Are Green Gone Detox Reviews Accurate: Does It Work?

The best way to get clean to pass a drug test is to be naturally clean. That way you simply can’t get caught out. For cannabis use, that means getting yourself a good quality weed detox kit.

Green Gone Detox is a specialist THC detox pill course. Used alongside a natural detox, it’s meant to clean you out significantly faster than can be achieved naturally. Green Gone Detox reviews claim it works in a week or less, even for heavy daily weed smoker.

But does Green Gone Detox work well, or even at all?

In this full review of Green Gone Detox, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this we detox pill kit, and put it up against the very best of the rest: Toxin Rid.

What Is Green Gone Detox?

Green Gone Detox is a weed detox kit. It’s constructed to better target cannabis metabolites, and help them to exit the body faster.

You simply take the pills every day with water, alongside completing a natural detoxification, and it will push cannabis metabolites out of the body faster than they can be eliminated naturally.

There are three levels of Green Gone Detox course:

  • 2 day Green Gone Detox
  • 5 day Green Gone Detox
  • 10 day Green Gone Detox

The Green Gone 2 day detox course is meant for people with very light levels of cannabis toxin exposure. This is for the person who smokes one or two joints a week, and doesn’t really do any other drugs at all. The five day course is for moderate smokers. This is the person smoking more days of the week than not.

The 10 day course is designed for heavy, mostly daily, weed smokers. Usually having a joint a day or maybe five or six days per week with two or more joints.

Can You Actually Get A Weed Detox Kit (THC) To Target Those Metabolites?

It’s actually true that you can buy a weed detox kit that targets those metabolites more than other drug metabolite types.

The reason is simple. THC metabolites are shaped differently to other drug metabolites. Because of this, they tend to hang around in the body longer; they are metabolized more slowly.

Also, unlike most other drugs, the cannabis metabolite THC-NOOH (and others) binds more readily to fat in the body. Therefore, it can stay in the body far longer, sometimes for weeks after your last joint.

In addition, cannabis metabolites exit mostly through the bowel. Up to 60% do this, whereas most drugs are almost 100% removed through the bladder.

So a good THC detox kit will contain ingredients that help to create a situation where the metabolites are drawn out through the bowels by being attached more readily to fat and bile in the intestines, giving them less opportunity to stay in the body.


Green Gone Detox Review: Ingredients & Analysis

Green Gone Detox only contains five ingredients:

  1. St Johns wort, has limited evidence to show that it doubles the activity of certain enzymes that can help to accelerate the metabolism of THC metabolites in the body.
  2. Sodium bicarbonate increases the pH level of urine. According to Green Gone Detox, this “encourages ionization of the acidic metabolites”. Pretty dubious to me.
  3. White Willow extract is included because it’s thought to break down the binding between THC and albumin. When it binds to albumin it cannot so easily be filtered into urine. It suggests that breaks down into salicylates take the position of the THC metabolites, stopping that binding. This also sounds pretty dubious to me, as the THC would already be in the body and would therefore be mostly bound before the White Willow extract could get involved.
  4. Horsetail extract works as a natural diuretic, meaning that you will urinate more frequently.
  5. Psyllium husk is a concentrated form of fiber. By putting more fiber into the body, you create more bile and you draw more of the metabolites to bind in the gut, and to be excreted through stools.

How To Use Green Gone Weed Kit

Incredibly, the Green Gone Detox website doesn’t actually tell you how to use this stuff. It gives you detailed instructions about doing a natural detox alongside the pills, but there are literally no instructions for how you take the course.

Looking at a close-up of the box ingredients on a site image tells us that the serving size is four pills. So we can assume that you take four pills at a time. There are 30 servings in the 10 day course. That means you are taking three lots of four pills per day, for a total of 120 pills in the course.

For me, the fact that the instructions are pretty unclear is a warning sign. I’ll be honest, that’s alongside so many warning signs about this weed detox kit.

green gone detox ingredients

Does Green Gone Detox Work?

The big question is does Green Gone Detox work? For me, I’ve never seen anyone I trust to use it ever. Looking at the ingredients, there aren’t many of them. I’m not saying they don’t work, but there’s just not enough of them in number or dosage.

Let’s look at the psyllium husk. It’s the main source of boosting fiber to draw more cannabis metabolites out of the body when using this product.

A total of 3000 mg (3 g) is contained in the 12 pills per day. Looking at a general bowel binding husk supplement I have in my kitchen, a single sachet of that contains 3.5 g. And you are meant to drink three of those per day, so 10.5 g of additional fiber.

So there’s actually not a lot of additional fiber in a daily dose, which is why instructions tell you to increase your additional fiber intake by 30%. So why bother with the pills? Just increase your fiber intake by 50% and save yourself the cash.

Overall, the pills aren’t complex enough and don’t contain enough ingredients with a proven track record for me to make a huge amount of difference when compared to natural detoxification time lengths.

does green gone detox work

Green Gone Detox Vs Toxin Rid

Any serious Green Gone Detox review has to give you a comparison between it and Toxin Rid, the most potent, and popular, detox pill you can buy that is also specially designed for drug toxins.

Toxin Rid is also constructed to target cannabis metabolites. But it’s a more general detoxification product as well.

Toxin Rid contains a far wider number of ingredients that generally help to eliminate drug toxins. Green Gone Detox focuses almost entirely on trying to target cannabis metabolites, making it far less useful if you aren’t smoking weed.

With Toxin Rid, you also get larger doses per day, which means you don’t need to take in so much additional fiber or water.

The other big difference is that with Toxin Rid you get an additional fiber supplement to drink, drawing more of the remaining toxins to the bowel so they don’t appear in your urine. This is alongside an additional detox drink supplement as well.

Overall, although it’s slightly more expensive, with Toxin Rid you are getting far stronger and more varied detox kit to attack the metabolites in your body.

One of the big claims about Green Gone Detox is that you also get five free THC drug test kits bundled in with it. That sounds great.

But they sell those five individually for $14.99. I’m telling you, for that money you are not getting “high quality, medical grade detox kits”. You are getting low quality urine test strips that are not particularly accurate.

Overall, these are the main differences between Toxin Rid and Green Gone Detox:

  • Green Gone Detox is cheaper
  • Green Gone Detox includes free (low quality) drug test strips
  • Toxin Rid delivers far more potency in its ingredients and effects
  • Toxin Rid includes an additional dietary fiber supplement
  • Toxin Rid includes an additional detoxification drink supplement
  • Toxin Rid has far more flexible course length durations

I’ve used Toxin Rid to get clean for a drug test. As a heavy daily weed smoker, I went to the 7 day course. I did daily drug tests from day six, and was testing negative from day seven onwards.

That’s damn impressive. Clean in a week. Certainly, the potency of Toxin Rid was clear to me.

Now I’m not saying Green Gone Detox won’t work. Clearly, it has the ability to accelerate the removal of THC metabolites in comparison to a natural detox.

But how much, and is it significant? That’s the key thing you have to think about, because if it’s just accelerating things by 24 hours or so, then is it worth paying $130?

Toxin Rid seems to speed up the elimination of toxins from the body at up to 50% faster than naturally. That’s very significant and means that even a chronic smoker who would take as long as a month to get naturally clean, could be clean in less than two weeks. Most regular smokers will be clean in a week or less.

Looking at the 10 day courses, Toxin Rid costs $50 more than Green Gone Detox. But for me, that’s additional money well spent. And when you look at the Green Gone 2 day detox, it’s almost worthless as far as I’m concerned.

You are taking in such a low level of ingredients over two days, I’m really not sure how much difference it would make for the money you are spending.

Toxin Rid detox


The conclusion of my review is that Green Gone detox may work to some degree, but it’s not potent enough to speed things up significantly. For me, it just isn’t worth the money.

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