Does Max Performer Live Up To The Review Hype?

Male performance pills often have a bad reputation. In the past, I’ve associated them with dodgy sex pills, or even worse erection pills. But a couple of Max Performer reviews I read recently made me sit up and take note.

I had actually seen a couple of other brands of “performance pills” before, but wasn’t really convinced after looking into the ingredients. But the claims around Max Performer weren’t ridiculous, and pointed to something more serious to consider.

So what I’m going to do here is review this performance pill for you. Is Max Performer a good all-round supplement you can take to increase your overall performance levels?

Many claim it’s good for sexual arousal and energy, as well as getting better down the gym, and increasing your cognitive abilities.

But what’s the truth, can it really do all that? Let’s find out.

The Problems Max Performer Attacks

The problem is that Max Performer attacks are the same issues that men have always faced.

Not so much when you’re young, as you get into your 30s, you simply start to slow down physically. You’re not quite as energetic, powerful, or driven.

That’s partly around lifestyle and (sometimes) heading a family, but it’s also about reduction in testosterone levels, and general ageing.

Max Performer claims to be an all-round supplement that helps to address those issues.

It’s combination of ingredients, it’s a unique formula from what I’ve seen, which together help to offset the things that cause the problems, to achieve the following:

  • Introduces vitamins, minerals, and zinc that are crucial for strong male traits
  • Maintains testosterone levels
  • Helps with blood flow and lowers cardiovascular issues
  • Offsets tiredness
  • Helps to sharpen you up cognitively
  • Introduces components that enhance arousal and erection strength
  • Produces higher levels of sexual performance

How Do You Feel Today?

Don’t think of Max Performer as “performance Nirvana”, because nothing can achieve that.

But take a look in the mirror today. How do you feel?

If you’re feeling slightly tired, concerned about declining performance generally and sexually, and wondering at what point things pick up again for you, then stay interested here.

This is exactly how I’d been feeling as well in the recent past.

I workout, a good gym routine three times per week, cardio, great diet, and I’m not unhappy with my personal life.

I still felt the drag downwards. I still felt that negative pull down that was producing lower levels of physical and mental performance, poor sexual performance and interest, and a creeping feeling that things were just going downhill generally.

So if that sounds a bit like you, or even if you want to just offset it before it really kicks in, then a good quality male enhancement supplement could really help to turn things around for you.

Here’s What Max Performer Pills Can Do For You

Now I want to be clear here, because this isn’t one of those stupid reviews just trying to sell you literally anything.

This is what Max Performer won’t do for you:

  • It won’t turn you into a sexual stallion
  • It won’t reverse significant testosterone decline
  • Max Performer can’t significantly increase your gym output
  • You won’t pack on bulk or strip fat using it
  • It won’t solve depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems

I hope you appreciate the honesty, because it’s not something I see often when it comes to these types of product discussions.

However, Max Performer pills can produce striking benefits. You’ll have to give them about three months to really build up in the body, but this is what you can expect after around 90 days use:

  • Increase in physical energy levels
  • Stronger cognitive performance
  • Firmer erections
  • Better all-round sexual performance
  • Better maintenance of (and may increase) testosterone levels
  • Boost in confidence and self esteem

To what degree all that will be achieved is pretty personal. I’ll talk to you about my own experiences using this male supplement in little while, but the first question we have to ask (and then answer for you) is do the ingredients capabilities back up the claims?

Max Performer Ingredients & Capabilities

So there are big claims around these performance pills, and Max Performer is no different. The simple question is, do the ingredients stack up?

Can they improve blood flow around the body, and to the penis? Can they improve your mental performance levels, physical endurance, and sexual happiness?

Let’s quickly take a look at the main ingredients individually, so you can see yourself.

1. Epimedium

This is more commonly known as “horny goat weed”. I hate that name though, because it’s associated with those dodgy sex pills used to be able to buy in adult shops and dodgy corner shops back in the 1980s.

Native to China, it contains an active compound called lcarliin which is a proven vasodilating substance. In layman’s terms, that means more blood flow around the body. Better cognitive thinking, better oxygen supply to muscle tissue, and of course, better blood flow to the genitals.

2. Red Korean ginseng

Another fantastic compound that’s native to Asia. Its proven abilities include regulating blood sugar, boosting energy utilization, reducing stress, and promoting a relaxed state of mind.

3. Cordyceps

Less well-known, this is an extract from a mushroom that is native to China and Nepal. So like most of the ingredients in this supplement, it’s Asian in nature, and has been typical in Chinese medicine for a thousand years. It’s been linked to better immune system responses, sexual response, and improved physical energy levels.

4. Maca root

Maca is native to South Africa and Peru. It’s been linked in various studies to increases in fertility and sexual performance. Some people also use it to derive higher levels of physical performance.

5. Selenium

A mineral whose origin is in many foods we consume, notably oysters. It helps to enhance spermatogenesis. Also been found to help slow mental decline through reducing oxidative stress, improved heart health, and even have antitumor potential.

6. Zinc

Last on the list of the “big six” ingredients is zinc. This is absolutely essential to male sexual health. It improves testosterone maintenance, helps with fertility generally, arousal, erection strength, and blood flow.

My Experiences With Max Performer

As you can see, the main six ingredients in Max Performer all have the pedigree to help produce the effects claimed, especially when combined in the doses they are.

So having researched the product, I decided to give it a try for 90 days. This was a few months ago, and to be honest I’m still using them.

The first two or three weeks, there wasn’t a lot of difference. I also wanted to maintain a level head to ensure there was no placebo effect kicking in. For me, that was a big one, because I didn’t want to be wasting money on something which was actually just a psychological barrier for me.

But by the end of the first month, there was definitely a physical, mental, and sexual edge kicking in that I had not experienced for a long time.

It wasn’t overwhelming, but it was definitely there. Just a growing feeling of being more horny, more switched on, and having the physical energy to push through things in a way I hadn’t for a while.

Down the gym it was the same. Now I want to point out here that this is not a bodybuilding supplement. You won’t shred fat or build muscle because of it.

However, because I had more energy, and more mental positivity to follow through my routines, I did make better progress because of the kick it gave me.

Overall, by the end of the 90 days, it was worth persisting with. The overall effects aren’t staggering, and you will not feel like a “changed man”.

But, you will notice a difference in 90 days, and that’s mentally, physically, and sexually. For me, it’s one of those things I’m now happy to discuss and recommend, because my personal experience was positive enough to do so. Overall, you’ll feel a better version of yourself.

How To Use Max Performer Pills

Let’s quickly cover know how you use Max Performer pills, in order to get the most out of them for short, medium, and long term.

In a bottle of Max Performer you will find 90 small capsule’s You just take three per day, for a total of 30 day’s supply.

The company who make Max Performer, Silver Blade Nutrition, themselves state it can take up to 90 days for the full benefits to be derived. So do not expect an instant win here, this is a long-term, ongoing supplement the needs time to build up your body and get to work.

I’d also give you a view simple tips here on increasing your chances of success using Max Performer:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Get to the gym at least three days per week
  • Do cardio work
  • Make sure your diet is healthy
  • Whole foods only and a good balance of nutritional types
  • Keep yourself rested
  • Avoid alcohol and narcotics
  • Avoid stress and practice relaxation

None of those things are different to what you should be doing, and if you’re bodybuilding as well, then you should definitely be doing them anyway.

If you’re not, give it a try, I’m telling you that alongside the pills, and overall change in attitude and lifestyle can make an incredible difference to your performance levels.

A Warning About Max Performer Before & After Pictures

Before we conclude here, I want to give you warning about Max Performer before and after pictures. In fact, this advice could apply to all before and after photos, and before and after claims you will read about any supplement.

The bottom line is you simply cannot believe everything you see. You have no idea about the context of the photo. Was that person using steroids, and if so, how long for?

Were they even using the supplement that they are claiming created the positive physical results?

For me, you should ignore the noise. Ignore the claims, and go with the only thing you can to know the truth: give it a try.

Considering how cheap a 90 day supply this stuff is, alongside helping yourself in life generally by living more healthily, it’s really a low risk and low cost way of finding out how you personally can benefit.

Max Performer: Buy From Walmart, Amazon Or……?

One of the questions you’ll read for all of these supplements is around Max Performer Walmart purchases, Amazon, eBay, GNC, all of those general marketplace sites having it for sale.

The truth is that although there are some resellers, most of the stuff you will see on those general websites is fake product.

That’s why you’ll also only see a few genuine Max Performer reviews on Amazon, Walmart, and other websites.

Where I Buy Max Performer, And Why

The conclusion of this guide/review is that Max Performer pills are definitely worth experimenting with.

As long as you can get comfortable with the fact that you’re not going to get an instant hit, that it’s going to be an ongoing supplement has to build up for a couple of months to get the most out of it, then you’ll be good to go.

Back up a healthy lifestyle, and hit the gym, and I promise you that you will feel absolutely superb in 90 days compared to how you feel now.

In terms of buying Max Performer, the best place I found is direct from the company themselves.

90 day supply costs just £78, which is around $100. So for a pretty modest outlay, and three months of your time, you can see if the claims are right or not.

I’m telling you though, if you are deficient in these areas, then this supplement could help you to address the deficits significantly.

They aren’t miracle pills, they aren’t horny pills, and they aren’t erection pills. They will enhance those areas of your life though, because they will help you all round to work at peak efficiency and deliver the right compounds in blood flow to the right areas of your body and mind.

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