Full Clean Slate THC Detox Review – Analysis, Instructions & Does It Work For THC?

In this full review, I’m going to tell you about Clean Slate THC detox. It’s a THC detox kit that claims to be able to draw all of the cannabis metabolites in your body out within 48 hours (the length of the pill course).

But is this even possible? I’m going to look at the ingredients, and tell you about my own test results over 48 hours (as a daily weed smoker), to tell you if this stuff actually works. I’ll also explain how THC metabolites work in the body, and whether it’s possible for any detox pills to truly work with them.

Plus, I will compare Clean Slate with Toxin Rid, the number one most potent brand out there that I know of, and have used to pass a drug test.

What Exactly Is The Clean Slate THC Detox?

The Clean Slate THC detox kit from Verdant Herbals is a course of pills you take over 48 hours. It claims to detoxify you completely to pass a drug test.

Specifically, they talk about THC. So the implication is that it will get rid of cannabis metabolites, and targets those in the body.nIt doesn’t mention any other type of drug in the marketing, just marijuana. To me, that’s massively suspicious.

The reason for that suspicion is how cannabis metabolites work in the body, and the limitations of any substance to target them directly.

Here’s How THC Metabolites Work In The Body

In order to work as claimed, the Clean Slate THC detox has to be able to target THC metabolites, get them out of the body through the bowels and bladder, and leave you clean at the end of the 48-hour period.

When you smoke a joint, peak plasma saturation of THC occurs in as little as eight minutes. It only stays in blood per day or two, and is detectable in urine for up to a week, but even then, only in heavy smokers.

But here’s the thing with THC metabolites. The main one, THC-NOOH is shaped differently to most of the metabolites and bind to fat cells in the body

That’s why THC can be tested as positive drug tests weeks after your last joint. They can randomly detach and work their way out, days and weeks after you last smoked.

Because of this, they actually work their way out of the body predominantly through the bowels and not the bladder. 60% or more of cannabis metabolites generally exit the body through the bowels.

So, to be successful, any specific THC detox pill has to be able to create mobile, promote better bowel movements, and contain fiber and other ingredients that can draw more toxins out through the bowels than natural.

Full Clean Slate THC Detox Instructions

Before I analyze ingredients to tell you if they can possibly work to do what I just told you about, let’s just run through the full Clean Slate instructions you need to follow:

  1. Start your detox 48 hours before the day of your test.
  2. Take three tablets every 6-8 hours (if you do every six hours then the 18 pills don’t actually last 48 hours though). That means day and night for 48 hours, at a rate of three every eight hours, you’ll have to make sure you take them right before bed, and right after you get up.
  3. The pills can be taken with or without food, and take each three with 8 fluid ounces of water. You should drink 64 fluid ounces of water every day for the two days. Let me tell you, that’s an incredible amount of water.
  4. You should also drink green tea, exercise and sweat, hit the sauna or Jacuzzi, swimming, and eat a ketogenic diet. Ketogenic means a focus on fat ingestion, so that you use fat for energy rather than carbohydrates.

What Are The Ingredients Of The Clean Slate THC Detox Kits: Can It Really Work?

The instructions for using Clean Slate are pretty straightforward, but what are the ingredients and can they work to draw more toxins from cannabis use out of the body?

These are the key ingredients in the Clean Slate THC detox pill course:

  • Organic coltsfoot
  • Organic elecampane
  • Organic fennel
  • Organic cascara sagrada
  • (yes, it’s all organic so I’ll stop mentioning it is it utterly irrelevant to passing a drug test)
  • Licorice Root
  • Milk Thistle
  • Chickweed
  • Yellow dock
  • Ginseng
  • Potassium
  • Fenugreek

I’m not going to go through them in detail, but can they draw THC metabolites out of the body?

Clean Slate THC Detox ingredients

Is Clean Slate THC Removal Claims Possible?

So let’s look at the ingredients. For a start, three of them have in the study shown evidence for helping to clear the lungs.

The idea pushed is that it removes THC toxins from the lungs, possibly stuck in phlegm. The thing is, that’s a load of nonsense, a marketing red herring. When you smoke, the THC is instantly absorbed by the lungs and converted to get you high and produce the waste metabolites, it doesn’t sit in the lungs at all.

The other ingredients talk about the liver, the colon, and natural detoxification products.

The bottom line here though is can they draw more cannabis metabolites into the bowel for removal? That requires more fiber, and other ingredients the metabolites out. For me, there is little evidence of that.

In fact, the extra water and fat they ask you to consume alongside taking the pills and the main things which would help to flush out the bladder and create bile and more stools, not the pills.

But does it work? I decided to try this stuff. It’s only $40, and only takes two days, right? I followed the instructions exactly as I’ve already told you. I’m a regular weed smoker, every day mostly. I actually stopped the night before and did the 48 hours, and then tested the following day. So in effect, it had almost an extra day to flush stuff out of my system.

I did a home drug test kit the next morning, and I tested strongly for THC. So it didn’t work for me. But then, I never really thought it would.

Clean Slate THC Pills Vs Toxin Rid

Look, the Clean Slate THC detox kit costs $40 for a two day course. Can there be Clean Slate THC removal for $40 going to pass a drug test, even the heavy smokers up to 260 lbs. in body weight?

I think, deep down, you already know the answer to that question.

Ingredients are general. You’ll find most of them, things like ginseng and Milk Thistle, in every day detoxification supplements that you take as an ongoing thing alongside a healthy lifestyle. There’s really nothing exceptional in there, and certainly not enough fiber, not enough ingredients that truly draw metabolites out specifically through the bowels and target cannabis metabolites.

As a comparison, let’s look at Clean Slate against Toxin Rid, for me, is the most potent detox pill there are.

Available from Test Clear, Toxin Rid is available in course lengths from a single day through to 10 days. As a direct comparison, let’s look at the two-day course.

The Toxin Rid two-day course contains 30 pills, a dietary fiber supplement, and a liquid detox supplement as well. All that costs $69.95, so only $20 more. Toxin Rid ingredients are far more potent. The total dose of Clean Slate is 1800 mg. With Toxin Rid it’s over 3500 mg.

The instructions are similar. Take three tablets at a time with 8 fluid ounces of water, and do it every six hours over the 48 hours.

But not only are you getting more potent pills to take over 48 hours, but you also get a dietary fiber supplement. It’s a high-fiber supplement that creates bile and draws more into the bowels. Specifically targeting THC.

Plus, you get a liquid detox supplement, a bit like a detox drink, to use as well to help flush toxins out through the bladder faster.

Overall, it’s a more effective strategy that hits more angles and works for all drug toxins by being a general potent detoxification product. Let me tell you, after 40 hours of Toxin Rid you will be sick of the sight of the toilet and what you see in it.

Alternative Strategy To Pass A Drug Test: High-Quality Detox Drink

Overall then, the conclusion of my Clean Slate THC detox review is that it’s not a potent THC detox kit, and can’t really target as it specifies. Toxin Rid is a far better pill for targeting all sorts of drug metabolites and is far more effective within the same timescales of use. You can purchase it from the manufacturer’s shop.

An alternative strategy is to use a high-quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse, available from Test Negative.

You can use it in combination with Toxin Rid as well. Do a two-day detox using Toxin Rid pills, and that will leave far less toxins in your body for Rescue Cleanse to mask on the day of your tes

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