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Despite the fact that marijuana is legalized in most states in the USA now, unfortunately that’s not the same for employment. You could be smoking drugs legally, and turning up for work completely fine, but you could fail an on the spot drug test and lose your job. That’s where knowing how to pass a drug test for weed comes in.


This category is going to give you guides on how to pass drug tests for marijuana use. More than that, it’s going to give you articles and tips, and reviews of synthetic urine, detox kits, detox pills, and detox drinks which can all help to evade detection.

You could get detected with a mouth swab drug test though, so we will also do reviews and guides on the mouthwash and gum products out there which genuinely help to neutralize the toxins in your saliva for long enough for you to submit a clean sample.

For pre-employment, synthetic urine or detox drinks are best. Using either of these, as long as they are high-quality, you can easily pass that pre-employment drug test. Pre-employment drug tests are usually only basic five panel ones, and using high-quality fake urine, or masking the toxins for a few hours with a detox drink is the best way to pass.

Whatever you want to do, you can learn how to pass a drug test for weed by following the strategies, tips, and reviews in this category.

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