How To Exercise For Flat Chest Results In Just 3 Weeks

Most guys want a flat, developed chest that is free from fat, chiseled, and looks incredible. Just maybe then you won’t be embarrassed about taking your top off on the beach. But how to exercise for flat chest results that are rapid and dramatic is tough.

But the thing is, people, miss one of the biggest things they need to do to achieve a flat and chiseled chest, and they ignore the simple thing you can do to back up all your hard work to deliver better results.

So what we’re going to do here is not only talk you through how you can enhance the work you’re doing in the gym, or at home, but we are also going to talk you through the top five exercises for a flat chest, including the best bodyweight exercise for chest muscle development.

Diet & Nutrition Are Crucial To Achieving A Flat Chest

I want to start by talking to you about the thing that most people forget. The most essential part of reaching your goals is to have an incredible diet and nutrition. If you don’t fuel your body correctly, then the muscles can’t develop at their optimal level, and you can’t push on to the next level because you haven’t got the stamina and strength.

This is what you need to be doing to cut fat, build strength, and fuel your body to give yourself the flat and fat-free chest you want:

  • Moderate carb intake
  • High protein intake
  • Virtually zero fat intake
  • Usual ratio is 40% protein, 35% carbs, 25% fat

Also, most guys hit the gym, but they just go for the glamorous resistance exercise stuff. But you need to do aerobic exercise as well, that works the muscles, and burns fat far more effectively than just doing endless reps.

Start With A Warmup Routine That Will Gently Build Your Chest Muscles And Burn Fat

The best way to develop your chest muscles and burn fat, to achieve that flat chest look is to always do a warmup before your routine.

It’s a well-known fact that warm muscles are not only less prone to injury, but will develop more quickly.

This is a basic warmup routine that takes just five minutes:

  1. The classic bodyweight exercise for chest development, do three sets of 10 standard push-ups.
  2. The Zevaend press is another exercise which is a great exercise for a flat chest but doesn’t require any specialist equipment. You just need a pair of relatively light and thin weights. Hold one in each hand and press them together in front of your chest. Then extend your hand slowly out away from the body and back in. The dual force of moving the weight away from your body, along with having to press your hands together in order to keep the weights, together creates incredible concentration on the chest muscles
  3. Similar to the press above, get yourself an exercise band. Stand straight with the band in your hands, arms outstretched. Then pull them apart across your chest and then back to the starting position. Three sets of eight are perfect.

How To Do The Top Five Exercises For Flat Chest And Chest Fat Burning

 So let’s now take a look at a group of five exercises for flat chest results in as little as three weeks.

Aim to do at least three sets of eight. If you can’t do more than six, then you need to lower the weight on the dumbbells, and if you can do more than 12, then you need to increase the weight slightly.

Try to do these as energetically as possible. Do the three sets for each exercise with just a one-minute break between each set. Then take a two-minute break before hitting the next exercise.

  1. Flat dumbbell press

Setting up your workout bench so it’s flat, you are going to do three sets of a standard dumbbell press. Start with the weights facing inwards on your chest, and slowly move them out into the arms of wide at shoulder level, but without your arms locked. Then power back into that upward central position.

  1. Incline dumbbell flys

Set your bench to the lowest incline you can get it too. Then repeat a standard dumbbell fly. This is brilliant for just focusing on the upper pecs, while also minimizing the front deltoid input. When you lift the weight back together, make sure you really focus on squeezing your chest muscles as you do so, it’s this squeezing that really helps. Also squeeze them when you’re at the top of the exercise as well, before you let the weight come back out wide.

  1. Cable crossover

Usually, when you buy a workout bench, you’ll get a couple of elastic resistance cables with it, even if you don’t, they are cheap to buy online. You’re going to do incline cable crossovers. So you’re going to lay on the bench, but with it angled up as much as possible, on V hinge benches this could be almost sitting up. Attach the cables behind you, and before you start make sure your feet are flat on the floor. Then pull the cables around you to your chest with straight arms, and then back around again. If you have got any chest injuries, be careful with this exercise because of the resistance it creates.

  1. Chest dips

Next up on the top five exercises for flat chest are classic chest dips. You can buy a cheap over the door dip station for just a few dollars online. With your palms towards you, you are going to lift yourself up until your chin goes over the dip bar. The crucial part of doing a chest-deep though is to make sure that when you reach the bottom of the exercise your arms are not straight and locked, because this can create a real strain on the joints, and also means that you are resting the muscles. So don’t lock your arms, so that there is always pressure on the muscles during this exercise.

  1. Best Cable Exercise For Flat Chest Results

Fifth on the list is the best cable exercise for dramatic chest results, both in terms of fat burning and muscle building. This is the bent forward cable crossover. If you’ve got a workstation that is strong enough you can put the cables onto it then brilliant, but you might need to buy one of the door kits you can get to do this exercise. Then you simply stand with a cable in each hand slightly behind you, one leg in front of the other, leaning forward putting more weight on to the forward leg. Then keeping the arms slightly bent, bring the cables right round in front of you until your hand’s touch, and then slowly allow them back to the starting position.

SARMs Will Develop Your Muscles And Burn Chest Fat More Quickly

Just by doing those five best exercises for flat chest results, within about 21 days, you’re going to start seeing noticeable results. More than that, you are seriously going to feel much stronger in your upper body though.

If you want to supercharge this, if you want to take things up another notch completely, then SARM is the supplement that will really help you to achieve the results you want more quickly, both in terms of muscle development in the chest area, and fat-burning to reveal the muscle you are creating.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, and the similar supplements that aren’t androgenic but also classed as SARMs, through a range of effects, can help to build muscle, protect muscle in a calorie deficit, tell the body to burn fat more readily and increase your strength and endurance.

If you really are only just beginning with SARMs and muscle exercises, then I’d go for Ostarine. It’s mild, not really strongly androgenic unless you take a very high dose so won’t affect your testosterone levels, and it will protect muscle while cutting fat. On top of that, it’s the SARM it’s been around the longest, so has the most real-world evidence of people using it without side effects.

If you really want to build huge chest muscles then I’d take it up a notch with Ligandrol, or Testolone, both of which are more strongly androgenic and will pack on muscle far more quickly than you can naturally. They will require the use of the PCT supplement though to help recover your natural testosterone production.

But the power of using SARMs to help with these exercises for your chest, and across the body is to stack them. If you’re looking for energy, fat cutting, muscle protection, and gains, then I would stack Ligandrol with Cardarine.

But put all that together, and you can definitely increase the size of your chest, and cut fat significantly in just three weeks. Obviously, the best results will take longer than that, but once you’ve got a routine, and you are progressively doing more, then the results of your exercises for flat chest results will show up dramatically.

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