terms of feedback, and I’ll cover that later.

But overall, based on my own experiences, I can say that this stuff really works. It’s not going to completely cure the problem of low testosterone levels if they are significant, but in terms of countering that insidious slow slide you will experience as you age, I’ve found over the past year that it’s really turned things around for me.

Total-T Ingredients: What Packs Its Punch?

I’m not going to go deep into the science here, so don’t worry. I do want to get across to exactly what in this stuff though by quickly going through the Nugenix Total-T ingredients with you, so you can understand how and why it packs a punch.

There are eight natural ingredients in Nugenix Total-T that do the heavy lifting:

1. Vitamin B6

This vitamin is essential to the body for several key functions. What’s crucial to understand is that the body can’t produce it itself, it has to get it from external sources.

Animal studies have consistently shown that lower levels of vitamin B6 tend to produce lower levels of testosterone production, and this is now being seen in human studies as well.

2. Vitamin B12

Nugenix has vitamin B12 present in the form of methlcobalamin. It helps with the production of red blood cells, and is also partly responsible (along with vitamin D) for maintaining bone density and health. It’s also good for brain health (helping to maintain high levels of cognitive ability).

Although not proven resolutely, studies have started to notice that low levels of vitamin B12 seem to occur most frequently in men with lower levels of testosterone as well.

3. Zinc

You’ll probably already know this, but zinc is an essential mineral nutrient used by almost every part of the body. It boosts your immune system, and helps to fight disease. It’s also crucially an essential part of producing testosterone, and high levels of zinc have been linked to better sex drive and sperm count.


Fenugreek is a natural testosterone boosting substance. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and is used to regulate blood sugar levels. Although not conclusive, some studies do point towards an elevated level of testosterone after consistent supplementation.


L-Citrulline Malate is present in many acidic fruits, especially watermelons. Although the body produces this naturally (through breaking down an amino acid called L-arginine), supplementation has been shown to have many benefits.

It can increase oxygen levels in muscle tissue, lower blood pressure, and has been shown in several studies to impact on high levels of testosterone production, although the studies have mostly been small-scale and indirectly measuring testosterone.

6. ElevATP

This is a proprietary blend built into Nugenix Total-T. Overall, its components have been shown to improve strength, endurance, and overall performance levels.

7.Eurycoma Longifolia

This extract has been used for millennia in the Far East for erectile dysfunction problems, and general increases in libido. Although not widely studied, it has been noted in several that higher levels of testosterone have been achieved when this extract is being consumed.

8. Boron Glycinate

Finally, Boron is a mineral found in food and water, so the body does get some of it, but often not enough.

It can help to reduce inflammation and improve recovery times, and is been linked in several studies to improving the body’s ability to metabolize testosterone, while regulating estrogen production. Testosterone converts to estrogen, so regulating that process can stop the testosterone you have from depleting further.

How To Take Nugenix Total-T: Dosage, Cycling & Stacking

Now you understand why this supplement could be so potent generally, and especially for making better progress by using as a bodybuilding supplement, let’s talk about how you can use it.

1. Nugenix Total-T dosing

The recommended Nugenix Total-T dosage is three capsules per day. A bottle contains 90 pills, enough for a full 30 day supply.

What I found was that after the first couple of months, I could taper down to 2 pills per day and still feel exactly the same. So for me, once T level production is elevated, this supplement at a slightly lower level can help to bounce you along fine.

Now, I’m not saying the dosage you should take should be lower, and if you want to stick to 3 pills, you may find an elevated response, but what I’m saying is if money is tight, you could still benefit at a slightly lower level of consumption. You’ll have to experiment with that, because everyone is different.

2. Nugenix Total-T cycle length

This is meant to be taken as an ongoing supplement. Once you commit to it start to feel the benefits, you won’t want to stop because of that. But it’s important to note that although it’s a quick win, it has to be a long-term fix. You can’t dip in and out of this and still get the benefits.

So it does mean there will be an ongoing commitment cost. Again, that’s what I’m saying you could slightly lower the dose after first couple of months if your testosterone levels have elevated.

So there is no cycle length, you should be using this every day for ongoing benefits. My guess is that if you stop taking it, then after a couple of weeks or so your elevated testosterone production will start to decline back to its original levels. You can counter age in nature, but you can’t reverse it.

3. Stacking Nugenix Total-T

For me, the quality of the ingredients points to this being an all round testosterone boosting supplement. You certainly wouldn’t need another dedicated one.

However, some natural bodybuilding supplements also contain ingredients (things like D-Aspartic acid) which can encourage higher levels of testosterone production. If you’re going to take them, you should be fine, always be careful because they can be negative side effects of having testosterone production levels that are too high.

My Nugenix T-Booster Experience

It was my initial investigation intoNugenix Total-T that impressed me enough to try it. Now you’ve seen the ingredients, and how safe and natural they are, but how they are all linked to elevated testosterone production, I hope you can see why I made my own decision.

Using it as recommended, I carried on with my normal gym routine. At my age, I certainly felt the lowering of testosterone production. Nothing major, but you just know when you’re losing an edge.

Within three weeks, I had noticed a reversal of those problems. It was as clear as day both mentally and physically:

  • I just felt brighter mentally
  • My confidence returned
  • I was lifting heavier and completing sessions properly
  • I noticed the difference in the bedroom
  • Motivation was no longer a problem

I’m not going to make huge claims about exactly how much extra muscle I put on, or how much better I felt, what I was lifting. The reason is there’s no point. It’s a personal thing, and your results may be different.

For me though, it really did work, and it’s something I continued with. However, I did taper down a little once I felt I’d reached the peak, and found that an ongoing lower maintenance dose (every other day rather than daily) helped.

The reason for this is that once the body starts producing elevated levels of testosterone, it finds it easier to maintain that production level.

It’s the same when you take SARMs and they suppress natural testosterone production. If you don’t address that by encouraging high levels of production through using a SERM, then it can either take ages to recover, or it just doesn’t because the body has been conditioned.

So when you encourage the body with the right ingredients to elevate its natural testosterone surprise, even when you lower those ingredients slightly, it’s still helps to maintain a far higher level of production than was previously managed.

I think what surprised me most, was how I thought I had just lost a slight edge. But when I’d use this supplement for a month, I realized just how far it had declined.

Because it’s a very slow decline over many years, you just don’t notice it. A bit like failing eyesight, by the time you get glasses, you’re shocked at how bad it is.

What Do User Reviews Say?  Nugenix Social Proof Investigated

I’ll start this section by telling you that there’s an awful lot of rubbish spoken online, and not just about supplements.

You also have to be highly skeptical, because there are a lot of fake reviews out there written by the companies themselves to boost their overall positive ratings on review sites.

What you can do is to build up an overall picture by looking at multiple sources, then comparing that your own experiences. That’s the best way to know the truth about something working for you.

To give you a quick snapshot, Nugenix Total-T has the following performance ratings:

  • Amazon 87% positive reviews (based on 11,278 ratings)
  • GNC 74% positive reviews (based on 353 ratings)
  • Walmart 72% positive reviews (based on 135 ratings)

So overwhelmingly it’s positive, and you simply couldn’t fake that number of people taking the time and effort to rate it and review it.

For me, that was the starting point on my journey with this testosterone booster. One site could be an anomaly, but when you see the same 70% plus positive ratings across thousands of reviews, and then you add to that anecdotal positive chat on bodybuilding sections of sites like Reddit, and specialist forums, then it starts to add up to a picture that simply cannot be faked.

So Does Nugenix Total-T Work?

Let’s now answer the golden question (drum roll please): does Nugenix Total-T work?

It’s the question you need answered if you are thinking of trying this testosterone booster, or indeed any other that contains a similar range of proven natural ingredients.

For me, the answer quite simply is yes it does work.

Within a couple of weeks I could feel the benefits, and within one month I definitely felt all of the advantages of higher levels of testosterone. For someone my age who was starting to feel the decline, it helped considerably.

If you’re younger, or your testosterone levels are naturally high, then you might not feel such a benefit. However, it is possible to elevate your testosterone levels above natural and so you could still get benefits.

Certainly, it works well enough for me to suggest it’s worth at least trying. Try it for a month. You will definitely see the results if you’re going to get them within that time. For the price it costs, it’s really not much of an outlay to find out if you can increase your overall performance.

Nugenix Total-T Vs Ultimate

When I was researching the supplement, I had some confusion around what the difference was between Nugenix Total-T and Nugenix Ultimate.

I’ll also point out here that they do make a third product called “Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster”.

The difference between the products is the number of natural substances each contains that can boost production of testosterone. Basically like a scattergun, if one doesn’t hit the target then another will, and the more it contains the better your chances.

The basic free testosterone boosting product contains six of the natural ingredients I’ve already talked about. So it’s a slightly weaker version of Nugenix Total-T. Not necessarily in terms of how much it can boost your testosterone, but increasing your chances of effectively doing so.

Ultimate is a completely different formulation, although still all natural ingredients. It does contain seven key ingredients that can boost free testosterone levels, including D-Aspartic acid which I mentioned previously. In addition it contains mucuna pruriens, a proven dopamine elevator.

So Nugenix Ultimate will give you a boost in testosterone and dopamine, leading to a significant increase in your determination, strength, and mental clarity.

If you don’t want the dopamine (or to spend more money) then Nugenix Total-T is the middle ground product that best value for money because it contains a proven ingredients for elevating T levels.

If you don’t get success with it, then you could step up to the Ultimate for a month to see if the different testosterone boosting ingredients work for you instead.

Let’s Talk About Testosterone Booster Side Effects

I talked positively about this supplement a lot already, because for me it simply worked. The evidence also shows that it works well for a lot of other people as well.

However, testosterone boosting supplements like Nugenix Total-T can be so potent that they cause side effects.

These can be minor general side effects, or more significant ones related to levels of testosterone that are unnaturally high.

In terms of minor side effects, you can experience the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Upset stomach
  • Swelling of ankles
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Increased aggression

All of the above are symptomatic of slightly high levels of testosterone, and shouldn’t really be alarming.

Rarely though, and especially if used long term, elevated levels of testosterone can produce cardiovascular issues, because testosterone puts a long-term strain on the heart if it is significantly high.

Also, long-term high levels of testosterone can lead to an enlarged prostate gland, and also can lead to higher levels of male pattern baldness.

Review Summary: Nugenix Total-T Pros & Cons

I really hope I’ve covered everything in detail for you guys enough for you to make an informed decision on whether this supplement is right for you, and whether testosterone boosting supplements generally could help you.

Let me just re-cap by giving you summary here of the Nugenix Total-T pros and cons.

Nugenix Total-T pros:

  • Seems to produce a noticeable boost in testosterone production
  • Compared to other boosters has better ingredients
  • Increases sexual performance
  • Higher sense of wellbeing and happiness
  • Better determination and confidence
  • Better levels of gym performance
  • Harder and larger muscle development
  • Balances cortisol levels and lowers stress

Nugenix Total-T cons:

  • Around 20% of reviews online state they didn’t notice any benefits
  • Bloating and stomach upsets are common (especially initially)
  • When it starts to work it can cause insomnia

Overall, the conclusion based on my research and my own experiences, are that this supplement does work. For me significantly, and for many other people to some degree.

Obviously, your individual results may vary, and if it doesn’t work for you, there are other products out there, including the Ultimate version that contain similar but different natural testosterone boosting supplement which could work in your body better.

Where To Buy Nugenix Total-T For The Best Price

Let’s finish up here by telling you where you can buy Nugenix Total-T for the best price.

You’ll see it for sale on sites like Amazon, Walmart, GNC, and even available from eBay sellers.

However, I’ll give you a word of warning and advice here. Some of those are fakes or out of date products. Also, the prices are usually higher than retail.

The best place I’ve found to get guaranteed quality and the best price is actually direct from the company itself.

Right now, a bottle of 90 capsules (30 day supply) costs just $69.99. You may be able to shop around, but for me, that’s the best price I found for buying in the USA and Canada, with just $4.99 shipping added on.

Nugenix Total-T FAQs: Quick Reference Answers

I thought I would create an FAQ for Nugenix Total-T as well. Bear in mind that the answers I give here pretty much apply to all testosterone boosting supplements as well.

FAQ #1: how long does it take for Nugenix Total-T to get to work?

You’ll see the best results after 30 days. It takes a couple of weeks to start to elevate your testosterone levels. However, you may see results sooner, but definitely once you’ve completed the first month’s pills.

You can accelerate things by working out hard. Exercise and muscle growth stimulates higher levels of testosterone production anyway, so if you’re working out hard you will get more out of this supplement.

FAQ #2: is it safe to take Nugenix Total-T?

As I’ve explained in this article, all of the ingredients in this testosterone supplement are naturally. They also balance so there is not any huge overdose of any single testosterone boosting ingredient.

None of the supplements have been shown to be toxic, and all have been shown to be safe for long-term use at normal levels.

You should always be in tune with your body though. If you notice any detrimental things happening while you are taking the supplement, you should stop and seek advice.

Likewise, if you have an existing heart condition, then elevating your testosterone levels can be problematic, and you should seek medical advice before starting any supplements that elevate your testosterone.

FAQ #3: how much muscle can you build using this?

Nugenix Total-T can definitely build more muscle. Testosterone is a key component of muscle growth, and therefore elevating levels alongside working out harder will produce leaner and larger muscle growth.

FAQ #4: can you use Nugenix Total-T with an HGH supplement?

Nugenix Total-T produced a boost in testosterone supplies which can help contribute to larger muscle mass and significant strength increases. Human growth hormone supplements produce high levels of HGH and as a byproduct, IGF-1 which is another key component of muscle building.

There is some evidence that higher levels of HGH and IGF-1 can elevate testosterone as well, so you should be more careful if using both of these types of supplement. However, generally they are complimentary rather than competing.

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