Why Is Kratom Not Working Anymore?

For some people kratom not working is something that they experience right at the start of their kratom journey, while with others it’s after some time.

But what stops kratom from working? There are several reasons why the effects of kratom can be minimized, and most of them are very easy to solve once you recognize what the problem is.

So if you’re stuck in the position where kratom is not working anymore for you, then take a look at the following five reasons, address each one in turn, and see if that helps you to deal with the frustrating problem of kratom not working for you.

Reason 1: Your Stomach Is Not Empty

The full effects of kratom are better experienced on an empty stomach. This is because the powder hits your stomach in one go, is processed in one go, and the effects are felt very quickly (although it’s important to remember that kratom even on an empty stomach can take up to one for the full effects to be felt).

If your stomach is full, the effects will be diluted because they will take longer to be processed. So it’s important to not eat when you are about to take a dose of kratom.

Most people advocate having a completely empty stomach, so you’re looking at 3-4 hours after eating before you take kratom.

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Reason 2: You’re Using The Wrong Kratom

If you’re expecting a certain set of effects from kratom and you don’t get them, then you will wonder if kratom is not working for you. However, it might just be that you are taking the wrong sort of kratom.

White kratom is energizing, red kratom is more sedating, and green kratom is usually milder.

So for example, if you take green kratom, you will get a nice balance of energy and some pain relief and calmness. But especially at lower doses, you might not feel the specific effect you were expecting, for example, energy. This is particularly a problem with people new to kratom.

Make sure that the strain, vein color, and does match the effects you are expecting.

Reason 3: The Quality Of The Kratom Is Low

This is a real problem. The third reason why you might find kratom not working is that it’s incapable of working in the first place, because of its poor quality.

Light, heat, poor processing, all of these things can lead to the alkaloids being destroyed in the kratom. The fewer alkaloids, the less potency it has.

The kratom should be fresh, smell earthy, and have been stored well prior to you receiving it. Once you’ve received it, you need to keep it stored somewhere dark, dry, and preferably in an airtight container.

Plus, a bad seller could cut the kratom with other herbs and powders to make the bulk of the kratom they buy go further. That’s why only buying kratom from a reputable vendor is so important, and that you treated with respect once you’ve bought it.

Reason 4: You Have developed Kratom Tolerance

Although not common, kratom tolerance is a real problem for some people who just take too much of it, or who can suffer from their bodies just not reacting to kratom the right way.

You are more susceptible to kratom tolerance if you take regular high doses of kratom. Your body starts to get used to the stimulation of the opioid receptors that the kratom brings, and it stops doing it itself. So the more you take more regularly, the more the body stops reacting itself, meaning you have to keep on taking higher doses to get the same reaction.

The only way out of this is to take a kratom tolerance break. If you’re a heavy kratom user, taper down over a couple of weeks. Then stop taking kratom completely for at least a month, often it’s recommended to take a kratom tolerance break of several months.

Then start with a low dose and see if the tolerance problems have been removed.

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Reason 5:  Your Dosage Is Too Low

Kratom dosage is a very personal thing as well. Another big reason why people think kratom is not working anymore is just that the dose you are taking is too low.

Especially for beginners, this can be a big problem. They take a couple of grams, kratom is not working, so they give up, thinking it’s rubbish.

Some people will get a real kick taking just a couple of grams of pure kratom. Others will feel nothing until they get two double, or even triple that dose.

You need to experiment with a wide range of doses. Start with a couple of grams, and work your way up each time. If you’re not getting any effects after about 6 g of kratom, then that points to the kratom being low quality, and that’s the reason why kratom is not working.

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