Sulbutiamine Review: Dosage, Effects & Where To Buy Online

This Sulbutiamine review is going to talk to you about the effects and benefits of using it, warnings to watch out for, and I’ll talk you through my experiences with using it.

Although Sulbutiamine can be incredible, the effects can be short-lived if you’re not careful. So I’ll tell you how to avoid that almost instant tolerance that some people experience.

But more than that, I’m going to tell you how to stack it for best results as well, so that when you do use this interesting nootropic you’ll get the most out of using it.

What Is Sulbutiamine?

Sulbutiamine was first synthesized by Japanese scientists who were looking for something that helps to address a vitamin deficiency driven condition called beriberi, which is still common in parts of the world where dietary intake is incomplete. Basically, to address a deficiency of thiamine, more commonly known as vitamin B1.

Sulbutiamine is artificial in construction but contains natural molecules. It was created in a lab as a multipart molecule. It’s a pair of thiamine molecules bound together with a Sulphur group. This structure gives it better bioavailability than normal vitamin B1 and allows it to more readily cross our blood-brain barrier (it is highly lipophilic).

It was very quickly adopted by people looking to boost their performance, as it was also found to boost cognitive performance. It has also been investigated as a potential treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome as it produces significant physical energy-boosting benefits as well.

What is Sulbutiamine

How Sulbutiamine Works

So what Sulbutiamine does is to supercharge your body with vitamin B1, producing noticeable cognitive and physical benefits.

Sulbutiamine works in the following ways:

  1. It’s a fat-soluble derivative of vitamin B1 (thiamine) that highly bioavailable when ingested. In the body, it helps to upregulate various neurotransmitters, including the crucial mood-boosters dopamine and glutamate within the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex of the brain.
  2. It’s a good source of choline and contributes to the production of an enzyme called PDH which is key to acetylcholine production. On top of that, it’s able to block the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, as well as prolonging its action. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that sends messages to other cells in the body. So the more available these neurotransmitters are, the better and more regulated that messaging is. Also, it’s the neurotransmitter that helps to control muscle use, which is why better availability seems to help with physical fatigue. h
  3. Sulbutiamine also influences the citric acid cycle, and the construction and use of enzyme α–KGDH. These help to regulate optimum levels of glutamate, but in addition, they help to optimize levels of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid).

That’s the science behind Sulbutiamine, but what does that mean in reality: what practical nootropic benefits does it deliver?

Sulbutiamine Effects & Benefits

I’m going to speak you practically hear about the effects of Sulbutiamine based on my own experiences.

If you take a good dose (we’ll talk about dosage later) of Sulbutiamine, the onset is quite rapid. Within around 30 minutes you’ll start to feel different, and within one hour the full Sulbutiamine effects will have kicked in to produce the following:

  1. The increase in dopamine will make you feel good. You’ll feel more confident and happier. More certain, less anxious. Alongside this, you’ll have a general sense of wellbeing and calmness, which is down to the regulation of GABA.
  2. Increasing glutamate (glutamate is our most abundant excitatory transmitter) will create a glowing clarity. As well as producing a positive mood, it works to aid sending signals between nerve cells, speeding up thought processes.
  3. Within a couple of hours, you’ll feel really energized on this stuff. Because it’s raising levels of dopamine and acetylcholine.
  4. You’re thinking will be faster and you’ll have better clarity. Your memory and recall will be better, you’ll just feel cognitively sharper. That’s down to the raising in acetylcholine and glutamate.

Basically wakefulness, positivity, energy, and confidence all hitting you significantly within about one hour of consuming a dose of Sulbutiamine.

Let’s also talk about euphoria. At high doses, you’re really releasing a rush of dopamine and glutamate that can create a genuine Sulbutiamine euphoria. The level of mental clarity, physical energy, focus, and generally feeling good can be addictive in itself. That’s why high doses of Sulbutiamine really come with a caveat and warning attached to them.

Sulbutiamine Dosage Guide

Let’s take a careful look now at the Sulbutiamine dosage range you should be working because it’s crucial for several reasons:

  • If you don’t take enough you won’t get the full effects
  • If you take too much it can lead to rapid tolerance
  • The high dose Sulbutiamine euphoria can be overwhelming and addictive
  • Dosing Sulbutiamine too frequently can also produce rapid tolerance
  • Too much dopamine production can be addictive and create problems

Now I’ve known people on Reddit who are smashing Sulbutiamine at high doses every day. Universally they always seem to get addicted, or weirdly report that the effects tail off and never come back.

You have to keep the dose irregular and moderate to get the maximum effects out of Sulbutiamine, especially if you are using it as a nootropic, a genuine cognitive smart drug.

Let’s look at the dosage ranges that are advised. I say advised, but this is not scientifically advised because Sulbutiamine has never been through proper human trials, especially not on healthy human brains to use as a nootropic. We are talking anecdotally from my own experience, and people I know (and from my research online):

  • A low dose of Sulbutiamine, a beginner’s dose, is around 200 mg per day. You may feel good on this, and get the full range of effects, but a lot of people barely feel anything.
  • A moderate dose is around 500 mg per day. You should feel the full effects quite strongly at this level. Some people even feel euphoric.
  • Around 800 mg per day, you will definitely feel euphoric and the cognitive and physical benefits will be significant. But at this higher level you are running a very strong risk of rapid tolerance building.
  • If you want to guarantee euphoria and incredible feelings, then a Sulbutiamine dosage of around 1000 mg or slightly higher is where you should be aiming. You really shouldn’t be dosing Sulbutiamine daily. If you do, you will probably find it tails off. In extreme circumstances (I think it’s actually down to how individuals are chemically structured) people get a couple of days a brilliant effect and then they never feel them again. Use this sparingly, when you really need it. You can also stack it. Sulbutiamine with a choline source like Alpha-GPC can produce significantly better results, without running such a high risk of choline depletion (bringing the side effect of headaches).

What Sulbutiamine Side Effects Are Normal?

Used sparingly, Sulbutiamine can have fantastic cognitive benefits. It can also energize you, and make you feel really happy, positive, and confident.

But there are some significant side effects that you need to be aware of.

Firstly, you are elevating your dopamine levels using Sulbutiamine. If you do this too often then your body won’t produce its own dopamine as well, which can lead to a lack of dopamine and depression.

Secondly, if you use it regularly then effects can diminish rapidly. I’m talking within a few days. If you hit 500 mg per day for three days, then on the fourth day you could find you get virtually no benefits at all. It’s a strange substance, and in extreme cases, people say they get incredible feelings for a few days and then never get them again.

Lastly, it can make you feel emotional and out-of-control. You can react more extremely, which could be down to the elevation of dopamine which increases are desire to take risks. But you can also develop mood swings, apathy, and general irritability.

Where To Buy Sulbutiamine Online

So the conclusion of this Sulbutiamine review is it something to experiment with carefully. Use it sparingly and at the minimal dose needed to get the best effects.

If you are hitting Sulbutiamine frequently then the effects can suddenly stop, or diminish dramatically. You could also get mood swings, and if there is any history of depression or getting the blues, then for God’s sake be careful with messing around with your levels of dopamine.

If you want to experiment with Sulbutiamine, then learning where to buy Sulbutiamine online that is pure and safe to experiment with is crucial.

For me, the first place I always recommend now is a website called They have been around for a number of years and have a great track record in delivering high-quality nootropics.

buy sulbutiamine online

They do an incredible range of cognitive enhancers and other supplements. Plus, vitally, everything they sell is batch tested for purity. You can view the individual independent third-party lab reports on every product page.

Sulbutiamine is dirt cheap to buy. 50 g of powder costs just $35.99. If you think that an average daily dose is around 500 mg, then you’re getting potentially 100 doses for your money. I’d advise that that’s a full year’s worth of Sulbutiamine experiences if you are being sensible.

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