Detoxify Mega Clean Review

In this Mega Clean detox review, I’m going to talk about why Mega Clean is one of the most popular detox drinks out there. But is it popular because it’s available in lots of places, or is it popular because it’s good? I think that’s a question that really needs answering a grassroots level, so let’s take a look in detail at Mega Clean cleansing drink in detail: instructions, exactly how it works, and what to do to get the best out of using Mega Clean.

I’ll also tell you about my experiences were using Mega Clean detox, where I buy Mega Clean in a great combo deal, and I’ll also tell you if there are any alternatives out there that are better than Mega Clean

What Is Mega Clean?

Mega Clean is a detox drink. But there’s a misconception about detox drinks generally that I want to clear up at the start of this review. They don’t detox your body at all, they don’t remove all the toxins from it. Shocker!

All that Mega Clean cleansing drink, just like any other detox drink, does is to temporarily mask the toxins. Any detox drink can flush out your body, but the better the drink, the more thorough it will be, leaving your bladder and urinary tract clean of toxins. But crucially only the toxins currently in your bladder and urinary tract. As you’ve probably already realized, if you’ve got any toxins working their way through your kidneys, then you’re shortly going to have toxins back in your urine stream.

does Mega Clean work

Mega Clean is a mid-price detox drink that has a really good reputation. It’s made by a company called detoxify, who have a range of very similar detox drinks, which can cause people confusion, and I’ll compare two of the most popular detoxify detox drinks later.

Mega Clean is also popular because it’s available in Walmart. So it’s well known, which is why so many people talk about it online. But it’s not the best place to buy Mega Clean for reasons I will explain.

How Mega Clean Cleansing Drink Works

A good quality detox drink will keep the balance of your urine natural after its flushed you clean. So it will contain vitamins, minerals and things like creatine, found in real human urine so that when you submit your sample, it’s not suspicious.

Therefore Mega Clean works by flushing out the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract, but only temporarily. After drinking it, you should be good to take a drug test.

Not all detox drinks are created equal. There are cheap ones out there, like Magnum and Stinger detox, which are widely available but are awful quality. I know, because I’ve tested them at home using home drug test kits.

Mega Clean does work because you simply drink it, and it does what it should do. I have faith in that because I’ve used it at home for the purposes of conducting tests and to pass a live pre-employment drug test.

Mega Clean Instructions

The basic Mega Clean instructions are pretty straightforward, anyone can do them as long as they’ve got about three hours before a urine sample drug test. Having said that, it’s recommended to try and detox for at least 24 hours before the day of your test, but really for as many days as possible is even more preferable. Mega Clean cleansing drink is best used with Toxin Rid pre-rid pills. You can buy these as a bundle from the highly reputable website, where I get most of my detox products.

  1. So using these, you would detox for 48 hours, and the 24 hours before the day of your test, you would take the six pre-rid pills, four hours apart. If you can’t do them exactly four hours apart, because that would mean you are taking them through the night, then do them as far apart as possible, and drink 16 fluid ounces of water with each pill.
  2. When you are about 2-3 hours from your drug test appointment, drink the entire contents of the Mega Clean cleansing drink in a few minutes.
  3. Wait 15 minutes, refill the bottle, then drink that water as well. It’s quite a lot of liquid between the detox drink the water, so take your time if you need to.
  4. Then over the next 45-60 minutes, urinate as frequently as possible. As long as you’ve urinated a couple of times, and at least one of those is about an hour after finishing the water, then you’ll know that you’ve flushed out the toxins, and you can go and submit your sample.

So Does Mega Clean Work?

I can tell you that the answer the question: does Mega Clean work, is definitely, yes it does.

I’ve tested Mega Clean recently at home. I had a bottle I hadn’t used, and it was coming up to being a year old, and I don’t like to have things like that hanging around for more than a year, to make sure they are the highest quality if I need them.

I didn’t bother with any sort of detox other than 24 hours before I stopped smoking weed, but before that, I was a daily smoker. Apart from being tough giving up weed for a day, it was fine. The next day around midday, I drank it according to the Mega Clean instructions I’ve just told you guys about here.

I then urinated three times over the next hour, then I took a home drug test. It was negative. Now I know that home drug test kits are not as reliable as professional drug testing, but they are still pretty damn good, and for me, that tells you that Mega Clean works.

However, I would say that Mega Clean is definitely at its best when used with the pre-rid pills combo. If I was going for a proper pre-employment drug test, I wouldn’t risk Mega Clean on its own as a daily weed smoker. I like the extra insurance policy the Toxin Rid pills bring.

Mega Clean review

Detoxify Mega Clean Vs Xxtra Clean

Mega Clean is a 32 fluid ounce bottle of powerful detox drink. When it comes to a battle between Mega Clean Vs Xxtra Clean though, what’s the difference. Well, Xxtra Clean is only 20 fluid ounces, so it’s not enough volume of liquid to flush out the toxins in a larger person or someone with high toxin exposure.

I am pretty sure that Mega Clean and Xxtra Clean are basically the same formulae, however, I think Mega Clean is slightly more concentrated look at the density of the ingredients list. So if you have light toxin exposure, or you’re a small person, you’re female, something like that, then a 20 fluid ounces Xxtra Clean bottle could be enough to flush away the toxins and pass a drug test.

But for me, if you want insurance policy of always knowing it’s going to be successful, then although it’s double the price, Mega Clean is definitely the most powerful and will give you the biggest peace of mind.

Where To Buy Mega Clean Detox Drink

I would never advise you to buy Mega Clean from a general retailer like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, anywhere like that. Online, you could be buying an out of date product, or it’s just been stored badly. In Walmart, although you won’t get those problems, you will be unable to get the free Toxin Rid pre-rid pill combination deal.

So if you want to know where to buy Mega Clean with the Toxin Rid pill combination deal, then the only place you can get that is Test Clear. Don’t worry, they are a really reputable website, and they sell many other products that you should use as well, for example, full courses of Toxin Rid.

The combination deal is $69.95. For that, you’ll get a large bottle of Mega Clean, and the six pre-rid pills to help flush out toxins in the 24 hours leading up to your drug test.

Alternatives To Mega Clean

Now look, I want to finish this Mega Clean detox review by telling you about alternatives to Mega Clean. Mega Clean cleansing drink is easy to use, and it’s good quality. But on its own, without the toxin rid pills, it’s not the most powerful drink on the market.

Good alternatives to Mega Clean detox that you can buy online is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse .

Clear Choice Detox

Rescue Cleanse is made by Clear Choice, the same people who make Sub Solution urine, the number one brand of fake urine. It’s really high-quality, and on its own, it’s more powerful than Mega Clean cleansing drink. But with the pre-rid pills, Mega Clean is definitely stronger than Rescue Cleanse. Having said that though, if you are a chronic weed smoker, I’d still try and detox for a couple of days before drinking it.

So there you go, the conclusion of my Mega Clean detox review is that it’s a very good option, and the answer to the question around does Mega Clean works, is yes, it definitely does as long as you follow the instructions for Mega Clean carefully, and you use the Toxin Rid pills with it.

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