Here Are The Top 5 Kratom Alternatives: Herbs Similar To Kratom

Kratom is not the only all-natural substance that can deliver pain relief, help with depression, anxiety, and make you feel really good. Some of the best kratom alternatives offer the same range of benefits and are really worth experimenting with.

Kratom is an opiate receptor agonist which gives it powerful pain relieving and mood enhancing effects. When you add in the other alkaloids which give you a caffeine-like burst of energy, and you can see why it’s becoming so popular.

So in just five minutes, let’s educate you about the best kratom alternatives, giving you the top four herbs similar to kratom, and a fifth alternative to kratom that’s not a herb but that delivers a similar range of effects. Plus, we will tell you exactly where you can buy the top five kratom alternatives for the best price.

Why Try Alternatives To Kratom?

Kratom’s legality is dubious, and it is banned in a lot of countries. This is the reason why looking for alternatives to kratom to deliver the same range of effects is becoming more important to people who want to stay within the law, or who don’t want their deliveries confiscated by customs.

The main benefits of kratom that people want to experience are:

  • Significant pain relief that’s a safer experience than using opiate medication
  • The ability to lift the mood and feel more positive
  • Counters the negative experiences of anxiety and depression
  • Gives a significant burst of physical energy
  • Increased cognitive performance
  • Dramatically improved social performance

But some people don’t want to go down the road of using kratom because of its legality, and the feeling that it’s a bit too close to an opiate like heroin or opium for comfort. However, the alternatives are out there.

So let’s take a look now the top five best kratom alternatives that are widely legal, cheap to buy, and that don’t have significant negative side effects.

The Top 5 Best Kratom Alternatives

These are the top alternatives to kratom that are widely used. It doesn’t mean they are the only choices you have, and the number one choice for one person might not be the number one choice for you.

However, this list of easily available herbs that are similar to kratom is a brilliant starting point for your own experiments.

  1. Akuamma

Akuamma is native to Africa. The seeds have been ground down for thousands of years to use both as a  stimulant and relaxant. In fact, it’s generally regarded as the African kratom. It also contains alkaloids that are very similar to those in kratom, meaning that just like kratom it interacts with the opioid receptors in our body (although it interacts with the kappa receptors rather than the mu receptors).

Also, just like kratom it produces analgesia, relaxation, physical energy, and cognitive improvements. So for producing calm energy that delivers focus and improved mental performance, it is a very good fit in the same way as moderate doses of kratom.

However, because of the receptors, it interacts with, it’s not as effective at being a euphoric and analgesic substance. On the positive side, Akuamma is incredibly effective, some people say more effective in kratom, at creating relaxation and focus.

Akuamma seeds

  1. Mitragyna Hirsuta

Mitragyna Hirsuta is a close relative of kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa). Although they are different species, they do have a lot of similarities. Mitragyna Hirsuta contains an alkaloid that has similar effects to kratom, specifically it has muscle relaxing and pain relieving characteristics.

It’s not brilliant for euphoria or alleviating depression and anxiety, but for pain relief and physical relaxation, it’s brilliant. You don’t need a high-dose to get very strong effects, making it perfect for people suffering from physical pain.

But on the downside, a strong dose can lead to hallucinations, so experimentation with dosage has to be carefully monitored.

  1. Kanna

Kanna is extracted from another African plant, similar to Akuamma.  The plant is known as Sceletium tortuosum in its native South Africa, which is why the supplement you can buy are not often referred to as Kanna, but Sceletium tortuosum. It’s been used in Africa as a mood enhancer since the dawn of time.

It is a potent mood enhancer, which at higher doses has a strong meditative effect, meaning you will feel incredibly calm, detached, but also focused and effective in your thinking. It’s also quite stimulating, meaning that it’s calming and focusing, but also physically and emotionally stimulating.

However, it doesn’t have any of the pain relieving qualities of kratom. So it’s only one of the group of kratom alternatives in terms of how it affects mood, but not how it can affect physical pain.


  1. Blue Lotus

The flowers of the Blue Lotus plant have been used for millennia, especially in the Middle East where they formed a central part of many religious ceremonies. High doses of it are linked to achieving an altered state of consciousness.

Blue Lotus regulates mood by interacting with the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, both closely linked to mood and determination. Therefore, Blue Lotus is a potent relaxant, dramatically improves mood, can be euphoric, and is great for restlessness plus insomnia.

However, on the downside, it can be too sedating for some people, and should not be used with people who have diagnosed depression (particularly if using SSRI medication).

herbs similar to kratokm

  1. Phenibut

Although we have placed Phenibut fifth on the list of kratom alternatives, it’s actually not one of the herbs similar to kratom at all. Phenibut is a man-made chemical that was developed in the Soviet Union. It’s widely prescribed in eastern Europe to deal with anxiety disorders. It’s routinely prescribed there for helping with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.

Phenibut works by increasing the availability of GABA in the brain. It interacts with our fight or flight responses, slowing down the firing of the neurotransmitters related to these processes, inducing an overwhelming sense of calm and focus. It’s so good at this that it has routinely been supplied to Russian cosmonauts to help them remain calm when dealing with the stressful launch and exiting the atmosphere stages of space travel.

So Phenibut as a kratom alternative is brilliant for the calming effects it produces and great for depression and anxiety. You’ll find it fantastic for creating a calm, positive focus that allows you to get things done. That’s why it’s used routinely as a nootropic (smart drug). However, on the negative side, Phenibut has no pain-relieving qualities.

Where To buy Herbs Similar To Kratom

So the conclusion is that there are several significantly beneficial kratom alternatives out there. There are actually a lot more than this top five herbs that are similar to kratom, but in terms of popularity, these are the ones most people start their journeys with.

Let’s start with number five on this list of alternatives kratom, Phenibut.

You can buy Phenibut from Swisschems. They sell 100% pure Phenibut that’s really affordable.

The other four herbs on my top five alternatives to kratom list can be bought from the incredibly reputable kratom retailer

kratom alternatives

So not only can you buy some of the best kratom that’s imported into the USA from them, but you can also buy Akuamma, Mitragyna Hirsuta, Kanna, and Blue Lotus from them in the “kratom alternatives” section of their website.

Every single one of these kratom alternatives is affordable as well. Akuamma costs just $12 for powder, and eight dollars for seeds that you grind yourself.

Mitragyna Hirsuta is also just $12, while Kanna costs even less at $7.99 (although the incredibly potent 10x strength extract packs cost a lot more).

Finally, Blue Lotus powder and flowers both cost $12 as well. You can also buy Blue Lotus 50x extract which is incredibly potent, and bizarrely only costs $7.99, less than the standard powder. I have no idea why that is, but I would recommend buying both and treating the extract with incredible respect, as it is very strong.

I’ll also point you to the variety pack that BuyKratom sells. It’s listed in the kratom variety pack section, rather than the kratom alternatives section of the website, but it’s listed as the “kratom alternative variety pack”.

For the incredibly low price of just $33.99, you get seven the top kratom alternatives, including the four herbs similar to kratom that we have discussed here. In total, that gives you an additional three alternatives to kratom to experiment with as well.

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