Complete Guide: Kratom And Working Out

Kratom has a range of key benefits both physically and mentally. Something a lot of people have realized is that it’s a fantastically easy and safe way of boosting your performance in the gym. But kratom and working out is quite a complex subject.

So what I’m going to do right now is strip it down to basics for you. Based on my own experiences I’m going to tell you all you need to know about working out on kratom. How to use it pre-workout, how to use kratom for post-workout recovery, and how to do that safely.

Plus, you’ll learn exactly where you can buy 100% pure kratom that’s great for using for all aspects of getting fit, bodybuilding, hitting the gym with the performance and recovery boost kratom brings.

The Effects of Kratom That Help With Working Out

Kratom is a spectrum substance, meaning that its effects are not standard. The amount you take can change the effects you get, not just the intensity. This is made even more complex because there are three main types of kratom: green, red, and white, which have the same traits at lower doses, but dramatically different traits at higher doses.

But to strip all that down for you, at low doses kratom is a stimulant like caffeine, and at higher doses, it can calm you down, and relieve pain.

most opiate like kratom

Pre-Workout: Using Kratom Before a Workout

So pre-workout you’re going to want to use kratom for an energy boost. You don’t want to be using higher doses of kratom pre-workout because it can mask muscle strain pain which could mean you push yourself harder and cause further damage, and can chill you out so much you won’t want to work out at all.

But at lower doses, usually 5 g or less, especially of white and green kratom, you will get a significant energy boost that can last for several hours.

So the best kratom before workout advice from me is an hour before you hit the gym take 3-5 grams of good quality white kratom for an incredible boost (something like White Borneo), or green kratom for a slightly less powerful boost.

You could use the same amount of red kratom, and it will bring slightly more pain relief, and it will give you an energy boost, but it’s not as efficient for that energy boost as white kratom or green kratom.

So pre-workout with kratom this is what you need to know:

  • Keep doses low at around 3-5 g
  • White kratom is best, green kratom second best, red kratom third best for energy
  • Take the kratom one hour before you work out (on an empty stomach)
  • Red kratom at higher doses should not be taken as this can mask injuries and lower energy

Post-Workout: Using Kratom For Recovery

So once you’ve worked out, kratom can help in two different ways:

  1. You could use it if you are really exhausted to give you an energy boost. If you really push yourself and you are really struggling with energy levels later in the day, a small dose of white or green kratom will give you the energy to complete what you need to do.
  2. If you’re in physical pain from your workout, a moderate dose of red kratom (around 5-7 g) can really chill you out, calm you down, and relieve physical pain almost completely.

I mostly use kratom post-workout for muscle pain recovery. The day after I been to the gym and pushed myself past my normal routine I get those horrendous muscle aches and stiffness problems, you know the ones I’m talking about.

I find that a good dose of red kratom, for me about 5-7 g of red Malay, really helps me to get through the next day. Within an hour of taking I find the muscle pain has vanished, and I’m able to move as normal. Plus, I find that cognitively I’m relaxed but focused, and I still have plenty of energy.

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Is Working Out On Kratom Safe

There are two reasons why kratom could be problematic for safety when working out on kratom. Firstly, if you push yourself too hard, especially with white kratom accelerating your heart rate, is it possible you could cause heart problems?

Well, we aren’t talking about huge doses of kratom, I’m not talking about you manically being out of control. 3-5 g of good quality white kratom, or even green kratom if you want a more subtle effect, will feel like a couple of strong cups of coffee but with a lot more drive and focus, and won’t put any more strain on your heart than that. But obviously if you do have a heart condition, it’s not going to be advisable to put more pressure on your system.

On the other side of kratom and working out, is that post recovery use. Red kratom is best for this, and maybe green kratom if you want more energy but still some pain relief. But also, you could dose white kratom if you just want another pure energy boost.

Recommended Workout Strains

So let me tell you now about the recommended working out strains of kratom by vein color:

  • Any strain of white kratom will do. They are all very similar in terms of low-dose energy, and as long as it’s pure kratom and you will get a significant energy boost. 5 g is really the ceiling, above that you will get so much energy and happiness that you will struggle to focus and remain disciplined. For me, white Borneo is fantastic, and White Bali also gives a fantastic energy rush as well.
  • Red kratom is great for post recovery winding down. It can really help ease muscle pain, and chill you out. But at lower doses it can also maintain energy and focus while it does that, around 5-7 g being the sweet spot. I really love the effects of Red Horned kratom. For me, it’s just got a really nice chilled edge to it. Red Borneo is another fantastic strain I’d recommend.
  • Green kratom can be the great middle ground. Pre-workout it can give you a significant energy boost, but not overwhelming like white kratom can. Post-workout it can also give you an energy boost, but for both situations, it also has more pain relief and a calming affect greater than white kratom. That’s why it can be the great middle ground, and for me, Green Malay is definitely my green kratom of choice both post and pre-workout if I need a boost and a little bit of muscle pain relief, but I don’t need it too overwhelmingly one way or the other.

Kratom And Working Out

Where To Buy 100% Pure Kratom

If you want to buy 100% pure kratom, to feel how working out on kratom is in terms of pre-workout energy boosting and post-workout recovery, then Coastline Kratom is the place I’m going to recommend to you.

They sell 100% pure kratom powder and capsules, although the capsules are often twice as expensive. However, capsules are actually perfect because you don’t have to worry about weighing loose powder, and you can dose them on the move, making them perfect for use during the day.

To give you an example on price, White Borneo kratom to use before workout for energy boosting costs just $16.99 for 25 g of powder, enough for 5-6 pre-workout energy boosts.

In capsule form, it’s more expensive with the same 25 g in capsules costing $34.99. That’s still not ridiculously priced though.

So there you go, that’s everything you need to know about kratom working out, both in terms of kratom before working out for an energy boost, and using it for post-workout recovery. Just make sure that you start with a low dose and work up gradually to find what works best for you.

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