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No Need to Pass a Test When it’s Legal! Cannabis Now Legal In UK

It is vital to note that producing, supplying, offering to supply, importing, exporting, having in possession, or cultivating hemp products, including medicinal products, is legal when conducted under a relevant license issued by the relevant UK licensing body.

Based on the conditions laid on an act, products that fall within the regulatory definition of hemp-derived medicinal products for human use may be ordered online or supplied to the patient. Also, the products should be used or possessed by the patient without the vendor’s health care provider or patient looking for a license from the UK licensing authorities. However, a license would be required on the supply chain.

Patients Safety

Despite the UK government allowing patients to use hemp extract medicinal products without a license, the legislation emphasizes the safety of the patients. The government tends to specify that hemp-derived products meant for medicinal use on patients should be legally distributed in specified circumstances by trusted medical cannabis clinics like Releaf. Keep in mind that the hemp extracts for medicinal use must either be:

  • A medical research product distributed for use in a clinical trial.
  • In a situation where illegal medicine fails to be supplied to be used during a clinical trial, it implies failure to meet the requirements for the unique set out in the Human medicines act 2012 and supplied according to the prescription by a professional doctor.

Besides, it helps to note that it is illegal to self-administer hemp-derived products for medical use through smoking. When it comes to prospective criminal law requirements, keep in mind that:

  • Possession of hemp extracts illegally can lead to five years imprisonment, a total penalty, or both.
  • Production and supply also can be punished with at least fourteen years imprisonment.
  • Being a manufacturer supplier on wholesale without a valid license as a manufacturer or supplier of medicinal products can result in two years imprisonment or a fine.

Importance of Hemp Plants

Industrial Use

Remember that hemp plants can be legally grown and processed for industrial purposes under an industrial help license issued by the relevant licensing body. The licensing body within a specific jurisdiction tends to issue licenses for the farming of hemp plants from the type of seeds approved by the tetrahydrocannabinol content that does not exceed 0.2%. Besides, the lawfully controlled parts of the hemp plants, including the flowers and the leaves, can be utilized under an industrial hemp license and must be destroyed entirely.

Moreover, note that industrial hemp trees can be legally used in the commercial manufacturing of hemp fibre for industrial purposes. Also, the seeds can be obtained and then processed to produce hemp oil. Hemp oil is best in food supplements and cosmetics. It would be great if they didn’t contain unwanted components of THC.

Latest Development on the Use and Hemp-Derived Medicinal Products in the UK

Another Home Office license was granted for the growth of hemp plants and commercial medicinal use. This is the second authorization to be given, and it might instantly boost UK commercial hemp-derived products to market. Recently, the UK government also consulted a specific advisory body on the misuse of drugs.

They intend to limit the scope of unwanted drugs under the controlled drugs act that would also build a particular exemption in the law for the hemp extracts composed of not more than a required trace percentage of particular controlled cannabinoids.

These include THC determining the ability of producers like Releaf to attain the required level of organic as well as the ability of incompetent laboratories to improve and quantify it regularly and at affordable rates. You can now confidently order your hemp-derived medication product, knowing that it is legal in the UK.


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