Green Malay Kratom Review: How Does Green Malay Make You Feel?

In this Green Malay kratom review, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about this fantastic strain of kratom in less than five minutes.

We will explain the sort of Green Malay kratom effects you can expect, and how those effects change depending on the dose you take, including whether Green Malay euphoria is possible at high dose.

We will also talk about the correct dosage range the Green Malay, tell you what super Green Malay kratom is, and where you can buy 100% pure Green Malay at a great price.

What Is Green Malay Kratom?

Unsurprisingly, Green Malay kratom comes from Malaysia. It’s a classic strain of green kratom, and in fact it a classic strain of kratom generally.

Red kratom contains a higher profile of alkaloids which makes you feel calm (at high doses leading to sedation), with an initial rush of euphoria, and strong pain relief.

White kratom is the opposite of red. The alkaloid profile means that at a high dose you will feel a rush of energy, and feel very alert and awake, with some pain relief, but very little calmness. It can be jittery, and not suitable for people suffering from anxiety.

At low doses, all kratom is a stimulant, because it contains other chemicals that kick in before the full alkaloid profile does at higher doses. So a lower dose of any type of kratom will bring on stimulating effects.

Green Malay kratom is one of the rich and uplifting strains of green kratom. Green kratom tends to be milder than white or red, with more balanced effects. It has some pain relief and calmness built-in, and also cognitive and physical benefits without any of this being overwhelming.

So Green Malay kratom is a fantastic choice if you want to remain alert, have physical energy, but also feel the full spectrum of kratom effects of feeling calm and experiencing pain relief, but without any one of those traits being overwhelming.

Green Malay Kratom Effects Explained

The Green Malay kratom effects you can experience are very dosed specific as we have just said. We will talk about Green Malay kratom dosage in a moment, but at the low dose, you can expect a lot of energy, both mentally and physically. A significant boost.

You’ll also feel uplifted. As the dose increases, you’ll feel positive, happy, a better version of yourself, without it being overwhelming or distracting.

And at a high dose, you’ll feel a rush followed by a slow drop into a deep calm, focus, and with some pain relief as well.

green malay kratom effects

Green Malay Kratom Dosage

But how you feel using green kratom will depend on the dose. So let’s talk you through the Green Malay kratom dosage range now.

The caveat is that kratom is a spectrum drug and quality varies. On top of that, each individual person will be affected in a slightly different way. One person could take 5 g of Green Malay and feel virtually nothing, while somebody else could feel incredibly energized and euphoric.

But generally, we can split Green Malay kratom dosage into the following ranges:

  • Beginner dose of up to 4 g (where stimulation will be the main effect)
  • Moderate dose of up to 6 g (where full-spectrum effects start to be felt)
  • Strong dose of up to 10 g (where strong-to-overwhelming full spectrum effects are felt)
  • Extreme dose of over 10 g (where euphoria and extreme sedation/pain relief can occur)

What Is Super Green Malay Kratom?

You’ll read a lot about super Green Malay kratom, and how much better than standard kratom it is. But what actually is super Green Malay kratom, and is it worth the extra money?

Kratom comes in four different levels of potency:

  • Standard kratom powder kratom by drying out the leaves and grinding them
  • Super kratom powder created from selected leaves
  • Kratom extracts boil down a higher volume of leaves to create the same volume of powder
  • Ultra enhanced kratom where additional alkaloids are added to a concentrated resin

So as you can see, on the ladder of potency, Super Green Malay kratom is only second and generally is not actually clear what defines super kratom.

Some people suggest it’s batched that are more potent, and it’s just labeled as super to define that.

Other people claim that it because the largest leaves from the highest branches of the kratom tree are selected to make super kratom because they allegedly contain a higher concentration of alkaloids due to being more exposed to the sun and having grown for longer.

kratom dosage for pain

Can You Get Green Malay Euphoria?

You can definitely experience Green Malay euphoria as long as you take an overwhelming dose.

At higher doses, up to around 10 g, you will definitely get a rush of positivity and happiness and then move into a deep calm and happiness with a lot of pain relief as well. Not in the overwhelming way that red kratom delivers it though.

But usually, at around 10 g and above of pure Green Malay, you can experience Green Malay euphoria. This is a significant rush of positive energy, both mentally and physically, blissful happiness can actually feel quite out-of-control, although you’ll feel really calm while it’s happening.

Some people have likened Green Malay euphoria to taking MDMA (ecstasy), because of the rush of happiness and positivity it delivers for several hours, but for others, it’s nowhere near that level.

where to buy green malay

Where To Buy Green Malay That Delivers Amazing Effects

So I hope this brief Green Malay kratom review has been helpful to you. Let’s finish by telling you where to buy Green Malay that is pure, so you can experience the full effects of Green Malay at a low dose.

The three recommended places to buy pure Green Malay from are:

  1. Tropic Health Club sells Green Malay in capsule form. 60 capsules will cost you $32.99, and it’s a very rich and rewarding blend of Malay green kratom.
  2. Coastline Kratom sells the richest powder you will experience anywhere. I want to actually draw your attention to the fact they sell Ultra Enhanced Green Malay kratom. This is the most potent type of Green Malay you can buy. It’s not cheap, costing $89.99. But even a small amount will potentially give you that Green Malay euphoria that many people search for.
  3. BuyKratom also sells fantastic Green Malay kratom powder. It’s rich and definitely pure. They also do a variety pack of the main green kratom strains, including Green Malay, so you can experiment with the effects of different types of green kratom strains for a very affordable price.
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