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Ligandrol Review: Dosage, Cycling, Stacking & Where To Buy LGD-4033

Ligandrol is an investigational drug that’s been hijacked and used by the bodybuilding community globally to cut fat and boost energy levels, alongside maintaining lean muscle mass. In this Ligandrol review, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about this SARM.

We will cover the benefits its development was intended to deliver, we’ll talk through sensible Ligandrol LGD-4033 dosing, cycling, stacking, and side effects to be aware of. We will also compare it to other similar SARMs, and tell you the truth about what people who are using it are genuinely saying online.

Plus, you’ll learn how to spot pure SARMs, and how can find pure Ligandrol for sale, that’s safe to experiment with at an affordable price.

What Is Ligandrol?

Ligandrol is research chemical developed by Ligand pharmaceuticals in the 2000’s. It was aimed at helping people with things like osteoporosis, helping to preserve muscle mass even though keeping weight on was a problem for those people.

They then passed on the license to someone else, even though they still have a stake in it. The new owners, Viking therapeutics, have allegedly done trials on humans, but have never released the results (although apparently that’s set to change during 2020).

So what you’ve got with Ligandrol LGD-4033 is a research chemical that has traits which can help humans, but it’s not licensed for humans, and existing human trials are very limited. But they do give us some clues.

It’s a classic SARM, a “selective androgen receptor modulator”. It targets muscles in the body only, and through the androgen receptors enhances those messages telling your body to grow lean muscle but also the same time not to grow fat. So it replicates the role of testosterone, and you will burn more fat. Even in a calorie deficit, you could lose a lot of weight while maintaining your physique.

SARM Ligandrol

Benefits Of LGD-4033

But that lack of certainty has not stopped bodybuilders from using Ligandrol LGD-4033 for a decade now to enhance the results they could ever get in the gym pumping naturally.

The benefits that Ligandrol aims to give, not specifically for bodybuilders, but within its design are:

  1. Can stimulate muscle growth but not as aggressively as some other SARMs
  2. helps to create lean body mass raising muscle tone and cutting fat
  3. Ligandrol LGD-4033 has the ability to protect muscle in a calorie deficit
  4. Lean body mass increases as the dose increase up to an unknown ceiling

Ligandrol LGD-4033 Dosage Guide

So what you’re getting with Ligandrol LGD-4033 is the power to increase lean muscle mass by replicating the messages that testosterone sends to the muscles telling them to grow, but without increasing your T levels.

At the same time, it helps to inhibit the growth of body fat, meaning that it will burn more readily, helping to rebalance your body.

As you’ve seen, it’s dose dependent. The higher the dose, the more lean muscle mass and more fat you are cut. But although Ligandrol is a great all-rounder and that sounds brilliant, it does have a ceiling. The problem is nobody really knows what that ceiling is in terms of dose or effects.

But it is 12 times more powerful than the original SARM Ostarine, so doses need to be far lower. For most people, 10 mg or less.

That doesn’t sound a lot, but studies have found testosterone levels start to be suppressed (because you’re replicating testosterone activity the body starts to shut down its production) at a dose of only 1 mg, so it stands to reason that 10 mg be very suppressive.

That doesn’t sound a lot, but scientists have established from limited human trials that anything above 22 mg is an extreme dose. You really don’t want to be taking more than 10 mg of this stuff, especially if you are stacking it.

Ligandrol dosage

Cycling Ligandrol LGD-4033

Cycling Ligandrol is also tough to explain to you. Human trials have only used a maximum exploration of 21 days at 1 mg per day. Muscle growth was seen, body fat was cut. So cycle should be kept quite short. I said 10 mg should be your ceiling, as it was well tolerated with zero side effects in the human studies.

An eight-week cycle at a maximum of 10 mg per day is, therefore, my advice, far less if you are stacking it, and you will need a long break because it is suppressive on testosterone levels.

Ligandrol Results: What’s Realistic?

So talking specifically about bodybuilding, what other realistic Ligandrol results can expect after a single eight-week cycle at 10 mg per day? Again, that question isn’t easily answered. Everyone is different, and it depends on your gym routine, the cardio you put in between, and your diet and rest as well.

But to give you a general idea, after one test cycle of eight weeks using 7 mg per day alongside a progressive gym routine that pushed me past personal bests within a month, I got the following Ligandrol results:

  1. A significant increase in lean muscle mass. Way above what I could achieve naturally at the same time. Sure, I was pushing things at the gym and eating well, but this was incredibly hard and lean muscle mass.
  2. I found I had much more power and resilience than I used to have before I was using Ligandrol.
  3. Even by halfway through the first cycle, I could see the fat dripping off me. It was quite surprising and far more than I thought was going to happen. Although I have to say I was eating a zero fat diet that was very high in protein.

Stacking LGD-4033 is definitely the way to get the best out of it. Stack it with other SARMs for potent muscle building and cutting fat. Ligandrol is a great all-rounder, but by teaming it up with something like Cardarine and you’ll get an incredible increase in cutting fat, building muscle, and energy levels.

Ligandrol stack

Ligandrol LGD-4033 Before & After

There’s just no point in me doing one of those Ligandrol before and after photos things. Would you believe me anyway?

We’ve all seen those images of people going from zero to hero in no time at all, but are they real? Can you rely on those LGD-4033 before and after photos?

Literally the advice I have for you is to do your own before and after. Just do a single cycle of Ligandrol as I’ve advised, and do before and after photos. That way you’ll know the truth and whether it’s worth continuing.

Ligandrol Side Effects & PCT Use

Ligandrol side effects are actually uncommon, as the limited human studies have shown. But no one in the bodybuilding world is reporting them, and haven’t for years, and I haven’t seen them either in my own use.

However, there is one significant downside to using this testosterone substitute, this selective androgen receptor modulator, and that’s strong testosterone suppression.

Even at doses of 1 mg in studies guys were getting suppressed testosterone, significantly, down by 30%. So if you’re taking 5 mg or 10 mg over two or three times longer than those studies, then you are going to get testosterone suppression, your natural production will start to shut down.

So make sure you have a strong SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) supplement to hand. This will help to stop the conversion of testosterone into estrogen and help to kickstart your testosterone production.

Clomid is stronger than Nolvadex, and I would probably start with Clomid, especially if you are feeling the symptoms of suppression towards the end of your cycle, even potentially starting it on cycle, or ending the cycle early.

Ostarine Vs Ligandrol LGD-4033

Ostarine Vs Ligandrol is an interesting comparison to talk about. Both preserve lean muscle mass, and both help to strip fat. However, Ostarine is far less aggressive, being so mild you don’t even usually need a PCT supplement unless you take a very high dose (50 mg).

Also, although Ostarine is great for preserving lean muscle mass, it’s not great for building in the way that Ligandrol is.

ostarine vs ligandrol

Where To Find Ligandrol For Sale

So the conclusion of my Ligandrol review is that this is a potent upgrade on Ostarine with additional muscle-building potency. It’s only going to work for you if you use it as part of an aggressive gym routine, backed up by cardio work and diet. You have to push yourself and give LGD-4033 something to work with.

The other big battle you’ll face is buying Ligandrol at all. SARMs are notoriously unreliable, with some sample testing finding SARMs for sale not even containing SARMs at all!

What you need are SARMs sellers who are reputable, and who publish independent third-party lab test batch reports of each SARM that they sell. Never, ever, buy from anywhere else, especially not places like Ali Baba or eBay.

These three sellers are ones I use myself, and they definitely offer 100% pure Ligandrol for sale.

1. SwissChems

With the demise of my favorite SARMs seller Science.bio, I’m thankful that I discovered Swiss Chems a few years ago. When I used to buy SARMs from them they sold sublingual dropper bottle liquid, injectables, and pills. However, the pills were very expensive in comparison to liquid.

When they stopped selling liquid and injectables moved strictly to selling SARMs capsules, I then mostly moved to other sellers.

Capsules are brilliantly convenient because you don’t have to deal with powder or liquid, avoiding the taste, they are convenient to take anywhere, and they are exactly dose. But thankfully, Swiss Chems have lowered their prices on capsules dramatically in the past two years. To the point that they are now pretty much within $10 of liquid prices.

So for a very small amount more, you’re getting the same dosing, but with incredible convenience and lack of effort. Swiss Chems sell all the main types of SARMs, with prices being between $70 and $80 for 60 capsules.

Swiss Chems also sell PCT supplements in capsule format. Generic Nolvadex and Clomid, along with Raloxifene and others. So for me, Swiss Chems is definitely the place I recommend you check out first, whether you are a beginner or an experienced bodybuilder looking for your next stack of contents.

Get 10% off at Swiss Chems by using discount code gyula10 at checkout.


Chemyo is one of the few high-quality liquid SARMs sellers left out there right now. Better than that though, they also sell high-purity SARMs powder and the suspension liquid you need to mix with the powder with to make your own liquid SARMs.

Chemyo seller good range of SARMs, or with high purity that is guaranteed through those important third-party lab test reports.

They sell SARMs in larger 50 mL dropper bottle sizes. Usually it’s 30 mL, but these are significantly larger.

You’re not paying a huge premium for the larger size either, only about 15%, which is far less than the amount you are getting. Plus, the doses are the same as in the smaller 30 mL bottles as well (roughly the same per millilitre compared to some other SARMs sellers).

Put all that together, and you are getting a great deal. They are one of the few SARMs sellers left in the USA right now that are genuinely high purity and safe to use, because of all the problems with SARMs supply over the past 18 months.

That SARMs supply problem is going to get worse with the war in Ukraine (a lot of grey market labs where there), inflation, and domestic regulatory pressure in the USA on grey market supplements.

So when a good quality SARMs seller is still going, make sure you buy from them as soon as you can. If you delay, then even in a month or so, you could struggle to get the supplies you need.

Overall, these are the reasons to buy from Chemyo right now:

  • High-quality sarms that are purity guaranteed
  • Large 50 ml dropper bottle sizes
  • Good doses
  • They also sell powdered SARMs and suspension liquid
  • Free domestic shipping oh $100
  • Full money back guarantee

However, even Chemyo aren’t going to sell you Ligandrol right now.

The reason is that its name and formula are registered to accompany, Viking Therapeutics. They have apparently started slapping court orders to cease and desist on any company using the name Ligandrol or LGD-4033, or the formula.

So it’s rare that you can find Ligandrol right now.

I would suggest you get your hands on Andarine instead. Very similar but slightly less potent, if you stack it with MK-677 or YK-11 it will deliver the bulk and hard muscle tone that Ligandrol achieves.

To get 10%OFF use this code: ihcc10

Ligandrol Natural Alternatives

If you don’t want to use SARMs, or can’t get the ones you want right now, then there are a few natural alternatives you can use to bridge the gap.

Crazybulk does some very high-quality natural supplements that are made only from high quality, safe, and natural ingredients.

What they do is construct the supplement to mimic the effects of a certain type of SARM. They aren’t as potent, but the results are similar at a lower level.

The Brutal Force supplements have the following pros and cons:

  • High quality natural supplements
  • Completely safe for anyone to take
  • Mimic the results of SARMs closely
  • Not as potent as SARMs
  • Cheap and effective
  • Can be used on cycle
  • Can be used post cycle

They are great to use stacked with SARMs. That way, you are doubling up on benefits and enhancing them. And because they aren’t androgenic, you’re not going to deplete your testosterone levels or induce any further side effects.

You can also run them post cycle. That way, it will offset some of the problems with low testosterone, allowing you to steal make progress and protect your gains, or cut fat.

LIGAN4033 is the all-natural SARMs alternative that they sell. Priced at $69.99 for a full month’s supply, if you buy two months’ capsules you will get a third month free.

But the best way to buy the supplements is as a premade stack.

Teamed up with three other supplements, LIGAN4033 is part of the four-supplement stack for just $159 per month. If you buy two months, you’ll get the third free.

Plus, buying the stack gets you 40% off the individual supplement prices. You are therefore getting 12 bottles, three full months supply, for just $320.

On top of all that, you’ll get free global shipping. It really is a no-brainer deal.

That will allow you to really test this stuff. Run it on cycle with a SARMs stack, and keep running it post-cycle while you do PCT. See how it feels, and I’m telling you that you will notice a significant difference compared to just using SARMs on the cycle.

ligandrol for sale


2Rats Army- NOW CLOSED

Number two on my list of the best places to buy SARMs generally, and especially high-quality Ligandrol is a company called “Rats Army”. Prices are good, purity is high and guaranteed, and the SARMs they sell are made right here in the USA. No Chinese SARMs, no dwindling surprise a foreign SARMs, these are the new wave.

Ligandrol comes in a standard 30 mL dropper bottle. It’s dosed at 10 mg/mL and costs just $49.99.

Don’t fancy the taste of SARMs unflavoured liquid? Well, you can buy SARMs from this company in six great flavors, to help the medicine go down.

rats.army ligandrol




3. Science.bio – NOW CLOSED 🙁

UPDATE: I recently heard the disastrous news that my favourite SARMs seller Science.bio is closing at the end of March 2022. That’s why I can now only really recommend Swiss Chems, due to the high purity and pricing being very similar.

First on anyone’s list if you want a combination of great pricing and purity is Science.bio. They changed their name about a year ago. But they still sell the same high-quality SARMs, as well as other supplements now.

The purity reports which are so vital to your SARMs success are available as PDF files to view on every single product page. I checked them all out and they are up to date.

My orders have always arrived on time, and the SARMs have worked fantastically. You get a moneyback guarantee and free shipping on orders over $75 (over $300 on international orders).

Ligandrol is cheap to buy as well. For  $59.99 you’ll get 300 mg of raw SARMs powder. That’s not the best way of taking SARMs though, you have to weigh it and it’s problematic to digest the powder. It’s much better to get the sublingual liquid bottles instead.buy ligandrol online

4. Sarms4You

Third on my list at the end of this Ligandrol review is SARMs4You. They are another great place to find pure Ligandrol for sale.

But what’s different about these guys is the fact that they are based in the EU, rather than the USA like the other two retailers.  So they are the perfect source of SARMs if you are based in Europe. They also ship globally, but you might obviously have problems with getting your order through border control.

They only sell capsules, not raw powder or liquid. They are more expensive, but capsules are the ultimate way to take SARMs, especially if you are a beginner. You don’t have to worry about dosing at all, or dealing with powder or liquid.

In terms of buying Ligandrol, 60 capsules each of 10 mg will cost you €54.99 (around $60). So a total dose of 600 mg for that price, which isn’t really that bad considering the convenience.

UPDATE: This company has ceased trading.

Ligandrol FAQ

What does Ligandrol do to the body?

Ligandrol is a research chemical that has two main effects in the body. The first is it encourages the body, through interacting with signals, that it should burn fat in preference to muscle tissue in a calorie deficit. It was actually developed to help with muscle and bone wasting illnesses and extreme weight loss problems.

LGD-4033 also tells the body to burn more fat than it would normally. So the dual effect is increased weight loss and maintenance of muscle tone even when cutting calories significantly.

At high doses of 20 mg or more, it can also even build muscle. So although not a great muscle-building anabolic SARM, at higher doses it can not just maintain muscle but also build it faster, larger, and stronger.

Does Ligandrol increase testosterone?

Ligandrol is a SARM, a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. It mimics testosterone by interacting with androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue. Therefore, the body thinks it’s got more testosterone sending signals telling it to grow, and it responds to that by building muscle and strength.

However, Ligandrol, no SARMs, increases testosterone levels. Quite the opposite, because your body thinks it has an excess, it starts to shut down its own production. So using SARMs generally decreases your testosterone over a few weeks, which is why PCT supplements are required to lift natural testosterone production again.

What are the benefits of LGD-4033?

Ligandrol has two main benefits. Firstly, it tells your body to burn more fat than it would usually.

Secondly, it tells your body to burn fat in preference to muscle in a calorie deficit. Put together, you have a chemical that protects your gains in a calorie deficit and helps you to burn more fat than you could naturally, leaving you lean and toned.

At high doses, around 20 mg, some people actually don’t just maintain muscle that they had previously gain, but actually increase lean muscle tone. So it does have stronger androgenic muscle-building effects at high doses as well. This is why it does require a PCT supplement.

Another thing people often talk about is strength increases. I’ve experienced this as well. Within a couple of weeks of starting a cycle of Ligandrol, you will bust through the ceiling and be hitting targets you just couldn’t before.

What Should I stack with LGD-4033?

Ligandrol is best used as part of a cutting stack. It can be the main SARM that you use because it helps to cut more fat than you can naturally, and protect your muscle gains in a calorie deficit. It should be paired up with some SARMs which deliver a higher level of energy. That way can work out harder and longer, and burn more calories which will emphasize the amount of fat you lose.

Ligandrol is ideally stacked with Cardarine and/or Stenabolic to achieve this dramatic increase in available energy to work out with, and the properties of fat burning and muscle protection.

How long does Ligandrol take to kick in?

In terms of an individual dose, the half life of Ligandrol is very short, less than 24 hours. So it’s going to get to work within about one hour after you have consumed it.

When we are talking about how long it takes for the effects to kick in on muscle tissue and fat loss, then that’s less certain. It depends on you, your diet, and your workout routine. But generally, you will start to see the effects and benefits within about two weeks of starting a Ligandrol cycle.

Is LGD-4033 good for bulking?

The truth is that Ligandrol is not great for bulking. Don’t get me wrong, at stronger doses, it does have the ability to build lean muscle because it’s androgenic and works to mimic testosterone in muscle and bone tissue. At around 20 mg per day, you certainly will not only protect your muscle gains and harden them, but you will increase them to some degree.

However, it’s generally not the best SARM for bulking. You’re better off looking at YK-11, S-23, MK-677 and RAD-140 if you’re looking to build a lot of lean muscle. However, if you want to harden your muscle, tone up, lose fat, and maybe increase your muscle a little bit, then it can be perfect as an “all-rounder”.

Can you stack YK-11 with LGD-4033?

You certainly can stack YK-11 with LGD-433, but is it the best combo to use?

YK-11 is not a SARM at all, it’s actually a synthetic steroid in chemical structure. It does bind and activates the androgen receptors, but only as a partial agonist, not a full agonist like some SARMs, including RAD-140.

YK-11 seems to also work by increasing the release of an important protein involved in muscle growth, as well as having some androgenic aspect to how it develops muscle growth faster than natural.

So it’s all about building muscle. Ligandrol isn’t about that though.

Ligandrol is more about maintaining and hardening muscle while telling the body to burn fat, so it’s perfect for cutting. If you want to bulk, you should stack YK-11 with S-23 or RAD-140, and even MK-677.

However, if you don’t want to bulk very much, but you do want to increase your muscle size a little, and significantly harden and tone your muscles, while significantly lifting your strength levels then yes, great stack is YK-11 and Ligandrol.

What can I stack with Ligandrol?

Ligandrol is great for cutting and strength. It will protect lean muscle mass in a calorie deficit and will tell the body to burn more fat.

So on its own, you’ll get stronger, cut more fat than natural, and you’ll harden your muscle tone and protect it if you’re in a calorie deficit.

If you want to stack it, I would advise you to stack it with Cardarine or Stenabolic because they help to increase energy availability. Put together, you’ll be stronger, be able to work out harder and longer, protect your muscle gains, and cut a ton of fat as well.

You can also stack Ligandrol with a bulking SARM like RAD-140, or S-23 to build insane gains and significant strength in just a few weeks.

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