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If you’re looking to pass a drug test then you have a choice between detoxing your body, masking the toxins for a few hours with a detox drink, or submitting a fake sample of synthetic urine.

Fake urine is definitely the best way to pass a drug test, but it does require nerves to smuggle in. What you’ll learn here in this category is everything you need to know to do that successfully. You’ll understand how unsupervised drug testing is easy to smuggle samples into.

More than that, you’ll understand through the articles and guides here how submitting it within the correct temperature range is tough, and only achievable using a very few brands of fake urine.

What you’ll also get is detailed synthetic urine reviews, telling you the good, the bad, the ugly of synthetic urine. Alongside that, you’ll get tips on how to use fake urine and submit it successfully every single time.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to pass a drug test doesn’t involve any sort of detoxification, or the small window of opportunity and risk that a detox drink brings, then getting educated here on the best fake urine brands and how to use them is definitely time well spent.

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