Green Kratom Review: Effects, Dose, Comparisons

This green kratom review is going to tell you everything you need to know about this not so mild but misunderstood vein color of kratom.

In this review of green kratom I’m going to tell you about the dosage and effects of green kratom. I’ll also tell you about my own experiences with green kratom, and compare them to those using red and white kratom.

Plus, I’m going to compare two of the main strains of green kratom so you can understand the subtle differences between them, and I’ll tell you where you can buy 100% pure green kratom to begin your own journey into discovering the benefits that the people of Southeast Asia have known about for thousands of years.

Green Vs Red Vs White Kratom

Before I crack on and tell you about green vein kratom effects in detail, I want to just explain the differences between green, red, white kratom so that you can see where green kratom falls.

White kratom is uplifting, energizing, just like all kratom is at low doses. But at high doses it can become uncontrollable, make you feel quite anxious, and be far too much for some people. You also won’t get any real pain relief or calmness.

Red kratom is at the other end of that spectrum. A low dose you’ll still get energy and uplift physically, but at high doses, you get increasing pain relief and analgesia.

Which is why I love green kratom. At high doses, you’ll still get energy and enthusiasm, but you’ll get more pain relief and calmness then you will with white kratom. So it’s a great balance, the middle ground, of green kratom that I love.

Green Vein Kratom Effects: My Experiences

 My experiences with green vein kratom effects have been consistently good.

I’ve tried the following green vein kratom strains:

  • Green vein Borneo
  • Green Malay
  • Green Kapua
  • Green Sumatra
  • Green Thai

All of them have been fantastic experiences, and all have felt like generic green kratom to some degree. However, there have been a couple of surprising variations.

Green Borneo kratom is very energizing and focusing, but still with some pain relief, so a bit like its white cousin.

Green Malay is actually closer to Red Malay, it’s energizing and focusing, but there’s a lot more of an opiate-like experience to it, especially at higher doses. For a warm euphoric high Green Malay would actually be one of my first choices, because it’s such a great balance between energy and a feeling of calm.

So with any of the strains you’re getting the general green kratom effects, at low doses a strong burst of physical energy for a couple of hours, increased cognitive performance, you’ll just feel better, happier, sharper.

As the dose increases, the secondary green vein kratom effects kick in, you will start to feel increasingly calm, you start to feel pain relief, and really happy.

I wouldn’t use green kratom to cope with anxiety. It has too much of white kratom about it, and white kratom can definitely increase anxiety.

However, for depression, green kratom is the best tool from the three types of kratom. You’ll feel calm, warm, really chilled out, but it will be balanced with a significant boost in mental and physical energy, your problems will wash away, and you’ll feel far more like yourself.

green kratom powder

Green Vein Kratom Dosage Advice

So let’s talk now about the range of green vein kratom dosage you should be considering. Because kratom affects people differently, and because kratom at low doses works in a different way to at high doses, it’s actually tough to determine.

At low doses, any kratom will give you a burst of physical and mental energy, and make you feel happier. But what is a low dose?

Well, in my experience it’s up to about 5 grams, in the 2-5 gram ballpark. However, for a lot of people, it might be slightly less.

When the green vein kratom effects kick in is when the dosage becomes moderate, in the middle between low and high. For me, that’s usually around 5 grams, up to as high as 10 grams depending on the kratom and the effect I want.

If you looking for a green vein kratom high, a genuine euphoria, that has a warmth and richness to it and not the sharpness and rush of white, but not the euphoric detachment and sinking of red, then around 10 grams of green kratom should do the trick.

Green Kapuas Vs Green Vein Borneo

Just like it’s white variant, Green Vein Borneo is an energetic green kratom. The green vein kratom effects of Borneo are good physical energy boost which is long-lasting, significant cognitive improvements, and you will feel so much more happy and positive using it.

It always makes me laugh when you see generic uninformed green kratom reviews online claiming that green Kapuas kratom is one of the most popular strains of kratom. That’s complete rubbish, it’s rare and tough to get your hands on (PurKratom is one of the few places I know that stocks it).

But when you do, you’ll get one of the purest green vein kratom strains you’ll find, with a fantastic range of effects at lower doses. For me, it was very relaxing, but emotionally slightly nootropic, I was mentally sharp, thinking more quickly and more creatively.

Where I Buy Green Kratom

I mainly buy my green kratom from The Evergreen tree. This is because they sell the same high-quality kratom in loose powder form, and in capsules, although they are far more expensive.

However, during the day, taking 6-8 green Malay capsules really calm me down, because it instills energy and enthusiasm, and helps me get through tough work projects.

If you want the best pure green kratom, then Coastline Kratom is another place I look too. I mentioned Green Borneo kratom earlier, well these guys sell the purest, best Green Borneo kratom I’ve ever experienced. If you’re looking for green vein kratom effects that are full of energy but still calm, then it’s a strain to check out.

buy green kratom

An interesting concept is the generic green kratom capsules available from Tropic Health Club. I bought some to try them out, and I wasn’t disappointed. I believe it’s a blend of different strains of green kratom, so you get more “generic green kratom” experience, but it’s still worth checking out if you’re just looking to experience the effects and benefits of green kratom capsules without having to go through trying to different types.

And finally, in this green kratom review, I’ll talk to you about the green variety pack you can get from BuyKratom. Sample packs of six different types of green kratom for just $42.99. It’s a brilliant entry point, although you’ll only get one dose of each included green kratom strain.

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