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Are Ipamorelin Reviews Truthful: Is This A Potent Peptide For Muscle Building?

SARMs are getting harder to come by because of the Chinese ban that came into force last year. So bodybuilders are turning to different types of chemicals, and peptides are getting very popular. Ipamorelin reviews suggest that it is a great replacement for some SARMs, but what’s the truth?

In this complete guide, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this potentially potent peptide for bodybuilders.

Ipamorelin works in exactly the same way as a SARM that a lot of guys already use. With the Chinese ban in place, even if that SARM becomes unavailable, Ipamorelin can step in to provide an identical job.

So sit back, because, in this quick review, you’re going to learn how a peptide works, the results, and benefits of using Ipamorelin, side effects to watch out for, how to dose and cycle it, plus, where to find Ipamorelin for sale.

What Is A Peptide & What Is Ipamorelin?

I want to start this guide by telling you exactly what a peptide is, because if you don’t understand that, then you won’t see where Ipamorelin fits in alongside SARMs.

A peptide is a fancy name for a molecule used by the human body. Some are constructed in the body, and some are consumed.

There are thousands of peptides out there. They are also known as short-chain amino acids because they are all amino acids.

But peptides are a specific sort of amino acid that is 50 chains in length or less. A chain means you have a connector between the maximum of 50. Over 50 chains in length, and it’s not classed as a peptide, but a protein.

So peptides are basically smaller parts of proteins. The peptides used by bodybuilders can have the following benefits:

  • Build more muscle mass
  • Increase strength & endurance
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve recovery times
  • Induce faster muscle repair

I will say though, that because none of these peptides have ever been through proper human testing for the benefits I’ve just mentioned, it’s all anecdotal. How, and if, you get any benefits, is not proven scientifically.

All Bodybuilding Peptides Are Synthetic

The peptides you can buy online are not actual peptides produced by the body, all are produced naturally.

Ipamorelin, in common with all of the peptides you will see for sale, are synthetic peptides. That means they are synthetic reproductions of the short section, not all, of the relevant short-chain amino acid that has the purported benefits.

So when you see Ipamorelin for sale, what you are actually getting is a derivative of a more general class of synthetic peptides known as GHRP-1, all of which work in the same way: to stimulate higher levels of production of HGH (human growth hormone) from the pituitary gland.

Therefore, Ipamorelin in an almost identical way to CJC-1295, and Sermorelin. All that differs is the structure of the peptide.

ipamorelin peptide

Ipamorelin Benefits & How It Works

Now you understand how a peptide works, let’s talk about Ipamorelin benefits specifically, alongside how it works in the body.

Overall, these are the reported benefits in humans:

  • Increased shedding body fat
  • Faster and denser bone growth
  • Increases the speed of muscle growth
  • Increases the density of muscle growth
  • Has anti-ageing properties
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves recovery times

Specifically, Ipamorelin works in the body as a growth hormone secretagogue. It does this by mimicking the action of Ghrelin, which is a hormone that regulates the production of hGH in the pituitary gland.

In addition to all that, Ipamorelin has also been shown in studies to lessen the production of another hormone called Somatostatin. This is a GHIH – a growth hormone inhibiting hormone – and obviously lower levels of production mean even higher levels of production of HGH.

Ipamorelin = MK-677

This is something that most Ipamorelin reviews don’t point out, and I want to mention it because it’s important.

The widely used SARM called MK-677 Ibutamoren is also a growth hormone secretagogue, that also works by mimicking the action of Ghrelin.

Therefore, both are the same to use in the body. Both upregulate the production of hGH within the pituitary gland, with the knock-on effect that will have of raising levels of IGF-1, a vital hormone within the process of muscle development.

The only thing I would say is that MK-677 is more potent. It does its job more aggressively. On the downside though, it does create a lot of additional water weight which can take time to shift. So between the two, Ipamorelin can be brilliant if you want non-anabolic muscle development and faster recovery, but you don’t want to go all-in as potently as with the effects of MK-677.

What Sort Of Ipamorelin Results Are Typical For Bodybuilders?

Let’s turn now to the exact Ipamorelin results that can be expected.

In this section, I’ll be talking about the anecdotal evidence from bodybuilding communities around the world I have researched to write this article. Plus, I’ve used Ipamorelin twice in the past three years. I’ve also used MK-677 twice in that time as well.

So I know what I’m talking about here, and I think I’m in a good position to give a comparison between how these very similar bodybuilding supplements work, and the results they can produce.

I’ll just say I want you guys to be realistic. Remember, like with SARMs, you have to work damn hard to get the best results, even if you stack them at high doses. They are not aggressive supplements like steroids.

That’s the same with peptides. They are usually milder than SARMs, and Ipamorelin is no different at typical doses.

So don’t expect miracles, but with hard work and a great diet, then over two or three cycles, your progress will be significantly better than it could ever be with just natural bodybuilding.

For me, and tying that in with the evidence seen online, after your first cycle, these are the typical results you should be experiencing:

  1. You will definitely get a significant increase in muscle mass. I will point out that a lot of that will be water mass at the start on top of the developing muscle, that’s just the way it is. But the muscle mass growth will be faster than natural, and significant.
  2. Once you get to the end of a cycle, and you’ve got rid of the water retention, you will notice the muscle mass is denser than usual as well. What’s been regrown is far stronger and denser than usual, because you’ve hit your muscles with so many extra hormones telling them to grow and that the supplies in your body are there to allow that rapid and dense growth.
  3. You’ll feel stronger and your endurance levels will be higher. After a week, I felt significantly better. I could push myself harder in the gym and go for longer. I just made more progress. A great knock-on effect of this was that I burned more calories.
  4. Recovery times are dramatically increased. Because inflammation is lower, and muscle development faster, you don’t suffer aches and pains, and you are ready to turn around and go again much quicker. If you really push yourself hard, as you may know, the three or four days afterward you struggle. This stuff will knock at least a day off that recovery time.

ipamorelin results

How To Dose & Cycle Ipamorelin

I want to turn now to the specifics of dosing and cycling Ipamorelin because it’s vital to understand. But first, it’s vital to get across that there are no specific dosage ranges for this peptide, or indeed any others. That’s because they have never been tested in humans properly, let alone for the purposes of building muscle mass as a bodybuilder.

All we can go on is anecdotal evidence from the bodybuilding community over the past few years, and translate dosages from animal experiments to human dosage ranges, to get a ballpark figure to work within.

When it comes to deciding on the Ipamorelin dosage range you are going to work within, then you need to know first that this is dosed at a very low level. It’s dosed in micrograms, not milligrams. So don’t get that confused.

The lowest dose I’ve seen used is 100 mcg per day. The highest I’ve seen, and this translates to the high end of equivalent doses in animal studies, is 500 mcg per day.

So I would start around 2-300 mcg per day. You can always go up by 100 mcg after a couple of weeks if you’re not seeing any benefits.

The average cycle length seems to be about eight weeks. That’s what I’ve used when I’ve been cycling Ipamorelin, and I recommend you use that as a baseline as well. It’s not androgenic, and it doesn’t have significant side effects in the short term, I would still keep the cycle length short, and have a decent break between cycles (12 weeks is my recommendation).

Ipamorelin dosage

Ipamorelin Side Effects

Ipamorelin’s side effects in the short term are minimal. You’ll get some nausea at the start of your course, and some water retention.

At higher doses, you might get tingling in your hands and feet, and it could have the potential for producing some level of insulin resistance.

I want to quickly address the link between this class of peptides and cancer. That all came from initial animal studies which seem to suggest it could provoke the proliferation of cancer cell development.

However, it’s totally unproven, and it doesn’t seem to be happening in bodybuilders everywhere either.

Plus, it was based on the observation that there were higher levels of the real amino acid chain in people who had certain types of cancer. But that could be because of its anti-inflammation and healing properties, and the body was just producing more because it was trying to cope with the problems of cancer.

As they say, correlation does not equal causation, and I would advise you to keep your doses low, have big breaks, and not worry about it too much because it’s simply theoretical and completely unproven.

Ipamorelin Before And After Warning

Before I finish this review of the bodybuilding benefits of Ipamorelin, I want to give you a warning.

You might see Ipamorelin before and after photos online. You might also read big before and after claims. My advice is to ignore them. Apart from the fact they might be trying to sell you it, it could be bragging, and it could be inaccurate.

Put it this way, they could have just worked out harder than they ever have. They could be using SARMs, they could have used steroids, they could be using a dose level that you’re not going to go near.

My advice is to read and educate yourself. Work out a sensible dose and cycle length, work out really hard during that cycle, and measure your results at the beginning, during, and at the end to see how successfully Ipamorelin can work for you.

How To Find Ipamorelin For Sale

I hope this has all been helpful to you, and I want to finish this quick guide by telling you where you can find Ipamorelin for sale.

The place I get mine from is Swiss Chems. They are a “one-stop-shop” for SARMs (but not for much longer as the supply runs down), peptides (which will be replacing SARMs), and other supplements.

Currently, they are selling a 2 mg vial for just $21.95. That’s at least four doses of Ipamorelin, but probably closer to 6, for a really low price.

On the downside, you will have to inject it. But don’t worry, just wear sterilized gloves, use alcohol wipes before and after, and make sure you do a subcutaneous injection rather than an intravenous one.

But once you got used to pinching your skin and injecting the right dose under the skin, it’s a really cheap way to boost your muscle growth, endurance, recovery times, and lower the inflammation you’ll get from pushing yourself too hard.

Ipamorelin for sale

Rats Army – Update: They Are Out Of Business

I wanted to update this because I’m excited about these guys. Rats Army is a company I only discovered a few months back. They sell high-purity SARMs, peptides, prohormones, PCT, plant steroids, and even nootropics. A real one-stop-shop that is well priced, and has visibly verified current purity reports.

Rats Army sells Ipamorelin as a 5 mg vial. It’s well priced at $34.99 (early 2022 pricing).

So whatever research chemicals you are looking for, it’s definitely a high-quality new source that I can thoroughly recommend you at least take a look at.

Ipamorelin Benefits


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