Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit Review: [How I Passed My Test, Step By Step]

This isn’t really a Sub Solution review, more telling you my experiences with using Sub Solution, and Quick Fix, one of the other top brands of fake urine. I’m to tell you why I changed from using Quick Fix to Sub Solution.

What I am going to do is talk you through the instructions of how to use Sub Solution correctly, and the steps I took to pass a drug test exactly, including mistakes you need to avoid. I’ll also tell you where to buy Sub Solution, and tell you about alternative synthetic urine that you really need to consider if you are facing a drug test soon.

How I Used Synthetic Urine

I’ve passed two drug tests in my time, both pre-employment drug tests. The first was about three years ago, it was for a part-time job while I was studying. I used a detox drink on the day because I didn’t really care that much, but to my surprise, it worked.

When I went for my first full-time job about 18 months ago I decided I couldn’t just wing it with a detox drink, especially as I didn’t have time to detox at all. So I started looking at synthetic urine, and I settled on Quick Fix because a few years back it was all the rage.

Quick Fix got me through that first proper drug test I cared about. I had heard stories about it not being as reliable, that it had a green tinge to it, didn’t smell, and may even contain biocide, chemical labs can detect. But it did work for me, but I was nervous.

A few months ago I had a promotion, which meant more interviews, and quite surprisingly to me, I was going to be scheduled for a drug test as well. So I decided Sub Solution was the way to go.

What Is Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit?

 Sub Solution is made by a company called Clear Choice. Their main product is Clear Choice Sub Solution, and they do another newer, premium brand called Quick Luck, which I’ll talk about later.

What swung it for me is that Sub Solution synthetic urine looks, froths, and smells like the real thing. So it’s going to pass that awful moment when you hand the container to the lab technician like I had experience with Quick Fix.

It’s also got 13 chemical markers in it to mimic human urine, far more than Quick Fix or any other brand out there, including the right balance of urea, creatine, and uric acid. Again, that really swung it for me. Plus, the company claim it has the right specific gravity and pH range of human urine as well.

The other thing that worried me about any sort of urine sample drug test is actually submitting a sample at the right temperature. Microwaving the fake urine sample, strapping a warm heatpad to it, and then expecting it to stay within a 10°F temperature range for two or three hours before you submit the sample seemed like tossing a coin to me. Especially as you have to then remove the sample from the heat pad, and stash the heatpad all while you’re potential to standing behind the screen.

Sub Solution has heat activator powder, So you don’t even need a microwave. Plus, when you get to the test center, you can look at the temperature strip, and if it’s cooled, you just put in a bit more heat activator powder. That gave me incredible confidence.

Sub Solution powdered urine kit

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

When it comes to a straight-up fight of Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix, there really is only one winner, but let me go through the reasons in detail, so you can see my reasoning.

Firstly the benefits of Quick Fix. It’s cheap, half the price of Sub Solution. It’s got a pretty complex formula, it’s passed a drug test me, and online, people are still saying it’s passing drug tests. So for a basic pre-employment drug test, I think it could be good enough.

On the downside of Quick Fix, the formula isn’t as complex as Sub Solution. There’s also the fact that it doesn’t quite look as good, or smell, in the way that Sub Solution does. It basically won’t stand the test of close scrutiny. Plus, it uses a heatpad, which has more chance of failing than a heat activator powder.

So as you can see, apart from on price, Sub Solution wins on every front. It’s a more complex formula, it will pass a visual, and sniff test (yes apparently that is a thing sometimes), it definitely doesn’t contain biocide. Plus the heat activator powder gives you such close control that it’s almost impossible to submit your sample at the wrong temperature.

My Clear Choice Sub Solution Review: What I Did

 So look, I got that promotion, following the instructions for Sub Solution, and avoiding some common pitfalls. Let me tell you exactly what I did, step-by-step.

  1. First I mixed up the urine, added the water to it to create 3 fluid ounces, shook it gently until it dissolved. I did this with warm water so that the heat activator powder didn’t have so much hard work to do.
  2. I then put in a quarter of the heat activator powder. Conservative, as they say, a third is recommended, but I knew the water was warm. That quarter put it up into the right temperature range, but a little on the cool side, I think it was about 92°F. So I added a tiny bit more, and that took it up to 98°F.
  3. I then put it inside two pairs of decent underwear. I put Sub Solution mixture into that underwear where it was secure and didn’t show. I put on jogging bottoms so that no lump could show, and would be easy to mess around with the sample behind the screen.
  4. I then went to submit the sample, I timed it so it was only about an hour between mixing up, and ending my journey at the testing place. It was only a short walk from the subway, to just before the train pulled in, I checked the temperature, and it was a little cool, just under 90°, so a tiny bit of heat activator powder, dissolved it, and it was a pretty close to 100°F, the maximum temperature human urine usually ever is. In hindsight, I could have just put all the heat activator powder in on the train, it’s plenty good enough to get the sample hot, you just need to add more heat activator powder, and do it in several small amounts until you get the temperature right.
  1. I went through the usual process when I went in, went behind a screen, and poured the liquid into the container after checking the temperature. It was still just under 100°F, but to be safe, after I poured into the sample container I hung around behind the screen for a couple of minutes to allow it to cool just a little bit.

And that’s it really. I handed the container over, and to be honest the lab person didn’t actually pay any attention to it at all. They might put more scrutiny on it when they deal with it, but at that time it was thanks very much, and off I went.

But the fact is I passed the drug test. I smoke weed every day, I know I’m riddled with metabolites, I wouldn’t stand a chance normally, and even a detox drink would be giving me a 10% margin for failure with the amount I have in me.

Sub Solution took everything in its stride, it’s easy, safe, and quick. I would never go back to Quick Fix, there’s just no point in raising your stress levels and risk like that for the sake of saving 40 bucks.

Sub SOlution reviews

Where To Buy Sub Solution

I want to conclude this Sub Solution review by telling you where to buy Sub Solution, but also telling you where not to buy it.

Buying Sub Solution on Amazon would be a disaster, same as eBay, or any other non-specialist place. A start could be old stock, or it could be simply fake. It’s best to buy it from the authorized company website at

Also, if you buy it from test negative, you can also take a look at Quick Luck urine. It’s the upgraded version of Sub Solution, which is premixed, slightly more complex, but also slightly more expensive. It’s the gold standard in synthetic urine.

But if you want Sub Solution, costing $80, with guaranteed delivery in the USA within a few days, then Test Negative is the way to go. Don’t risk buying Sub Solution on Amazon or anywhere like that, just to save a few bucks.

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