Cream Of Tartar Drug Test Method Explained

The cream of tartar drug test method is something that is often talked about online, and advocated as an easy and cheap way to mask drug toxins to pass a drug test.

But can it be possible that just drinking down a load of cream of tartar could really work? Well, in this quick guide I’m going to tell you whether the cream of tartar drug test method works, or whether it’s a load of old nonsense.

Plus, to make sure you get through that drug test, I’ll also suggest three alternative strategies that will definitely work.

How To Do The Cream Of Tartar Drug Test Method

The cream of tartar art drug test method couldn’t be simpler. You mix a few spoonfuls of cream of tartar with water, and then you drink the horrendous mixture down as quickly as possible.

It’s totally uncertain as to how much you’ve meant to drink. Some people advocate 16 ounces of water with a couple of large tablespoons of cream of tartar mixed in to create a smooth paste. Others advocate more.

For me, I think you’d want to drink at least 32oz of liquid, which means proportionately more cream of tartar. Too little liquid means you won’t have enough liquid in your body to urinate frequently enough to get rid of the old urine and replace it quickly with fresh urine that doesn’t contain toxins.

Once you’ve drunk the liquid you urinate frequently over the following hour, and apparently your urine should then miraculously be clear of drug toxins for a few hours so you can submit a clean sample.

Does Cream Of Tartar Help You Pass A Drug Test?

Let’s talk about reality here. How much chance do you think there is that cream of tartar art can magically get rid of drug toxins and allow you to submit a clean sample?

It’s pretty ridiculous, isn’t it?

The amount of liquid you have to drink for this method can flush out your urine. It could even get rid of drug toxins for a couple of hours because the volume of water rushing through your body means that the fresh urine is quickly created and doesn’t contain drug toxins. It will take a few hours before the drug toxins in your body start to leak into the urine in your bladder again.

But does cream of tartar help you pass a drug test? There’s nothing in it, unfortunately, that can do that. It’s an acid, and some people claim it’s the acidity which somehow gets rid of the toxins. Apart from that being absolute rubbish, the acid is neutralized in your stomach anyway.

Cream of tartar as a drug test method is just another home remedy myth. It doesn’t work, and all that’s likely to happen is you will vomit a few times and then submit a sample that is rejected as being unnatural.

If you want to pass a drug test easily, there are three main strategies that can use.

Strategy #1: Fake Urine

The easiest way to pass a drug test is to use a synthetic urine sample.

A high-quality brand like Sub Solution, or if you are on more of a budget you can get Quick Fix at half the price (but it’s half the complexity and only really suitable for very a basic pre-employment drug test), is the best way to pass.

Quick Fix uses a heatpad to keep it within the correct temperature range, while Sub Solution uses incredible heat activator powder. You can just transport the sample, add the powder before you go in, and it will agitate the liquid to raise the temperature.

synthetic urine

Strategy #2: Detox Drink

The second-best strategy for passing a drug test, and far better than the cream of tartar drug test method, is to drink a professional detox drink.

These contain a volume of liquid that will flush out existing urine and replace it with fresh urine that doesn’t contain drug toxins.

But more than that, it flushes your body through with a large number of other things found in natural urine. Because it overwhelms the body, some of these things pass through as waste into your urine, keeping the appearance of your urine natural.

Mega Clean is widely available and great for this purpose, while Rescue Cleanse is another high quality detox drink you can consider.

A detox drink is best used if you can abstain from drug toxins for at least 48 hours before the day of your test.

Clear Choice Detox

Strategy #3: Detox Pills

 The third strategy is to use drug detox pills to accelerate natural detox.

Your body can usually be naturally clean of drug toxins in 1-2 weeks, even if you are a chronic user. The exception to this is cannabis, as those toxins can linger in the body for up to a month after your last joint.

But you can do a natural detox alongside using high-quality detox pills. Toxin Rid is the only detox pill course I would ever recommend. They can accelerate your body processing toxins by up to 50%, meaning that a one-week natural detox could actually see you clean of drug toxins in as little as three days.

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