Awesome Leg Exercise Sets To Improve Tone And Strength

Having strong legs can really help to make exercising around the body far easier, if you’ve got strong legs then you can just move and deal with resistance and aerobic training better. The best leg exercise regimes out there really can develop your whole body by underpinning everything.

So what we’re going to do here is look at a set of easy leg exercises that can really develop strength and tone in them quickly, sometimes in as little as three weeks.

You’ll need to do these twice per week at least, preferably three times per week over the three weeks. By the end of three weeks, you should see a noticeable difference in your leg tone, strength, and your recovery times will be significantly lower.

How Not To Back Out Of Leg Exercise Day

 Anyone who’s into working out knows that leg exercise day, or the specific time you’re setting apart legs is the one that you will dread the most.

Doing leg exercise just really hurts, and they are tough to recover from as well. Especially in the beginning, that first couple of weeks, it can be really hard because you are struggling. A lot of people give up or put it off as often as possible.

So the way to do it is to start small and work up. Let’s take a look at how you can do that right now.

Ways You Can Make Leg Exercises Easier To Tolerate And Recover From Doing

 There are some easy ways you can make leg exercises more tolerable. These are just some ideas to get you going and encourage you to get on with doing the exercises that will push you through the pain barrier:

  1. Try and do the exercises every other day. Although it will hurt, you will build up the muscle so rapidly, and your strength will build, meaning that you will have less time to back away. Do this for two weeks, and it will become a habit to do a couple of times a week after that.
  2. Use supplements to help you. SARMs are ideal because you can tailor the SARMs you take to give you more strength, build your muscle more rapidly, and help you to recover more quickly.
  3. Don’t go too heavy too quickly. Use lighter weights, so that you can complete at least eight reps, preferably 10 reps, of each exercise in three sets. There’s nothing worse than aching really quickly, and struggling because it will put you off.
  4. Warm-up and warm down. Warming down is especially important because it will ease the leg muscles, allowing you to recover more quickly. If you don’t warm down you could be stiff as a board the day after, and that can really put you off if you have to work and do other things with your legs in constant discomfort.

Five Easy Leg Exercises To Build Muscles And Energy In Just Three Weeks

So here you go, here are five easy leg exercises which put together form a complete routine that lasts just 30 minutes.

Do that every other day for two weeks, and then from week three twice per week, and I’m telling you that by the end of three weeks you will feel so much stronger, and it will have become a routine to do twice a week in between a couple of upper body routines as well.

Try and do three sets of eight as a minimum for each of these exercises. If you can do three sets of 12 easily, increase the weight.

  1. Goblet squat

This is a classic exercise for your hamstrings and glutes. Make sure you warm up beforehand though, as doing this exercise cold could lead to stiff hamstrings or injuries.

It’s simple to do, you just cup a dumbbell in both hands like holding a goblet or a chalice, just under your chin. It’s important you take a good stance with your back straight and your neck straight, producing a straight-chain for the dumbbell to rest under.

Then with your legs apart, just wider than your shoulders, you drop slowly into a squatting position, but not letting your bum go right down, try to keep it parallel with your legs. This is important because it puts less stress on the knees when you drive upwards.

Power upwards into a standing position, and then lower yourself back down again more slowly so that there is always pressure on the leg muscles both up and down.

  1. Dumbbell pistol squat

This can be quite complicated, but if you can pull it off then it’s a really good exercise that builds your leg muscles and your balance.

Hold a kettlebell cupped in both hands touching under your chin, as you lift one leg in front of you start lowering the other leg, straightening the leg in the air until the five of the leg you are lowering myself onto is horizontal. Great for hip mobility and balance.

You’ll look a bit like a ninja, but if you can do this well, then after a few weeks your balance and poise, plus your core strength will be dramatically increased.

  1. Leg extension

You’ll need a leg extension machine for this, so you will possibly have to be at the gym. Put your ankles against the lower pad and then push forwards to straighten your legs in front of you, using your quads.

This is a brilliant exercise to warm down with because it’s low risk and strengthening for your call leg muscles.

In terms of the leg extension machine, if you buy a good quality home workbench, you can get the leg extension element where you can put weight on it for as little as $200 (around £150). So you don’t have to get an expensive gym membership, just make sure it’s good quality, all-round workout bench with several resistance options for both elastic and weights.

  1. Farmers carry

The farmers carry is an incredibly underrated exercise that not a lot of guys ever do because they just don’t think it has any benefits. But that could not be further from the truth, it works the entire body, and especially your hamstrings and delts.

Hold a relatively heavy dumbbell in each hand, hanging down by your side. Then you walk quick, short steps for around 10 m, turn on one leg and walk back, turning on the other leg at the other end. This will not be too much of a problem at the start but do 10 turns on each leg, and it really helps.

  1. Standing long jump

The final exercise doesn’t require any additional weights other than your body, making a fantastic bodyweight exercise.

Lower yourself into a squat position with your feet about 6 inches apart and swing your arms back in a single motion then propel yourself forward as far as possible to land safely. Don’t overextend yourself so you stutter forward, just jump far enough to land on both feet simultaneously and stably. This hits hamstrings, quads, glutes, calves, everything.

How To Use Supplements Like SARMs To Support Your Workouts

The truth is there are myriad of leg exercise that you can do. It’s one of the easiest ways to get fit because your upper body is the weight most of the time, especially in the beginning when you would struggle to carry much extra weight anyway.

Once you’ve got better with doing exercises and can easily do them are great, you can add weight to a lot of the exercises to increase the resistance.

Just be prepared to burn, especially in the beginning. Also, doing leg exercises are a really exhausting thing to do, so either does them at the end of your routine because you are going to be much offered, or do the legs on a different day.

I would recommend you do your legs on a different day because that makes things far easier in terms of recovery and means that you power through the leg exercises far more easily. I also suggest you try SARMs as a supplement to help you make faster progress.

There is a variety of SARMs out there, some fully anabolic, and some not anabolic at all.

If you want to build muscle and strength so that you can improve your progress with the best leg exercise routine, especially when you make yourself over time, then I would suggest an anabolic SARM like Ligandrol, Andarine, or Testolone, for muscle growth stacked with Cardarine or Stenabolic is an excellent choice.

So look, start slow. Do these basic five, and then add a couple more exercises to really hit all angles.

Build it into your weekly routine, and within three weeks you’ll definitely be feeling a lot stronger in your leg muscles. And as I’ve said, to really take things up another level generally, not just with your leg exercises but with your workouts generally, is to use SARMs.

That way you can cut more fat, build more strength and endurance, and create incredibly large, dense, and defined muscles in a way that you simply cannot achieve naturally.

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