Review Of The Best Kratom Vendors: Buy Quality Kratom Online

One of the hardest things about trying kratom is finding the best kratom vendors who can actually sell you pure kratom in the first place.

It’s easy to find kratom for sale, but finding pure kratom that actually has an effect on you can be almost impossible unless you know exactly where to look. It’s too easy to get ripped off by high prices and low quality if you don’t know how to find pure kratom for sale.

So let’s take a look in detail at why quality matters with kratom, and what good kratom looks like. Let’s also discuss what makes the best kratom vendors, and what makes them bad. And we will finish this discussion on where to buy kratom online by giving you detailed reviews on the top three kratom sellers that I have ever found.

It’s far harder to find pure kratom than you would think, but at least with a good starting point, your own journey won’t be as expensive or disappointing as many journeys turn out to be when starting out with kratom.

What Makes Good Quality Kratom?

The first thing you learn about kratom is that good quality kratom is fresh. That means when you open it, it smells like fresh kratom, it’s difficult to explain, but once you’ve experienced it you will know what I mean.  It will look, and smell, earthy, rich, natural.

It won’t be a dry tasteless powder, it will be bitter. In fact, the fresher and better the kratom, the more unpalatable it actually is. That may sound counter-intuitive, but that’s why people talk about kratom being so horrible to take. But if it’s weak and not kept well, it’s little more than than a tasteless, odorless powder that will have little effect.

You will only get good quality kratom if you are confident about the source you are getting it from. That’s why the best kratom vendors only import directly from Indonesia, Malaysia, places like that, and only from a direct supply chain that starts with the farms that it’s grown and dried on.

If a vendor is offering kratom for sale that is not part of the direct supply chain, if they can’t be proud of where it’s come from, then they should be avoided.

where to buy kratom online

Where To Buy Kratom Online

So even if you know what great kratom should be like, how do you know where to buy kratom online?

Well, when it comes to finding where to buy good kratom online, you have to look at a combination of pointers:

  • Positive real kratom vendor reviews
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Third-party independent lab test reports published or available
  • Strong track record over several years
  • Demonstrating expertise about kratom through their website and customer service
  • Having a direct supply chain from the region the kratom is grown in

I want to touch on the most important part of all this from the point of view of knowing which kratom vendors to try first.

Look on sites like YouTube and you will see hundreds of reviews of kratom. But most of them are idiots sitting in their bedrooms trying to tell you the kratom is great if you buy it from this seller or that vendor.

You have to look at what’s obvious, which is that most of these people are just trying to make money out of selling you a specific type of kratom. But look at whether the review is real. If they are recommending specific companies or brands, fair enough, but they should only be doing that if they have some knowledge and expertise on the subject.

That’s what I did. I found a handful of companies who were endlessly recommended, and I did a test order from each. That gave me a benchmark. I then ordered from a few more companies, and it helped me to weed out the worst sellers.

That left me with a list of three best kratom vendors that I’ve found, and I still stick with them even now as the places I exclusively buy my kratom from.

best kratom vendor

Is Third party Lab Testing A Con?

Another topic I want to discuss when it comes to working out where to buy kratom online is the problem around third-party lab testing.

Independent third-party lab testing is each batch of the kratom imported is given to an independent lab, a commercial pharmacist company that will test it for alkaloid content and the overall purity.

A reputable kratom vendor will always send kratom off for testing whenever they get a fresh batch in. Let me explain. They will buy in bulk from abroad, enough kratom to pack up and keep selling for months on end.

So what a good vendor will do is to test each batch of each type of kratom and get an independent lab report. They will then publish that on their website, or at least make it available via email when you ask for it.

So no independent third-party lab testing is not a con. I have heard rumors of some companies just making up test reports using photoshop. But the thing is, they have mostly been found out because you can easily just ring that independent lab yourself and ask if they have done lab testing for the relevant company.

Believe me, if they haven’t, then that kratom vendor will soon be receiving a strong letter from their lawyers. So if a company says batch tests of their kratom declares high purity, as long as the lab name checks out, then you can guarantee that it is pure.

kratom lab testing

Where To Buy Kratom Locally

Another question I’ve seen asked a lot online is where to buy kratom locally that offers the quality and guarantees of the best kratom vendors online.

Unfortunately, I’m going to tell you the harsh truth here. There is no way to buy kratom locally that has the quality of the kratom you can buy from specialist online sellers.  The reasons for that are down to specialty, expertise, and turnover.

You can usually buy kratom from local independent stores, headshops, some gas stations, alternative venues, things like that. None of those places are specialist sellers. They don’t store it correctly, they don’t even know what is half the time, and they buy it in from unreliable sources as well.

They will then sell it at the highest price they can. If it’s cheap, it means it’s literally dust in a bag.

So I’m telling you that there’s no point in trying to find kratom to buy locally, it’s just a pointless waste of time and money. I know, because I’ve experimented with it myself when I was naively starting out with kratom.

The best place to find pure kratom for sale, that is quality guaranteed, imported directly from the source, stored beautifully, and managed with expertise, is from a specialist online kratom vendor.

where to buy kratom locally

Best Kratom Vendors: My Top 4 Place To Buy Kratom Online

So now you know what makes good kratom, how to spot the best kratom vendors, and why you shouldn’t buy kratom locally, plus I’m sure you already aware of some of the potential benefits of using kratom.

But with so many online vendors out there, it can still be a lottery making that first-order or finding someone you can rely on for the long term. I went through that pain, and I’m going to share with you my top three best kratom vendors now.

My reason for this is to give you a starting point for your own journey. These brief reviews will help you to see what I have benchmarked as great kratom sellers, and when you try it, you’ll see what I benchmark as great kratom.

1.The Evergreen Tree

My first kratom vendor review is for The Evergreen Tree. They are not cheap. Let me say that right at the start of this brief review.

However, you definitely get what you pay for. The quality is insane. It’s 100% pure, guaranteed. Independent lab test reports are published on the website, so there’s no ambiguity about that quality.

There’s a 100% moneyback guarantee on that quality. Plus you can tell that they believe in the kratom they sell because of the quality of the text on the website, the blogs, the social media interaction. Everything about the company demonstrates expertise.

So what about the kratom they sell?

Well, The Evergreen Tree has the most comprehensive range out there. They sell Bali, Borneo, Horned, Maeng Da, Indo, Thai, Malay kratom and a wide range of ultra enhanced kratoms.

They are one of the few places that sell Vietnam kratom, which has a different look to the leaf, and a slightly different alkaloid profile. It’s available in red, white, and ultra enhanced (more kratom leaves are boiled down to create the same amount of resin, raising the level of alkaloids present).

So look, if you wanting to start your journey with kratom, The Evergreen Tree will offer you 100% pure kratom that is basically unbeatable. They also sell a lot of different string in capsule form:

Bali, Borneo, Malay, Thai, Sumatra, Maeng Da, Vietnam, Elepthant, Bentuangie…just to name a few.

You do get a moneyback guarantee and free shipping in the USA on what I would describe as the purest kratom available in the USA today.

best kratom capsules


BuyKratom my third kratom vendor to recommend to you in this brief trio of kratom vendor review.

I’ve tried to make each of the kratom vendors reviewed the ones I use most regularly, and allowing access to kratom for different reasons.

The Evergreen Tree just offers the most fantastically pure, imported directly from the source, kratom available. They allows you the convenience of trying kratom in capsules across almost every strain of kratom you could ever hope to find.

But I’m doing a vendor review of BuyKratom because as well as selling fantastic loose powder kratom, they also do the most amazing variety packs I have ever found. Plus, they also do kratom capsules as well.

So if you’re a beginner, and you don’t want to invest loads of money in kratom powder or capsules, then you can buy variety packs to experience every type of kratom out there.

They have a white variety pack, red kratom variety pack, a green variety pack, and even a kratom extract variety pack for sale. For around $200 you can get your hands on more than 20 strains of kratom and experience every major strain available.

So you can buy loose kratom powder, loose kratom extracts, kratom capsules, and the most amazing variety packs from BuyKratom. All with free shipping and a moneyback guarantee.

I also want to mention that they sell more than kratom. They also sell things like Akuamma seeds, and even a kratom alternatives variety pack that contains five different alternatives to kratom that can have similar benefits.

A few weeks back I ordered Maeng Da capsules from these guys, along with Kava Kava because I wanted to have an incredible experience after a few bad months. They were both amazing quality and just reassured me that recommending BuyKratom as my third best kratom vendor was justified.

kratom for sale

3.Swiss Chems

The third place on my list to recommend are Swiss Chems. These have a “one to watch” place on the list of great kratom vendors here.

They currently only sell two types of kratom. A generic green blend (Greenergy), and a generic red blend (Chillax). These are capsules. Dosing is good, and you get a significant amount for your money – 150 capsules each dosed @ 300 mg of kratom.

If you are a beginner and you are just looking to try green kratom or red kratom that is rich in alkaloids and in convenient capsules, then these capsules are a great deal.

Although there are only two different types on sale right now, Swiss Chems are extending the range in many areas, and hopefully that will include more types of high-quality kratom.




Best kratom strains for beginners?

It’s not the strain that is most important for beginners, it’s the dose. At low doses, a low 5 g, most pure kratom will be exactly the same, basically a stimulant.

It’s at the higher doses above 5 g that pure kratom starts to diverging terms of its effects. White kratom becomes incredibly energizing and euphoric, while red kratom gives you a rush and calms you right down.

But probably the best kratom strain for beginners is any type of green kratom. Green Malay is often mentioned. Green kratom is often milder and offers a good balance between white and red, so you will feel energized and happy, but very chilled out.

How long for kratom to kick in?

How long it takes kratom to kick in will depend on the purity of the kratom, how used you are to using kratom, and also whether your stomach is empty or not.

If the kratom is pure, if you don’t have the tolerance to kratom, and you have an empty stomach, then you should start to feel the effects within 15 minutes, with the full onset of effects for about 30 minutes on. After one hour, you should have the full spectrum of effects happening.

Can you use kratom for nerve pain

Kratom is definitely suitable for using to help with nerve pain. It’s interacts directly with the opioid receptors in the body, the main things which deal with pain management signals.

By dampening down and regulating those signals it helps to minimize pain, and at higher doses overwhelms those signals to totally remove pain. However, some people will need very high doses to completely get rid of the very specific type of pain that nerve pain delivers, and it is not advisable to take very high doses of kratom regularly.

Can you use kratom for migraines?

Kratom does have significant pain-relieving qualities. Red kratom especially at a higher dose can almost totally block out pain signals. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that kratom does help to relieve migraine pain. So it could be something to try.

However, a lot of people on sites like Reddit do also state that kratom gives them headaches, or makes headaches worse. So as with so many aspects of using kratom, it’s a personal thing you will have to try out.

What’s the best kratom for sex?

There is no specific type of kratom which is best for enhancing sexual pleasure. For some people kratom, it can be a turn-off, it dumbs you down and chills you out to the point where you are not interested.

White kratom can be very uplifting and energizing, giving you a burst of energy and enthusiasm and happiness. It also takes away inhibitions. So white kratom could be the best to advise starting with.

Red kratom can do the same, but at higher doses will really chill you out. So you will be calm, but maybe less interested in doing anything. Unfortunately, kratom is a very personal thing when it comes to sexuality and it’s something you’ll just have to try for yourself.

Is there a drug test for kratom?

There is not a drug test that specifically looks for kratom. It’s not used by the military, government, or anyone else.

Tests that look for kratom do exist, but they are complex and expensive. You are unlikely to ever face a drug test that checks for kratom use. As long as you are not visibly under the influence, you will never get detected using kratom.

How long does it take the kratom to get out of your system?

There’s not much research into how long kratom stays in the body. Some rudimentary research suggests that it can have a very short half-life, meaning you could be completely undetectable in as little as two days.

However, one study found that with chronic use kratom was detectable in the body nine days later. So the amount you use will have some impact on how long it’s metabolites stay detectable in the body.

What does “kratom not for human consumption” mean on the bag?

Legally in the USA, kratom cannot be sold for human consumption. It’s not FDA regulated as a supplement that humans can use. But it can be sold for other non-human purposes.

So by putting on the bag that it’s not for human consumption, it’s a get-out clause to get around the FDA regulations, by not stating that it is possible for humans to consume it, or what the benefits of human consumption are.

Kratom for Phenibut withdrawal

Kratom can be used successfully Phenibut withdrawal symptoms. It’s especially useful if you are suffering from Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS), especially in the early stages.

Just make sure that you gently taper down from Phenibut, rather than going cold turkey. Also, only introduced kratom at the lowest dose possible, and only after a few days. In the first few days you gently taper back your Phenibut use and then introduced kratom at the lowest dose you can to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms.

Using kratom for tianeptine withdrawal

Kratom has been used successfully by people trying to taper off many substances, including using kratom for tianeptine withdrawal. Kratom helps to give you energy, calm you down, remove pain, and can make you feel really good and not in need of the original addiction.

Just make sure that you taper down on using the kratom rapidly as well as the symptoms ease. If your use is so heavy that you think stop could give you PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms), then this can be dangerous, so you should taper down very carefully from tianeptine, and only use kratom to alleviate the worst withdrawal symptoms.

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