How To Use SARMs Sensibly For Weight Loss

Most people use SARMs to bulk up and tone up. Others use them for strength. Some do use SARMs for cutting, but they don’t really think of it as using SARMs for weight loss, and it doesn’t usually really cover the topic of how SARMs work to help you lose weight. What I’m going to do here is give you a quick guide to using SARMs for losing weight fast, so that you have everything you need to know in your mind ready to go.

I’ll talk you through how SARMs work to lose weight, and how they work individually and stacked to cut more fat than you can naturally.

It’s more than that though, and I’ll even talk to you a bit about how SARMs can help you to lose weight even if you’re not doing a heavy lifting regime. SARMs can help if you just doing light weights and aerobic exercise to help you lose a few extra pounds.

So let’s get right to it because in the next five minutes you’re going to learn everything you need to know to use SARMs to cut fat and lose weight effectively and sensibly.

How Can SARMs Actually Help You With Weight Loss?

First of all, let’s explain how SARMs can actually interact with your body to help encourage weight loss.

Some SARMs are androgenic. That means that they mimic testosterone in the body. They help to build energy, repair and grow muscle, and improve determination. At levels it’s all about weight gain through muscle growth, but at lower levels, increasing androgenic interaction can help to lose weight.

But that’s not the whole story, because some SARMs aren’t androgenic at all, they have completely different mechanisms of action. But through them, they can help increase energy levels which burn fat, or help you to cut fat through the signals they sent your body.

I’ll go through each of the SARMs that really achieve this in a moment, but it certainly is true that SARMs can encourage your body to cut fat faster than they can normally.

More than that though, some SARMs have the ability to tell your body to protect muscle tissue. When you cut fat naturally, there comes a point where your body starts to burn muscle tissue. It does this to protect itself.

This is the body starvation response, and if you are aggressively trying to cut fat, then once you’ve burned a lot of fat, your body will start to derive energy from proteins in muscle tissue, basically eating away at them.

But the great news is that some SARMs interact and interrupt those signals, tell your body to retain muscle it would normally burn for longer, seeking out all the last fat reserves first.

That’s why Ostarine was originally developed for muscle wasting illnesses. Studies found that it helped people retain muscle mass even when they were in starvation mode/response situation.

These Are The SARMs Which Can Help You To Cut Fat And Lose Weight

Let’s continue by talking specifically about the SARMs which can help you to cut fat, and therefore lose weight while maintaining muscle tone.

1. MK-2866 Ostarine

This is the classic and original SARM. Mild, no long-term negative side effects noted, not aggressively androgenic, and readily available.

Ostarine at larger doses is androgenic in nature, however, at normal doses (50 mg or less), it doesn’t have an effect on testosterone levels.

The only need to dose Ostarine once per day, and it’s very mild so you won’t have any side effects at doses under 50 mg. You also won’t need a PCT supplement.

In terms of its effects, Ostarine is the perfect cutting SARM, especially for beginners and women. You can cut while maintaining muscle mass using Ostarine. It was originally designed for muscle wasting illnesses, which is why it’s perfect for maintaining your tone while dramatically drop in your calorie intake for a few days or weeks.

2. LGD-4033 Ligandrol

This is the big brother of Ostarine. More androgenic within normal dosage ranges around 5 mg, you will need a PCT supplement.

Ligandrol maintains muscle mass and cuts fat. It can even grow muscle mass at larger doses. This makes it perfect is a more potent version of Ostarine, or to take a slightly higher dose (up to 8 mg), to not only cut fat but actually increase lean muscle mass.

It is suppressive though, and you will need a PCT supplement. The good news though is its only mildly suppressive, some Nolvadex should be good enough.

3. S-4 Andarine

Andarine is another step up from Ligandrol. It’s more androgenic, and will definitely suppress your testosterone levels.

But it’s not any better than Ligandrol for gaining lean muscle mass overall in my experience. But what it does do is increase muscle strength, diminishes fat, maintains muscle mass in a calorie deficit, and helps to improve vascularity.

This is why Andarine is often used by people on steroids between cycles to sharpen up the tone of your body, cut fat, and increase strength and vascularity.

4. GW-501516 Cardarine

Cardarine is another superb cutting SARM. But here’s the thing, it’s not even androgenic at all. It does not work by interacting with the androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue.

Cardarine is a PPAR-Delta modulator in terms of its mechanism of action. What that means is, it stimulates protein receptors in the body. This helps produce higher levels of glucose. These then target muscle tissue, delivering high levels of energy, strength, and faster recovery. You’ll also get some gains, but that’s not the focus.

At a typical dose of around 5 mg per day (don’t go higher than 20 mg per day), you will dramatically increase your energy levels, improve your metabolism, and burn a hell of a lot more fat than you can naturally.

So what you’ll get with Cardarine is increased endurance, which helps you to go harder and faster, and burns more calories and fat. But you’ll also recover faster, and your muscles will benefit as well.

5. SR-9009 Stenabolic

This is a little-known member of the SARMs family, which is amazing because of how flexible and useful it is.

Stenabolic isn’t androgenic in nature at all. But it does work by impacting glucose metabolism, and the cells that deal with fat storage.

It actually works as a Rev-Erba agonist. This is a regulatory component of your circadian rhythm clock. This means it makes changes in your metabolism, which means your body will burn fat when it would usually store it. It also delivers an energy boost.

It will allow you to burn calories faster than before and stops calories been converted to fat, due to how it can stimulate direct changes in the rates of metabolism in your body.

I wouldn’t dose this higher than around 30 mg per day. I’d also dose it around one hour before you do a workout.

Get Creative With Cutting Stacks

Any of the SARMs I’ve just talked about will help you to cut more fat, and therefore lose weight, more than you can do naturally, whether you are working out or not.

However, as with bulking up, you will cut more fat if you stack the SARMs together. That way you’ll get higher doses of complimentary SARMs which help to give you more energy, protect muscle mass, cut fat, and even build definition.

I’m going to keep it simple here, because it is a huge topic, but this is the basic cutting stack that I would recommend anyone who serious about losing weight with SARMs tries first:

  • 20 mg Ostarine daily
  • 5 mg Cardarine daily
  • 15 mg Stenabolic daily
  • 10 week cycle
  • Eight-week break
  • No PCT supplement required

What this great combination will give you is the ability to cut fat through changing your metabolism, telling your body to burn every last ounce of fat before it touches your muscle, increases your glucose availability, and drive you forward.

Put together, you’ll get dramatic cutting mixed with more determination and strength, faster recovery times, and protection of lean muscle gains.

I will point out here that doing a SARMs cycle and working out is one thing, but to cut fat you’re going to have to work out really hard.

That doesn’t just mean pumping iron. It means doing cardio, walking, aerobic exercise as well. It’s not all about working your muscles hard, it’s about movement and burning calories. This is just as important as hitting the gym to lift heavyweights.

How Long Should You Cut Fat And Lose Weight For?

How long you cut fat and attempt to lose weight depends on your weight loss goals, alongside your bodybuilding goals. It depends on the look you want, and it depends on how dedicated you are. For me, it’s about finding a happy middle ground.

What you don’t want to be doing is starving your body for too long, and then increasing that starvation with SARMs, at the expense of proper exercise and nutrition. In fact, I’d probably say that before you look at using SARMs to lose weight, you should look at your diet and your non-weight lifting exercise.

Can you honestly say that you have a superb diet, can you honestly say you have a good balance in your exercise regime? However, if you do feel that SARMs for weight loss is the right way to go, then I wouldn’t advise cutting the cycle of more than 10 weeks.

Also, during that 10 weeks, you really have to make sure that you are eating well, giving your body what it needs, even if you are eating in a calorie deficit.

Get Yourself Into A Ruthless Bodybuilding Meal Plan

What I’m saying here guys is that you need to have great nutrition and diet, in order to lose as much fat as possible, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Too many people out there cut out everything to lose weight dramatically, and then exacerbate that with SARMs, leaving themselves malnourished. This can have long-term detrimental effects.

Before you start using SARMs for cutting, put yourself together a ruthless meal plan. It should be full of lean meat and proteins, must contain some carbohydrates, plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, fruit, everything the body needs in moderation.

If you’re not into all that stuff as much, make it into smoothies, you can still get the nutritional value, without munching your way through plates for are not interested in.

Once you’ve done that for a month, and have started to make it natural, then you can look at cutting fat. By eating healthily and working out you should be doing that anyway, but you can then look at upping your exercise levels to increase your fat burning.

That means cardio, it means going for a run, it means going on those machines at the gym that you probably look at the women using and never think to go on yourself.

Only once you’ve changed your diet, and got that aerobic exercise going to burn fat, should you be looking at SARMs cutting stacks.

Once you’ve got your own house in order, then you can accelerate the process with a single aggressive SARMs cutting stack. In my experience, that’s enough to take you down to levels you need to appear sculpted, and you can then kick on with a bulking stack next.

Buying SARMs For Weight Loss

In terms of buying SARMs for cutting, I’ll recommend just one place to start. Swiss Chems sell a wide range of SARMs. Purity is high and guaranteed. Each product page has the latest purity report published on it. Pricing is good, and very competitive compared to the other SARMs sellers I use. On top of that, the SARMs they sell are made in the USA. Not Chinese SARMs (which are dying out because of the SARMs ban), so these guys are definitely the future.

Another highly reputable SARMs seller right now, one of the few left in America, is Chemyo.

If you’re in the market for SARMs liquid, then these are the guys to go to. But don’t just think about liquid, because they also sell powder and the suspension liquid for you to mix your own. Whichever way you want to go, they offer high-purity SARMs, guaranteed.

In the current climate, getting your hands on SARMs at all is difficult, let alone high-purity SARMs at reasonable prices. That’s why Chemyo is now my “go-to” for SARMs liquid.

They sell Cardarine. Dosed at 10 mg/mL, a 50 mL dropper bottle right now costs just $54.99. Pretty damn good considering how tough it is to source SARMs.

They also sell paired packs and mini stacks. For cutting, I’ll point you towards the Ostarine and Cardarine combo pack costing just $105, saving you 10%.

chemyo sarms stacks

Consider A Supporting Supplement

There are SARMs alternatives out there. All-natural ingredients mimic the effects of SARMs, but they don’t have any side effects.

Now, they aren’t as potent as SARMs, but they are better than natural bodybuilding. For me, the strategy should be to use it as a compliment to SARMs. Because they won’t induce more side effects, you can stack them with the SARMs stack.

Off-cycle, you can use them to offset some of the problems during post cycle therapy. You can use them to keep your metabolism up, build your strength, and protect your gains. Crazybulk is the company I would recommend you check out. They do a good range, and the names are very similar to SARMs, so you understand which ones they are mimicking.

The prices are good. For example,Osta 2866 $69.99 right now. That’s a full 30 day supply, which you could patch into the end of your SARMs cycle, giving you additional benefits as you head into PCT.


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