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Gorilla Mind Analyzed: Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout, Nitric, Turkestone – How Good Are The Supplements?

Gorilla Mind is a company making some incredible bodybuilding supplements right now, and the buzz around them is growing louder. A lot of that is down to some very aggressive marketing.

They are using the same sort of “in your face” real-world marketing strategies as another popular company called CrazyBulk. People in the gym sweating, growling faces, gritty determination, “real” people enjoying the supplements. It’s all there.

So just how good is Gorilla Mind for quality, and should you be using their products to power your progress?

Consider this a full product review. Not just of the company, but also of their main products: Gorilla Mode pre-workout (full review), gorilla nitric, Turkestone, and Gorilla Mode energy. I’ll go through each one in detail. Telling you what’s in it, how to use it, the benefits it delivers, and my experiences with it.

I’ll also do some comparisons between Gorillamind products and equivalents from other companies, such as Huge Supplements. All that, plus I’ll tell you where to buy Gorilla Mode pre-workout, and other supplements, at the best price and avoid problems.

Who Exactly Are Gorilla Mind?

Let’s start this review by telling you a bit about Gorilla Mind. Bit of a brutal name for the company, and also the name can be a bit confusing. Gorilla Mind is the name of the company. But they also call some of their products “Gorilla Mind X product”. Confusingly though, they also call some of that product “Gorilla Mode”. So you can get a situation where it’s called Gorilla Mind Gorilla Mode XXXX product!

But to be clear, Gorilla Mode refers to specific products rather than the company itself.

The founder of the company is a guy called Derek. Don’t try and find out what his surname is, because it’s not out there. Sometimes he is referred to as “Derek Van” though. But overall, even though he has a very popular YouTube channel and website, he actually is completely unknown.

I even wondered if he’s really who they say here is. Just maybe, he’s paid to be the face of the company because it makes bodybuilders associate with it?

He started via an incredibly successful YouTube channel called “More Plates More Dates”. There was also a website, and then the development of the supplement company Gorilla Mind happened, which he promotes through all his existing channels.

But don’t worry, this isn’t a crap company. Even cursory research on the products, and comparing them to other big supplement sellers will tell you that this is high grade stuff to be taken seriously.

But how seriously should you be considering using these products compared to what’s offered by other supplement companies?

Gorillamind pre workout review

The Gorillamind Supplement Product Range & How It Compares To Competitors

Lots of reviews will say a lot but actually, tell you very little. So what I want to do here is give you the lowdown on what’s in them and how they work, without bogging you down in details.

To get to the heart of how good Gorilla Mind supplements are, you have to look at the ingredients. Once you’ve done that, you can see what’s in it, at what proportions, and how it works. Then you can compare it to competitors to determine overall value.

I know that sounds a bit boring, but that’s what I love to do. Hence why this website exists. So don’t worry, because I’ve got this covered for you already.

I’m not going to do all of the Gorilla Mind products, I’m quickly going to give you a summary of the top four most popular ones so that you can see exactly how they stack up against major competing products.

Gorilla mode supplement

Product Analysis #1: Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

Let’s start with possibly the most popular product from Gorilla Mind, called Gorilla Mode pre-workout. That tells you exactly what it’s for It’s claimed to be the strongest pre-workout around and of several pre-workout supplements the company me, the most potent. So what’s actually in it which can stack up against those big claims?

Gorilla Mode contains the following key pre-workout ingredients per scoop (full serving two scoops:

  • 4500 mg L-Citrulline
  • 2500 mg Creatine
  • 1500 mg Glycerol
  • 1500 mg Malic acid
  • 1250 mg Betaine Anhydrous
  • 750 mg L-Tyrosine
  • 175 mg caffeine Anhydrous

Overall, it’s a solid formula. Decent doses and all the usual suspects are there in terms of what you would expect.

In a strong dose, you’ll get 3 g of malic acid, on top of 10 g of L-Citrulline. Together, this acts as a Krebs cycle intermediary and dramatically helps to lower lactic acid buildup in muscle tissue when you are working out hard. However, let’s look at an equivalent. Let’s look at Huge Supplements Wrecked pre-workout formula.

For a start, it has 3200 mg of Beta-Alanine in it. That’s the stuff that gets you tingly and really ready to rock before your workout. I think not including it is a big miss. Also, it has 2000 mg of Betaine Anhydrous compared to 1250 mg in the Gorilla Mind product.

You get more L-Tyrosine. 1000 mg, against 750 mg. That’s 25% more. In Wrecked, you also get 1000 mg of Lions Mane mushroom, and higher doses of caffeine, including slow-release caffeine.

In terms of price, they are both identical at $50. So you’re getting far more for your money in the huge supplement’s product. All of the benefits shouted about can be derived in exactly the same way, and in some ways better, from the Huge Supplements Wrecked pre-workout formula.

gorilla mode ingredients

Product Analysis #2: Gorilla Mode Nitric

My second product analysis is going to be for the Gorilla Mode nitric oxide supplement. Nitric oxide is crucial for better endurance, vasodilation, and fueling the muscles for strong growth.

The Gorilla Mode nitric supplement makes some big claims about how it covers all the pathways needed and hits it from all angles. But what’s the truth?

These are the main active ingredients in one dose of Gorilla Mode nitric:

  • 5000 mg L-Citrulline
  • 2500 mg Creatine
  • 2000 mg Betaine Anhydrous
  • 2000 mg Glycerol
  • 1500 mg Malic Acid
  • 750 mg Agmatine Sulfate
  • 750 mg Sodium Nitrate

Now look, I’m pretty sure you can see straight away that this is almost exactly identical to the chemical list in the Gorilla Mind pre-workout supplement. Even the proportions and doses are almost identical.

This supplement costs $60, so you’re paying more for an almost identical supplement. Does that sound right to you? Let’s just quickly compare Gorilla Mode nitric to Huge Supplements Pump Serum. It’s another product designed to rapidly elevate levels of nitric oxide.

A single dose contains 9000 mg of L-Citrulline, 3000 mg Betaine Anhydrous, 3000 mg Glycerol, and 1250 mg of Agmatine Sulfate. So just by comparing the common ingredients, you can see that you get a far higher dose with the same daily to scoop dose. Plus, you get some other ingredients that are completely different and beneficial. You’ll also get 1500 mg of L-Tyrosine on top of that.

Overall, again, the Huge Supplements nitric oxide product is far better value for money and can deliver significantly more.

Product Analysis #3: Gorilla Mind Complexed Turkestone

Let’s next look at another Gorilla Mind “flagship product”, called Complexed Turkestone. This is a plant steroid. One of several, the most well-known being Beta Ecdysterone.  Turkestone is claimed to be the most potent of the anabolic plant steroids.

It’s claimed to be the most bioavailable Turkestone product in the world. “Uniquely synthesized” to improve absorption. For me, that claim simply doesn’t stack up.

One capsule is a serving, that contains 500 mg of Turkestone extract. In reality, only 10% of that is actual Turkestone that can be absorbed.

For 30 days of dosing, you will pay $60. So how does that stack up against competitors?

I compared the Gorilla Mind product to 10 others on the market. It had one of the lowest doses, and one of the lowest percentages of dose actually being usable Turkestone. This isn’t great value. In fact, I’ve found all Turkestone products to be low dose, and I’m not even convinced that the science stacks up that it’s better than Ecdysterone.

For $69.95, Huge Supplements sell an Ecdysterone supplement. Each dose is 1000 mg, so twice as much as you getting in the Gorilla Mind product, but very similarly structured sapogenin (plant steroid).

I can speak from experience here, having used sapogenin is several years in between SARMs cycles, and I’ve seen no difference in the benefits between the different ones.

So I think looking at them in a direct comparison to try and find differences is comparing apples to oranges. Structurally you’re just looking for the ones that are closest to testosterone in structure, that can trigger androgenic effects in the body.

For me, Huge Supplements offer far better value for money in that respect. They also make a supplement called Sapogenix, which contains six different sapogenins (including Ecdysterone but not Turkestone).

It’s an expensive supplement, costing $99. However, you getting 250 mg of direct high-dose sapogenins. Because there are multiple ones included, it also gives you a good chance of triggering an androgen response.

You see, not everyone is built the same, and doesn’t respond to sapogenins in the same way. By taking a single one, if it doesn’t work for you, then it’s a complete waste of money. But by stacking them, either with a single supplement for convenience or by buying them separately, you stand your best chance of getting the maximum returns.

Gorilla Mind Complexed Turkestone

Product Analysis #4: Gorilla Mode Energy

The last detailed product analysis I want to do here is around the product called Gorilla Mode energy. As the name implies, it’s designed to deliver a boost in physical and cognitive energy levels. This will allow you to power through your workouts and stay disciplined and determined.

It’s not expensive either, costing just $39. You’ll also get 40 servings in the container rather than the more usual 30, which is so looking like great value. However, the devil is in the detail. 40 servings at a single scoop deliver basically half of the maximum dose.

In reality, at full dose, you’re getting 20 servings for $39. So for a full month, it was $60, not looking quite so good in terms of value.

Let’s quickly run through the main ingredients in Gorilla Mode energy:

  • 3000 mg L-Tyrosine
  • 1000 mg Kanna
  • 375 mg Caffeine Anhydrous
  • 400 mg Huperzine A
  • 375 mg N-Phenethyl-Dimethylamine-CitrateGorilla mode energy review

Again, there is no Beta-Alanine, which for me is a major mess. Also, the dose of caffeine is not that significant, and in a single form.

Kanna is an interesting one. I’ve come across this stuff in relation to dealing with alternative herbs like kratom. It’s from South Africa and is a long-used stimulant. Crushed, chewed, brewed, it’s taking in many formats. Used by hunters in the past because it makes you more alert physically and mentally.

However, this stuff can be addictive. It’s rich in alkaloids, which work as agonists of the cannabinoid receptors in the body, working in exactly the same way as cannabis. So it’s little wonder you feel chilled out. Overall, that’s not the sort of thing I would want in a bodybuilding supplement. Mucuna Pruriens, a dopamine precursor would be my preferred choice.

The cognitive boosting you also get Huperzine A. It’s great at boosting cognitive processes. On the downside though, it’s been shown in studies to dramatically lower heartbeat rhythm in some people. If you already have a slow heart, this stuff could actually be fatal at a high enough dose.

Overall then, I can’t see how Gorilla Mode energy is a great supplement for delivering that physical and cognitive boost you need.

I prefer Wrecked from Huge Supplements though. It stays away from all that but does deliver a significant physical and cognitive boost through its ingredients. An alternative is “Pump Serum” from the same company. It also contains Huperzine A, but at half the dose. So you’ll still get some cognitive benefits, but with far lower amounts of risk involved.

Interestingly, Pump Serum also contains 1000 mg of choline. Huperzine A diminishes choline, which means you can get headaches and other side effects if you don’t have enough choline in your body.

The Gorilla Mind supplement doesn’t contain a choline source. With the higher doses well, you are looking at potentially having headaches and other side effects you simply won’t be able to explain.

So overall, again, although it’s reasonably priced, and contains a lot of the usual ingredients you will see in this type of formula, overall, the blend, and the thinking behind it, doesn’t stack up for me.

There are far better alternatives out there, in terms of pre-workout supplements, that can help you to power through your workouts.

Wrecked vs Gorilla mode pre workout

Is Gorilla Mind Legit? Can You Trust Their Products?

I hope my quick overview of the top four Gorilla Mind supplements has given you some insight into the quality of the products the company sells.

Let’s be clear here, the guy who runs the company talks an incredibly good fight. On his personal website, he goes into details about the Gorilla Mode nitric supplement over more than 8000 words.

Incredible detail about how every single component of the formula does an incredible job, backed up by all sorts of scientific evidence. He also believes in the power of his own product and talks a lot about saturating pathways in the body to maximize returns.

Let me just be clear here, the idea of saturating all pathways is absolute crap. Not only do none of the ingredients do that, but it’s physiologically impossible to achieve.

So for me, there’s a bit of trust lost with the guy behind the company anyway.

He’s blatantly going the grab the product because it sounds cool market. More considered people will be reading reviews like this, and making slightly more informed decisions.

Overall, sure, Gorilla Mind is legit. They sell good quality supplements and I couldn’t say that you mustn’t buy them. They are comparable to the other companies out there, and a lot of the claims stack up.

However, Gorilla Mode energy products especially don’t stack up in quality compared to the opposition. Any Gorilla Mode pre-workout review, or any product reviews for the company, that don’t mention these comparisons, are being disingenuous.

Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Vs Huge Supplements Wrecked Pre-Workout

Let me just debate a bit more about the key products from the two companies I’ve talked about.

This is a Gorilla Mode pre-workout review Vs Wrecked by Huge Supplements. As you’ve seen, Gorilla Mode is a decent pre-workout supplement. However, its comparative doses aren’t as good as Wrecked by huge supplements.

I’ll say it again, I think the omission of Beta-Alanine is a crucial mistake. I’m not sure why Gorilla Mind doesn’t put it into their supplements.

I know some people don’t like the tingling effect it gives you about 30 minutes after you have taken it. But it’s an incredible boosting compound. To claim you have the most potent pre-workout supplement on the market, and not actually build the most potent compound into it, is simply poor thinking.

Also, Wrecked has some interesting ingredients on top of the common ones. Lion’s Mane Mushroom extract, dosed at 600 mg, is a significant added bonus. It has been proven to lower anxiety and improve focus, and is incredibly good for cardiovascular health, lowering levels of cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Plus, Wrecked has three different variations of caffeine. One of which is a slow-release chemical, which stops a lot of the jittery feelings and initial rush associated with high caffeine dosing, and allows for a smoother and longer cognitive and physical boost.

Overall, Wrecked is simply more potent, effective, and contains a wider range of complimentary ingredients.

Where To Buy Gorilla Mode: Get Best Prices On Gorilla Mind Supplements

When it comes to advising on where to buy Gorilla Mode pre-workout and other products, the obvious place to buy Gorilla Mode products from is the company website.

However, they are based in the USA and you’ll be paying for overseas shipping, which with heavy powder supplements, can stack up the costs in the current high shipping price era.

They do sell them on Amazon, but again you’ve got the shipping problems. I have seen their products listed on other Amazon sites, notably the UK one, I can’t verify if they are actually genuine Gorilla Mind supplements.

Best Alternative & Top Recommendation: Huge Supplements

I think the conclusion of this review has to be that Gorilla Mind is a viable product if you live in the USA. However, comparatively, Huge Supplements offer far more bang for your buck.

So if you live in the USA, for me, it’s not really much of a decision. You pay an almost identical amount of money from what is a better group of products.

I wouldn’t get too hung up on the sapogenin products. They are basically the same wherever you buy them from, it’s just looking at the lowest price. In fact, you can buy generic sapogenin products for far lower prices if you know where to look.

But for the core powder supplements, then you need to be looking at huge supplements if you are based in the USA. That’s my advice, because having looked at every single ingredient and weighed up the differences, they just workout is better value for money.

That’s why I use Wrecked, Rebirth PCT, and the Enhanced testosterone booster, on a regular basis when I’m not doing SARMs and want to give my body a break, but still derive benefits from safe supplements.

Overall, the Gorilla Mode ingredients aren’t great, especially in the pre-workout supplement when compared to Wrecked.

Is Gorilla Mind Legit

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